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Pregnancy Photoshoot Turned Into Disbelief As Creature From The Deep Makes An Appearance

Pregnancy photoshoots can be a lot of fun, especially when they’re planned out well. One woman and her husband decided to head to the beach to snap a few shots of her ever-growing belly. The rolling waves were the perfect backdrop to capture the beauty of the pregnancy until they got the shock of their lives, that is.

This first-time father Dan Mozer got a little carried away when he began snapping photos of his beautiful wife. He was a taken back by her baby bump, the sun, and the glorious location. He failed to realize the creature lurking right behind her, something only seen in the dark depths of the ocean.

Angeline was in her third trimester, making quick movements hard to achieve. Although the beach was beautiful, they quickly realized it was going to be a dangerous place for this shoot.

The couple was new to the Atlantic beach area and didn’t take into account the unpredictable weather patterns. What seemed like out of nowhere, a giant storm approached, making a magical shoot impossible. They decided to head home, and try again another time. They were disappointed and wanted to make another attempt before baby made their appearance. Little did they know, the second time around was about to be even more dangerous than the first.

Before the weather managed to get too harsh, they were able to capture one amazing photo. This image is what would go on to inspire them for another round of gorgeous shots. However, the next time they would attempt to take photos like this, it would get a lot scarier.

This time Dan decided to research the weather patterns so he could get a better understanding of the perfect time to attempt round two. They didn’t have much time, as Angeline was getting closer and closer to her due date. They decided on the following weekend and set out for the beach once again.

The Jacksonville area that they were new to is notorious for dangerous shark sitings, unbeknownst to the couple. Coastguard boats have even been the target of Great White’s, and many people reported stingray sightings as well. However, there was another creature that would end up being a major threat to the couple.

Each year, Jacksonville is home to multiple shark attacks, leaving people terrified of the beaches. Beaches are often closed down due to sightings and incidents, so locals know to be aware of the threat. But the Mozer’s were new to the area, and they knew little about the lurking dangers.

There had been multiple attacks that year, two within the warm summer months that were near fatal. The area was well known for the aggressive bull shark, a species known for its curiosity for human flesh. Looking back, the couple didn’t realize how they could be so unaware of the dangers, but hindsight is always 20/20. Nevertheless, the photo shoot went on.

The day they attempted round two was a beautiful sunny Saturday and all looked harmless. The waves were back at it again, making for the perfect shot. Angeline even decided to get into the water for a few shots, a decision she would regret terribly.

Beachgoers all around started to notice something large swimming close to the shore, so they began rushing to the scene. Before Angeline or Dan could realize what was happening, she was in extreme danger.

There was a shark lurking in the water, grabbing the attention of everyone involved. Luckily, although slowed by her pregnant belly, she was able to make it to safety before anything disastrous took place. Continuing on with their photoshoot, the couple would get a little too confident in the safety of the beach, once again.

They were still determined to get the perfect shot so they continued finding new areas to snap photos. Angeline decided to get closer to the water once again, as she thought the shark had left the nearby area. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. As she her feet splashed the waters, she realized she had made a mistake.

The water began to thrash and she realized she wasn’t the only one enjoying the shallow waters that day. Dan, through his camera lens, realized there was something too close for comfort and before he could open his mouth, it began to pick up speed.

Right before the creature could surface, Dan was amazed by the speed it was swimming towards his wife. It was almost like a bullet, b-lining it right towards her at incredible speeds. He couldn’t help but think of the shark sightings earlier in the day, and he began to panic.

Once the creature surfaced, it was magical, not terrifying. A dolphin leaped up, almost as if it was posing for the camera. Quickly, Dan scrambled to get the shot. He couldn’t move fast enough, and the dolphin re-submerged. But then, something amazing happened.

The dolphin leaped up once again, allowing Dan the second chance to capture it on film. They finally captured the perfect image, one that they will cherish forever. Thanks to the burst setting on his camera, he was able to capture multiple in motion shots of the glorious creature.

Not only did he get one perfect shot, but he managed to get multiple shots documenting the whole thing! These pictures were going to make a wonderful addition to their baby book. He even shared the photos on Facebook and quickly, the Internet went wild.

Although the situation started out a bit scary, the photo shoot was absolutely perfect. Everyone who saw the images was stunned at how lucky they were to capture the moment on film. Angeline looked gorgeous, and the dolphin put on a show at the perfect time. Of course, people wanted an update on the birth of their baby, and they got one.

Within the next month, the Mozer couple celebrated the arrival of their beautiful baby boy Courtland Thomas. They gave birth to a happy and healthy blue-eyed baby. Just look at that face! Many women only hope to experience a pregnancy photoshoot as magical as this one, but only some are so lucky. Check out these pregnancy photoshoots that didn’t go as planned.

Angeline and Dan were lucky that even though they didn’t use a professional photographer, they were able to snap some seriously majestic images. However, this couple wasn’t so lucky. Instead of glamorous images, they got something a little more awkward. We’re not really sure what this couple was thinking, or what the gun has to do with baby…

The idea behind this shot KIND OF makes sense, but the outcome is seriously awkward. This woman has a full grown man in the fetal position, we think, to symbolize her baby? Yikes.

Maybe this couple has a unique sense of humor, or maybe this shot didn’t turn out at intended? Either way, it’s one of the creepiest pregnancy photoshoots we’ve ever seen. You almost can’t even focus on the mom-to-be, because that man is giving you an intense staredown. If you think this is bad, the next one is worse.

A lot of moms want their photoshoot to be with their partner, and it usually ends up with something romantic. However, when this man stripped down, the result was anything but romantic. More like cringe-worthy.

This hockey mom must be a hardcore fan because we can’t think of another reason why she would want this as her pregnancy photo shoot. The idea of having your other kids involved is cute, but the caged masks are a little much.

Due to the angle of this shot, instead of looking like a loving partner, the dad looks like a creepy stalker. From the look on his face, he didn’t know he would be making an appearance in the frame.

Like Angeline and Dan, this couple thought that the beach was a gorgeous place to take these amazing photos. However, I doubt they thought their dogs were going to make it all about them. Although awkward, they probably kept this one because it’s undeniably hilarious. The couple shared their thoughts on Reddit, “Pregnancy photograph hilariously ruined/improved by our lovably moronic dogs. Who apparently possess both comedic timing and a vague understanding of irony.”

Another Reddit user shared their hilarious images and the reasoning behind the goat, “One of our goats and I are both pregnant with twins and due the same week. I made her dress up and take maternity photos with me.”

This little kid isn’t too happy about family photos, and he looks to be completely over it. His mom shared, “And that’s when I knew my son was done taking family photos.” If you think this kid is over it, the next image is the definition of devastation.

Clearly, this little girl isn’t pleased about having a baby brother, and she isn’t afraid to show it. A friend of the family explained the situation, which makes it even better, “My friend’s family wore the colors of the gender they preferred for the new baby…”


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