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10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With A Pool Noodle

Pool noodles are the perfect accompaniment to a glorious summer day, right? Kids love playing with them in the pool just as much as the adults! You can ‘fight’ with them, float with them and even spray people with water with them. 

That being said, pool noodles aren’t just great for your kids and pool. These handy helpers can actually be used for so much more than that! We’ve compiled a list of all the incredible, low-cost, and efficient ways a pool noodle can help you in your everyday life. So what are you waiting for? Jump straight into these oodles of pool noodle tricks that’ll upgrade your day-to-day in no time! 

Is there anything better than the holiday season? Hot chocolate, cozy jumpers, festive music, and of course bright and cheerful decorations that upon first glance, are guaranteed to fill you with holiday joy! Well take your festive skill game to a new level and use a pool noodle for your next holiday decoration. 

Since pool noodles are both flexible and light, they are perfect for shaping and creating a base for wreaths. The trick is to cut the ends of the noodle diagonally so that they will meet up perfectly when you attach the ends to complete your fully formed circle. Let the festivities begin! 

Let’s be honest; falling asleep in a car has never been comfortable. Your neck stiffens up, your back starts to ache and everybody knows seat belts are hardly the ideal accompaniment to a power nap. 

Well, now you can say goodbye to neck cramps and say hello to a super snooze! Simply slice one side of a pool noodle open and slip it over your seat belt. Then, wrap whatever plush towel or blanket you want around it and prepare to drift off to dreamland!

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, cooking for your significant other, or just want to create a chill and calming atmosphere in your home, t-light candles are the perfect accompaniment to a cozy night in. But they can also be super expensive right? 

Well, for half the price of the real deal you can float your t-light candles in a pool using slices of pool noodles. All your guests will be in awe of the gorgeous and peaceful ambiance! 

We all love our boots right? They can make you feel empowered, confident and they can tie an outfit together better than a ribbon on a Christmas present. But isn’t it super annoying when you slip off a pair or unzip them, and they just flop to their side looking lifeless and helpless? Not only does it not look nice but it can also add extra creases to the shape of the boot.

Well, now you can keep your boots looking perky all the time by stuffing a pool noodle inside each of your shoes. It’ll help maintain their shape when you’re not wearing them. It’s that simple! 

Working from home? Wrists feeling fatigued after typing away at your computer all day? Well not to worry, we’ve got the trick that’ll make working from home feel like a spa retreat! Or the closest version that is!

First, grab your pool noodle and mark where you want to cut it. Then, cut the noodle exactly in half and make two equally sized wrist rests. And there we have it! You’ll be replying to your work emails with ease and comfort in no time! 

Picture this. The glorious sun is beaming down, and you’re enjoying the day lounging in your pool. But as the sun warms your skin, you notice you could do with a chilled refreshment. The only problem? You’re in the middle of the pool.

Well, now you can float and drink by building a floating ice chest using pool noodles. You’ll need five large and two medium-sized pool noodles, as well as 6ft of PVC pipe and 36 feet of nylon card. And just like that, you can always have an ice-cold beverage by your side. 

Calling all parents and pet-owners worldwide! If you’re sick and tired of having to constantly pick up toys that roll under the sofa, or you’re just naturally clumsy and prone to dropping things frequently, we’ve got you covered!

Simply attach pool noodles to block the open section at the bottom of your sofa to the ground. And if you use black pool noodles, you’ll create an illusion that the noodle is just merely the sofas shadow! 

We all know how fun it can be when you’re happily jumping up and down on a trampoline. Until that very moment when you make the big mistake of stepping on the outer fabric lining, and unfortunately landing on the part with the metal spring. Ouch! 

Well, we have just the trick to make bouncing safe again. If you measure out the size of the metal spring on your trampoline and cut pool noodles to that size, you can use it as a comfortable protecting cover! So what are you waiting for? Get bouncing! 

Here’s a fun DIY craft to do with your kids and it’s super simple too! All you need to do it cut down your pool noodle to the desired size (or keep it as is). Then, take some light tan colored construction paper and roll it into a cone shape, either taping or gluing it together to keep its shape.

Depending on the color of the noodle, color the tip of your cone to match the color of the noodle.

It’s super helpful to have roof racks on your car to help you transport items. Sometimes, though, whatever you’re transporting might accidentally scrape your roof or damage the rack itself. Whoops!

To combat this, use a pool noodle to secure and protect them with their foam padding. Similar to the trampoline method, just slit the bottom half of the noodle to slide it right onto the rack. Use duct-tape or another form of adhesive to add an extra layer of placement security.

Wow! Who’d have thought these cool, funky and bright colored floating devices can be used for so much more? 

So the next time the sun is beaming down and you go to purchase a pool noodle, remember to get another one. After all, their potential extends well beyond spending time swimming around!


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