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Quarantined Man Sees Woman Dancing On Roof And Goes To Epic Lengths To Ask Her Out

Jeremy Cohen is a photographer who lives in Brooklyn, New York. While in quarantine, Jeremy noticed a woman dancing on the roof of a neighboring building.  

“Who is she?” he thought to himself as he watched her dance. He decided to shoot his shot, but sadly, it didn’t go as planned…

The girl dancing on the roof, Tori, was feeling bored on her last day of quarantine. 

She was tired of watching Netflix and TikTok videos and wanted to do something different on that day. 

As she was dancing on the roof of her building, she noticed Jeremy waving at her with a big smile on his face. 

He immediately caught her attention and she decided to greet him. 

“Hello!” she shouted out. For some strange reason, Jeremy felt drawn to Tori and wanted to get to know her better.

He rushed into his room and grabbed the drone he had recently bought as a reward for getting a new job. 

Jeremy didn’t know how to use the drone but figured he would get the hang of it in the process. 

He wrote something on a small piece of paper and taped it to the drone. 

Jeremy watched the drone slowly rise in the air and move off the balcony. In the meantime, Tori caught the attention of more people around her. 

“There were people in the direction I was facing, and I just started dancing,” she recalls.

“I like making people laugh if I can, and I like making myself laugh, too,” she continued. 

Suddenly she saw a drone moving towards her. “What is going on?” she thought to herself. 

The drone landed on the roof, not too far away from where Tori was dancing. 

She was scared at first because she didn’t know what Jeremy wanted from her.

She looked up and saw Jeremy waving from his balcony. He was pointing at the drone and smiling. 

Tori carefully approached the drone and noticed a small piece of paper taped to it. “I was confused,” she recalls. 

The note had Jeremy’s name and his number on it. Tori couldn’t believe what she was seeing!

“It was a ‘holy cr-p’ kind of moment — like, Oh my god, this is happening right now?” Tori recalls. “It was really cool.” But would she text Jeremy?

An hour had passed, and Jeremy still hadn’t received a text from Tori. Was she married? Or was she just not interested in him?

Jeremy didn’t know what to think as he waited by the phone. 

Tori rushed back to her apartment to grab her phone. She spent an hour searching for her phone in her bedroom only to find it under the pillow. 

She texted Jeremy, saying, “I loved it, haha.”

The pair spent the whole evening chatting about their lives and hobbies. Jeremy felt like they had a lot in common, so he decided to ask her out and see where things go.

“Wanna go on a date?” he asked Tori. 

She replied with, “Sure!” 

Tori and Jeremy set up a virtual date on their adjacent rooftops because they were still quarantined. So, how did it go?

“It went well,” Tori said. “I won’t spill too many details. It went well, is all I can say.”

Jeremy, who describes himself as a “hopeless romantic” and “optimistic,” is happy that he shot his shot and is now chatting with the girl of his dreams. Will this turn into a relationship? Well, we hope so!


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