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Prince Williams Odd Behavior Got The Whole Palace In A Buzz

People in England were getting hostile. News broke out that Prince William and wife Kate Middleton were having marital problems. But who wouldn’t? Especially if it came from some slanderous reasons. It started out as a gossip. It escalated into something more serious. It seems that the British press is being quiet. They were active about Royal gossip before. Their silence made everything suspicious. Members of the royal family are always in the spotlight. They must portray the best behavior at all times.

Members of the royal family must display their best behavior at all times. It’s one of the perks of being part of the most popular family in the country. But, that doesn’t always go according to plan. 

Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton are the best examples. The royal couple is always seen hand in hand wherever they go. They were seen as a happy couple, smiling wide on every photo emerging madly in love with each other. According to reports, these public displays could just be a cover. 

Rumor is that Prince William and his wife’s best friend, Rose Hanbury are having an affair. 

Cheating is a serious crime. Especially if it involves a member of the Royal Family. The situation is getting hostile. And the news easily spreads to the public. It involves serious consequences. 

When news that Prince William and Rose Hanbury are having an affair, it has caused discord within the family. What was once considered a special bond between the two families quickly came into a letup. Sadly, it can be the result of gossip.

When the word got out, social media went crazy. People across the world are giving their honest opinions. People are buying into the idea when Kate Middleton gave Rose Hanbury a snarky eye. 

The rumors did not just cause a rift between the former best friends but it actually has gone beyond that. Things go from bad to worse when one reporter posted on Twitter that Prince William confessed to his brother Harry. It’s said that the brothers are dealing with the issue on their own. 

Whether the rumors are true or not, Kate Middleton was obviously displeased. She quickly cut ties with another Turnip Toff David Cholmondeley, Rose Hanbury’s husband. But the controversy didn’t stop there. 

It seems that the public embraced the gossip. But supporters of the Royal Family fans are showing their support over social media. But no one knew why the British media were not covering the news. 

The British media is known for its persistence. In the past, they wouldn’t stop until they had proof to give to the public. But recently, they were not showing those qualities. While they remain quiet, people are making more and more assumptions. 

People’s assumption is that the British media is avoiding possible lawsuits. In fact, Prince William and his wife the Duchess of Cambridge file a case against the press for inappropriate photos. The royal couple won. 

The palace lawyers sent this letter to the press: “In addition to being false and highly damaging, the publication of false speculation in respect of our clients’ private life also constitutes a breach of his privacy pursuant to Article 8 of the European Convention to Human Rights.”

Another speculation was the press is holding back because they don’t want to anger the future king. Who would want to upset the most popular man in England? However, there is one question that a lot of people are asking. What does the Queen think of the situation? 

As soon as the rumors emerged, Queen Elizabeth awarded Kate Middleton a new title; “Dame Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order.” It’s her gift for the couple on their eighth wedding anniversary. 

Some people think that the Queen’s action was only a distraction. It’s an offering to cover-up for Prince William. It’s a usual act by a nation’s leader to redirect the attention of the public. 

The gossip almost ended when Prince Harry and Meghan’s first baby was born. Every time there’s a new addition to the royal family, it overshadows any media attention.  

Another thing that got the media attention is the alleged feud between Meghan and Kate. Why shouldn’t everyone just try to get along with each other? 

Rumors alleged that Middleton is looking down on Markle because she wasn’t born into a posh high-class environment. While it’s not obvious in the photos, people are picking up on the hostility. 

While there are a lot of questions about how they are dealing with the issues of the affair. Middleton and Hanbury are avoiding disclosing any information.

Even if the British media is turning a blind eye on the trouble between the Royal family, it has definitely resulted in a gap within the family. However, because they belong to the Royal Family, there are certain things that they needed to push aside when necessary. One good example is the conflict between the brothers William and Harry… 

The rumor has created tension between the two Duchesses. It’s been noted that the feud started when Meghan joined the Royal Family. 

Reporters are poking on the strife to get a better perspective on the cold atmosphere. The disagreement between the two princes is seen as the root of the problem. 

The Royal Family is not exempted from a family feud. Despite their close relationship ties that was fortified by the grief of losing their mother, the brothers are at odds with each other. 

Another thing that troubles the public, as well as the Windsors, is the breaking of tradition. Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle decided to live away from the British Royal family. 

At first, the newlyweds moved into Kensington Palace for their first year as couples. It was a major adjustment for the Duchess of Sussex. Meghan is surrounded by the royal vets who could help her adjust to the new environment. 

Harry and Meghan’s Nottingham Cottage is close to the residence of Princess Eugenie. The residence of Prince William and Kate is located across the grounds. The latter live in a 21-room apartment. 

They immediately started renovations on the Nottingham Cottage which only had 2 bedrooms. The building used to be Prince Harry’s bachelor pad before he got married to Meghan Markel. However, the media wonders if they are moving because of resentment toward the feud. 

Finally, the cause has finally emerged. It was alleged that the feud started even earlier. It actually began when Prince Harry courted Meghan. If you have noticed during Prince William’s first meeting with Meghan in Kensington Palace when he tried to sit his younger brother for a little chat. 

Although it’s obvious that Harry and Meghan are heading toward marriage, William advised his younger brother not to rush. He even expressed his worries with the hasty move to getting married. 

William expressed his concern about the fact that they don’t know her background. That includes her intentions, and character. Although he tried to do this in a gentle way, however, Harry was allegedly annoyed by the gesture.  

According to an undisclosed source, who is also a member of the royal court; “He just wanted to stress that becoming part of the Royal Family is a massive undertaking, and the pressure and scrutiny are unrelenting. Was Meghan the right one?”

However, Harry disagreed. He sees his older brother’s action as an obstacle to the woman he loved. On the other hand, Meghan is getting overwhelmed by the opinion of the public, the media, and her family. But to Harry, it felt that he needed to stand up for his girlfriend. 

While the source of the conflict within the Royal family remains unanswered, some criticisms came from Meghan’s father himself. Thomas Markle and her half-sister Samantha.  

Others speculate that the coldness towards Meghan was perhaps because she was half-black. Others think that it came about because of her previous work as an actress. 

Meghan and Harry never wavered in public. In fact, the couple maintained a good public image. Meanwhile, despite her brother-in-law’s supposed worries, Meghan behaved just as any other Windsor should be. 

Another media source said, “He will brook no criticism of Meghan,” one source said. “And he is so sensitive he often sees criticism or negativity where there isn’t any.”

The source who is a member of the Royal court said, “It’s my opinion that Harry feels he couldn’t protect his mother, so he’s going all out to protect his wife.” Harry would not let his wife go through the same experience as his mother. Princess Diana was almost berated for her every move.

On the other hand, when the Queen named Harry as Youth Ambassador to the Commonwealth it left a bad impression on the older brother William. The report said that even if he could have declined the appointment but chose not to interfere. 

The Royal supporters say that the conflict was only made up by the press to stir things up. However, when the Fab Four was asked by the press if they had any disagreements, William immediately answered which broke the awkward silence. He said, “Oh yes.” 

His answer made everyone laugh. However, Harry gave a simple smile while picking up on the next question. But when asked if the disagreement would be resolved, he said, “We don’t know.” Although it comes with a little humor, the alleged feud has affected the brother’s relationship.  

The tension started with the complicated dynamics between the two duchesses. Meghan hoped that she’ll get along with the Duchess of Cambridge.

Meanwhile, when Kate was pregnant with Louis, her third child she didn’t have the time to guide her new sister-in-law. Because of her motherly and royal responsibilities, she didn’t get the chance to spend some time with Meghan. On the other hand, Meghan took it differently. She thought Kate was a snub. 

Reporters can’t help but wonder if the tension between the four was real. Questions if they are rivals, friends, or maybe anything of the sort kept coming in. While the two duchesses didn’t start as royals, they became the two most noticeable members of the English royalty. 

The two duchesses made their first official appearance on December 25, 2017. They have different ways of carrying themselves amongst the Windsors. They displayed as if they came from two separate worlds. 

Even if she wasn’t born as a noble, Kate was from a privileged family. Her parents have a successful party supply company. In fact, she attended the prestigious University of St. Andrews where she met her classmate and future husband, Prince William. 

After years of dating, William and Kate got married in 2010 which was famously dubbed as “The Wedding of the Century.” The year after, she was named the Duchess of Cambridge. On the other hand, Meghan got married in 2011 but not with Prince Harry. 

But for Meghan, it wasn’t her first marriage. In fact, when she was an aspiring Hollywood actress, she married Trevor Engelson. He’s an American producer and director. However, their marriage only lasted for two years after Meghan’s career was taking off. 

Meghan’s earlier career was as a suitcase girl on the game show Deal or No Deal. But her breakthrough came after she got the regular role as Rachel Zane in Suits. A USA legal drama series. 

As her work started to progress, so did her personal life. In 2016, a mutual friend set her up on a blind date. Surprisingly, her blind date was none other than Prince Harry. Not long after, their relationship started to blossom. 

Her first royal invitation was at Kate’s 35th birthday party. It was known that she gave Kate a dream journal. 

The two future duchesses would soon get to know each other. In 2018, Meghan and Harry also had a luxurious wedding. The day a foreigner and a mixed-race became an official member of Windsor. 

With the two ladies becoming part of the royal family, the big question is “how would the new sister-in-law go along?” Some insider reports said that the two had a rugged start.

When Kate was pregnant with Louis, she got constant pressure from the scrutiny of the public. The stress took a toll on her physically. In fact, that caused her a bumpy start with her sister-in-law. 

Shortly, Meghan reached out to Kate during her stressful time. She gave her some tips with her diet. The advice had helped Kate go through the rest of her pregnancy. Likewise, Kate gave her a hand when she was facing the same dilemma. 

Meghan found herself faced with a big adjustment. Her shift from the Hollywood lifestyle to Buckingham Palace was a big move. The good thing is, her more experienced sister-in-law was instrumental to teach her the royal protocols. She taught her everything. From wardrobe to how she should stand in official events. 

It was from that moment that the bond between the duchesses formed. Despite their busy schedules, they would find the time to spend together. Like the weekend visit, they made it to Wimbledon. They were seen exchanging jokes and comments during the match. 

The sisters-in-law grew closer to a more personal level. But it didn’t end there. In fact, Kate helped Meghan even in the professional space. Kate got Meghan to join the Royal Foundation Forum which is a charitable organization founded by their husbands. 

It was a big step forward for the new duchess, Meghan. An inside source said, “She really admires how Kate has carved out her own space when it comes to humanitarian work alongside being an amazing mother.” 

When Meghan became pregnant in 2018, Kate celebrated with her. She couldn’t wait for Meghan to experience motherhood with her. But she wasn’t able to foresee the other big event that’s about to unfold. 

Just a few months before Meghan gave birth to her first baby, the couple decided to move out of Kensington Palace. The royal couple decided to live at Frogmore Cottage. It was their first time leaving the rest of the royal family on a separate roof. 

The big move meant that the sisters-in-law will only be able to see each on a limited time. However, it didn’t hinder them from seeing each other. In fact, they were excited for their children to play together when they grew up. 

Although they find themselves crashing on some occasions, they realized that they’re better off working along with each other. Knowing that they’re married into the world’s most high-profile family, it would be best for them to get along together. 

Being part of the Royal Family is no easy task and the two women understand that. 

Just like the famous love stories we all came to love, they have fairytale beginnings. However, for Meghan and Harry, it all started with a blind date. Truth is, Meghan didn’t know Harry was a member of the Royal Family. 

She told another news agency, “I didn’t know much about him. So the only thing I asked… was, ‘Well is he nice?” Harry, on the other hand, was more unprepared. He hadn’t heard of Meghan before their date. Awkward, I know. 

However, as fate had it, the rest is history. After a few weeks, Harry took Meghan to a charity event in Africa. Prince Harry recalled, “It was crucial to me to make sure that we had a chance to get to know each other.”

While they were able to keep their relationship under the watchful eye of the public, news of their relationship broke out in October 2016. 

Meghan even posted a photo on Instagram showing two bananas spooning. It was during the day that the news of their relationship broke out. So, is it her way of confirming the news? 

The media was quick to embrace the news. Although she’s used to the spotlight, however, when it involved the Royal Family she discovered that the attention was overwhelming. 

It didn’t take very long for the media to go crazy. Rumors began circulating that Prince William was unhappy about the situation. In fact, it prompted the Royal Prince to give his own statement. 

“The Duke of Cambridge absolutely understands the situation concerning privacy and supports the need for Prince Harry to support those closest to him.”

Although Harry’s call to the press was unbecoming for a member of the royal family, the whole family won’t have any issue with his action. 

When news came out that the Queen had approved of Meghan, it proved that she’s not only the ruler of the United Kingdom but she’s also Prince Harry’s biggest fan. Literally. In fact, a source said, “The Queen is] delighted to see Harry in a loving relationship.”

In fact, Meghan had a lot of appreciation for the Queen. “It’s incredible, to be able to meet her through Harry’s lens.” She added, “Not just with his honor and respect for her as the monarch, but the love that he has for her as his grandmother… She’s an incredible woman.”

The couple was not able to spend Christmas together in 2016. However, they had a romantic New Year. Since the secret was leaked out, Harry and Meghan were able to travel to Norway together. 

While in Norway, they had a little visit to the Arctic Circle where they watched the Northern Lights. 

After their trip to Norway, Harry brought Meghan to the royal family gatherings more often. She also met another royalty, Princess Charlotte at Kensington in 2017. Megan even had spent time with her future brother-in-law whom she was seen going along very well. A source said, “Naturally, William is very happy for his brother.”

When it’s time for Harry to meet Meghan’s mom, she flew her to London. Doria Ragland rendezvous with the Prince. It’s some pretty serious stuff. 

Prince Harry was seen nervous about the meeting. However, unlike Meghan and the other royals, he and Doria quickly got well together. It’s another proof that the pair indeed had great chemistry.  

Doria was seen together with the couple on different occasions. However, the prince wasn’t able to meet Meghan’s father. She said, “He’s talked to my dad a few times, but hasn’t been able to meet him yet.”

While they were still living apart, Harry and Meghan have grown much closer. In fact, when Meghan wasn’t filming for Suits, she lived with Harry at Kensington Palace. They went to Jamaica to attend the wedding of Harry’s friend. But many people assume this as the next step toward their relationship. 

Things got even more trendy when Meghan flew to London to attend Pippa Middleton’s wedding. Meghan traveled straight to the palace after arriving at Heathrow Airport. She was present at Pippa’s wedding reception. It’s her first time being seen at a royal family event. She was also seen at the Audi Polo Challenge in England. 

The couple went on another trip to Africa to celebrate Meghan’s 36th birthday. They were able to spend quality time together with the people they chose to help. It’s probably one of the best dates! Just thinking! 

They visited the site of the brother’s charity called Sentebale. In the Lesotho language, it means, “forget me not.” The place was special for the princes since they used it as a homage to their late mother, Princess Diana. 

Meghan appeared at the Invictus Games in September of 2017. It was her first major royal appearance. The event is in honor of the wounded, injured, and sick military personnel. 

Finally, just about a year later, Meghan broke the news. In the cover of the October issue of Vanity Fair, she answered every question that was thrown at her. She has this to say, “We’re a couple. We’re in love,” Meghan revealed. I’m sure there will be a time when we will have to come forward and present ourselves and have stories to tell.”

She added, “I hope what people will understand is that this is our time. This is for us. It’s part of what makes it so special, that’s just ours. But we’re happy. Personally, I love a great love story.” Since the word broke out, there’s only a single thing to do for Harry. In November 2017, the Prince of Wales himself popped the question that left everyone speechless. And she said, YES! 

Prince Charles said in his official statement, “His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, is delighted to announce the engagement of Prince Harry to Ms. Meghan Markle.” 

Meghan was so excited she said YES, even before Prince Harry finished asking the question. On May 19, 2018, Harry and Meghan got married at Windsor Castle. Millions of people around the world watched from their homes to get a glimpse of one of the most anticipated events in history.

Meghan wore a beautiful Givenchy gown with a diamond-platinum tiara. It came from the Queen’s very own collection. Since Meghan’s father is absent, Prince Charles was the one who walked her down the aisle. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that they are expecting their first child. The new addition to the royal family is expected to join the family in the spring of 2019. 


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