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Quintuplets Father-To-Be Discovers His Girlfriend’s Horrible Secret At Hospital

Paul Servat, a Candian man, always wanted a family. So, when he finally found his soul mate, Barbara Bienvenue, he couldn’t wait to spend the rest of his life with her. Up until now, becoming a father had seemed like a dream. Now, it was a reality. All of Servat’s friends and family had children so he couldn’t wait to start his own family. When Bienvenue became pregnant with quintuplets, everyone rejoiced. Over the course of the pregnancy, more than a few issues arose. Then, when the day of the birth came around, the trip to the hospital shocked everyone. Afterward, Servat would wish he had never met Bienvenue…

Paul Servat was a man living in Montreal surrounded by lots of loving family and friends. One day, he took a look at his life and realized he needed a lot more than he had. Servat found himself in his mid-thirties and alone, working to the bone six days a week. Meanwhile, his friends and families all had children and lovers. So, Servat decided to make a change. Servat realized that, deep down, he wanted to build a family of his own. Thankfully, he finally had the time to do so. Servat found himself in a stable career path, relatively healthy, and finally ready to settle down. However, first, he’d need to find someone to spend the rest of his life with. So, Servat decided to go out of his comfort zone and try to meet his other half.

Nowadays, technology can help those who don’t have the time to go out and meet people in conventional ways. Because of his job, Servat didn’t have time or energy to go out on a thousand dates to find the perfect someone. He needed to find a better solution. So, Servat turned to a dating web site, in the hopes it would find him the perfect match, quickly. After a little time searching, a woman named Barbara Bienvenue caught his attention. Despite their slight age difference, they began talking. Soon, Servat fell for her bubbly personality and how he could make her laugh. They developed a special bond and Servat though he might have found the one.

Bienvenue and Servat immediately felt like they had each found the right person. And, both in their thirties, they did not want to waste any time. So, after a few weeks of chatting with each other, they decided to meet in Montreal. From the moment they first saw each other, Bienvenue and Servat immediately clicked. Over the next few weeks, they dated constantly. Soon, their relationship developed into so much more than a fleeting romance. Servat fell in love with Barbara, trusting her despite the fact they’d only known each other for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, he was about to find out why you should never fully trust a stranger.

Just two months after they started dating, Bienvenue told Servat they needed to have a serious conversation. They were still getting to know each other, still deciding if the other was the perfect one. However, everything seemed perfect, so Servant didn’t really know what on earth she could possibly want to discuss. As Bienvenue walked into the room, she had a big smile on her face while proceeding to give him the incredible news: she was pregnant. Servat stood, perplexed for a moment, trying to process the news. But once he did, a big smile sprung on his face as well. At last, they were going to be parents!

Just a few months ago, Servat dreamed of establishing a life and family with the right person. Now, his dream had become a reality, right in front of his eyes. Every morning, Servat woke up, thrilled at the fact he had become a father-to-be. It was as though everything had been handed to him on a silver platter. After Servat’s family and friends heard the delightful news, they all felt happy for the couple. As a way to show the soon-to-be parents their excitement, friends and family held a small party for them. At the party, the group started a countdown to the big day. And no one looked more excited than Servat!

Of course, not everything went perfectly during the pregnancy. Like many others in their first trimester, Bienvenue experienced all kinds of changes throughout her body. From gaining weight to sudden mood swings, Bienvenue had a rough time. However, the worst part of all for Bienvenue became the morning sickness, by far. Even though Servat knew that was a natural part of the pregnancy, he couldn’t help to worry for the mother and baby itself. So he could help in any way possible, Servant insisted Bienvenue moved into his house where he could rely on his family to help take care of her when he could not. She agreed and soon enough they lived under the same roof.

Soon, weeks turned into months, and the couple started to notice Bienvenue’s belly seemed larger than average. They suspected it might be more than one baby, so she went for a checkup. At the doctor’s office, they discovered even more great news: Bienvenue carried twins! Servat couldn’t help to jump out of his seat for joy. Later, as she continued to go to appointments, the baby count rose to three. Then, after the last ultrasound, the triplets turned into quintuplets, meaning they’d have five children! Servat, who desperately wanted to start a family, never thought he’d receive enough children to almost form a soccer team. Still, he couldn’t help but be excited! What a life awaited the parents.

Bienvenue and Servat felt like the luckiest couple in the entire world. After all, only a few women around the world have received the blessing of quintuplets. Furthermore, they felt like the leap-frogged a whole chapter of their life. The only people they knew who had five children all started their families in their 20s! Still, some worries tainted the couple’s excitement. First and foremost, they were both first-time parents! Now, their first attempt at parenting would be raising quintuplets. Not only that, but Bienvenue and Servat needed to worry about the financial issues that came with raising five children simultaneously. Servat found himself trying to figure out ways to provide for his new family.

Thought Servat did have a job, the income was about average. He did have enough money to start a small family but wouldn’t be sufficient for the five babies that were on the way. Servat found himself desperate as the due date came closer. Luckily for them, family, friends, and neighbors were willing to support them in any matter that they needed yet still wouldn’t be enough since the preparation for the quintuplets had already begun and they were running out of time. They had to come up with some other way to assure the babies would have the essentials when the time came.

Thankfully, the couple did not face these challenges alone. The parents-to-be had plenty of friends and family willing to help out. Unfortunately, even with their help, they needed to find another source of aid while raising the quintuplets. So, Servat turned to a friend and together they came up with an idea to get some extra help. Together they came up with an idea Servat hadn’t considered before. Social media now made asking for help easier than ever. Servat and his friend realized that the couple’s story was a rare one. Furthermore, people might really want to get involved and help them out. After all this time, the answer to how Bienvenue and Servat would raise the quintuplets appeared, right in front of their eyes.

After developing their eyes, Servant asked some other friends and co-workers to help spread the story of the quintuplets. Together, they created a Facebook page where Servat could share their story and the quintuplets’ process. Humbly, Servat asked both personal and professional contacts for sponsorships. Soon, help from local businesses in the community started to add to the couple’s cause. Now, with the aid they needed, Servat and Bienvenue could focus on having a healthy pregnancy. They posted updates regularly, letting the community know exactly how the pregnancy went. The couple also posted photos of the gifts they received, like the blankets above. Unfortunately, when he discovered his girlfriend’s past, Servat would need to take down the Facebook page…

Servat’s excitement over the quintuplets continued to grow, every single day. Despite that fact that Bienvenue’s mood swings seemed to get worse every week, he stayed positive. After all, Servat is a great partner. He just wanted Bienvenue that he would always be there for her. The father-to-be remained patient and understanding, throughout the whole pregnancy. Of course, as the mother of their quintuplets, Servat never wanted anything bad to happen to Bienvenue. He also helped Bienvenue find activities to complete so she wouldn’t sit home all day, bored. Together, they worked on a room for the quintuplets. And, until the birth, he had to continue being patient as all good things are worth the long wait.

Throughout the pregnancy, Servat was the happiest he had been in his whole life. Meanwhile, his parents could not wait for more grandkids! In fact, all of Servat’s family worked together in order to make sure Bienvenue had the best pregnancy possible. For instance, Servat’s mother often stayed home, taking care of anything the mother-to-be needed. Bienvenue told Servat he could pick the names for the children, which he truly appreciated. While they did regularly update their Facebook, they also shared plenty of personal, heartwarming moments alone. According to Servat, the pregnancy went perfectly. Unfortunately, it would all come crashing down when Bienvenue went into labor with the quintuplets.

Bienvenue went into labor relatively early, compared to most moms-to-be. You see, quintuplets can affect a due date. So, Bienvenue had one slightly earlier than most, 34 weeks instead of 37. Unfortunately, this presented a whole new set of problems. A newborn baby can be too small, too weak, or suffer from many medical issues. Carrying quintuplets, the couple needed to multiply those chances by five. However, while the chances of problems with their quintuplets worried the Servat and Bienvenue, they did not worry too much. After all, they had a great support system that would help them, regardless of what happened. Furthermore, both parents-to-be read up extensively on premature births. In the end, Servat and Bienvenue felt they were up to the challenge.

The last few months of the pregnancy were filled with great times. Sure, Servat and Bienvenue needed to make tons of preparation for the quintuplets. However, they also received tons of help, gifts, and love. Now, with the due date just a few days away the couple just wanted one thing: to hold their five children. Now, all Servat and Bienvenue could do was wait. They had picked out everything from cribs to clothes for each of the quintuplets, and their family eagerly waited alongside. Then, the moment of truth came. However, the day would not end the way anyone expected, especially not Servat…

During the 34th week of the pregnancy, the day finally came. Bienvenue, hysterical, rushed into a room to tell Servat her water had broke. As previously stated, Servat read plenty of pregnancy books, so he knew just what to do: stay calm. He quickly, but calmly, grabbed the essentials before taking his girlfriend to the hospital. Accompanied by friends and family, Servat and Bienvenue arrived at the hospital. The most awaited day of Servat’s life had finally arrived. However, destiny harbored a tremendous turn of events that would change his life forever. Unfortunately, it was not the changes he expected. Instead, a heartbreaking, sinister surprise hid waiting for Servat.

Taking his girlfriend and their quintuplets to the hospital, Servat could not believe the day had finally arrived. Nervous and excited all at once, Servat did his best to behave himself as he waited for information on Bienvenue and the quintuplets. Servat paced and paced in the waiting room of the hospital. It continually seemed like the best day of his life stayed just minutes away. Just down the hall, he assumed doctors were delivering his quintuplets. Soon, he’d hold them in his arms. However, when the doctor finally came out of the room, he realized something might have gone wrong.

As the doctor walked towards him, Servat could tell something had happened. The doctor did not look happy like he should. Instead, he looked concerned. Servat’s heartbeat started to rise, and all kind of questions came into his mind. Has something gone wrong? Were Bienvenue and the quintuplets okay? Or had something happened to one, or all, of them? At that moment, the whole day started to turn horrible. All of a sudden, the longtime Servat needed to stand in the waiting room seemed strange. Still, Servat tried to remember what the books sais: just stay calm. Unfortunately, the doctor’s terrible news would make remaining calm impossible.

The doctor, who should have been delivering his quintuplets, approached Servat with a peculiar look on his face. Later, Servat would say that the doctor’s face almost seemed to tell him something without words, but he couldn’t figure it out. Regardless, there was no doubt something was wrong. Then, Servat realized why the doctor’s face didn’t register with him at first. He didn’t look angry or even sad, but rather confused. But, what could confuse a doctor? Especially one who had performed so many births before. Then, the doctor started telling Servat about how Bienvenue and the quintuplets were doing. Servat quickly understood why the doctor looked so confused.

With his loved ones surrounding him, not only Servat noticed the doctor’s look of confusion. Then, they saw that the staff nurses also acted strangely, clearly uneasy with the situation. What could possibly be happening? Furthermore, where were Bienvenue and his quintuplets? The doctor approached Servat and, after looking around at his family, asked to speak to him in private. Desperate for answers, Servat agreed. Sadly, Servat’s world was about to crumble into pieces, and all of his dreams would be crushed in a heartbeat. It was time for the doctor to provide some answers about what exactly was happening…

The doctor slowly began to explain what was happening. The confusion started when Servat and Bienvenue first came to deliver the quintuplets. Despite looking multiple times, in various locations, the hospital could not find any records of Bienvenue’s pregnancy. Furthermore, they could not contact anyone who could confirm anything about the pregnancy. Servat did not understand. How could there be no records? He, along with family and friends, had dropped Bienvenue off for doctor’s appointments numerous times. Then, the doctor took a deep breath. After they could not find the records, he explained, a nurse had ordered a blood test. The results shocked everyone in the waiting room…

The doctor finally revealed the horrible truth to Servat: there were no babies. At all. As it turns out, Bienvenue was not pregnant. “The doctors told me it was a phantom pregnancy,” Servat recalled later. But what exactly does that mean? At first, Servat even found it difficult to understand what the doctor said, let alone accept it. The words made no sense! Every step of the way, Servat had helped Bienvenue through her pregnancy. Now, the doctor told him that no children exited the womb. Servat’s entire world started crumbling around him.

Also known as pseudocyesis, a phantom pregnancy is a rare psychological condition where a woman convinces herself she is actually pregnant even though she isn’t. The woman suffering from this condition can experience many of the signs and symptoms of a real pregnancy. The exact cause of phantom pregnancy is yet unknown. However, one of the most influential factor they have found is the extreme desire of a woman to become pregnant. The condition is difficult to diagnose since it can often be confused with an actual pregnancy. Furthermore, someone with a phantom pregnancy can be convinced, themselves!

No matter how many times the doctors explained the phantom pregnancy to him, Servat still felt confused. After all, he had seen all the signs of pregnancy in his girlfriend! Yet, when doctors pressed him, Servat admitted that he had never accompanied her to a doctor’s appointment and seen any proof with his own two eyes. Servat felt like he was living in some bizarro world. How could Bienvenue look and act pregnant, but not be so? Unfortunately, he would come to learn that a woman who experiences a phantom pregnancy can have morning sickness, weight gain, and even lactation! Furthermore, upwards of 20% of women who suffer phantom pregnancies are diagnosed pregnant by a doctor, at one time. As Servat began talking to the doctors, he recounted all the signs Bienvenue had shown.

The reason why it was so hard for Servat to understand what was happening is he was there all along witnessing the symptoms of pregnancy. At first, Bienvenue suffered terrible morning sickness. Next, her belly grew large enough to house five babies. His girlfriend had gone back to the doctor’s all because she looked larger than the average pregnant person! Even further, at the end of the “pregnancy,” Bienvenue started lactating. Finally, Servat’s mom, who helped out constantly, also never noticed anything wrong with the mom-to-be or pregnancy. Unfortunately, they all now knew the truth. At this point, all they could do was pick up the pieces and try and move on. But they still wondered: how does a phantom pregnancy even happen?

Someone who experiences a true phantom pregnancy can be astonished when learning there’s no baby inside their womb. Therefore, doctors recommend people around them to take in charge of the situation. They suggest making them feel understand and supported by those they love the most. So, after the news of Bienvenue’s story broke, some doctors said to not rush to judgment. Some maintain that the phantom pregnancy could have been real and that she just always ended up in dire financial situations. Moreover, some argue that the rare medical condition could also have been the cause of her dark behavior.

Dr. Kimberly Gecsi, an obstetrician from the University of Hospitals located in Cleveland, said she has seen five cases of phantom pregnancy throughout over a decade in her career. One of those was a woman from Pittsburg who was brought into the delivery ward believing she was in labor. Her belly was swelling as she did, in fact, was carrying a child inside of her. However, the nurse who was taking care of her put on a stethoscope over the woman’s belly struggling to find the baby’s heartbeat. Then, Dr. Gecsi performed an ultrasound only to find out the woman was not pregnant at all. The woman was stunned and couldn’t believe this was happening to her.

Women suffering from pseudocyesis are able to get help from physiological specialists. However, in some cases, even doctors can be unsure of what they are doing. They can often be confused by the symptoms the woman is experiencing. In North Carolina, two physicians decided to perform an emergency C-section, only to find out in the O.R. the woman was not pregnant at all. Before, they tried to induce labor for two days! They were both disciplined and almost lost their licenses as they didn’t even check for the baby’s heartbeat before jumping into surgery. Of course, many cases are diagnosed long before this ever happens. However, not everyone believed Bienvenue suffered an innocent phantom pregnancy. In fact, one person, in particular, thought she knowingly forced a phantom pregnancy…

One person did notice something strange during Bienvenue’s pregnancy: Servat’s close friend, Genevieve Laflamme. Recently, Laflamme had given birth to triplets, so she picked up on a few bizarre happenings. First, Laflamme noticed that the ultrasound picked up the quintuplets rather late. This is odd because usually, doctors can tell very early on. Then, she found it strange that Bienvenue didn’t spend much time resting during her final trimester. Laflamme believed the mom-to-be was far too active for a woman in her condition. Despite all the doubts Laflamme had, she couldn’t say anything to Servat. He was too happy and excited. Instead of trusting herself, she chose to ignore her intuition and gave him advice on how to access financial aid. Could it be that Bienvenue didn’t suffer a phantom pregnancy? Could she have made the entire thing up herself?

Despite what Laflamme said, Servat wanted to give Bienvenue the benefit of the doubt regardless of how hurt he was. She might have been a victim of her own desire of having a child, causing a physiological breakdown. Unfortunately, the fact that she claimed to continually go to the doctor poked major holes in Bienvenue’s story. Doctors may diagnose a phantom pregnancy wrong once, in the early stages. However, it is nearly impossible for a doctor to not eventually figure out the pregnancy is not real. Furthermore, misdiagnosing a phantom pregnancy as quintuplets just would not happen. Blood pregnancy tests don’t lie, and neither do ultrasounds. Servat needed to deal with the information he had swirling around his head.

At first, Servat just felt confused and angry. After all, he had seen all the signs of pregnancy in his girlfriend. However, after Laflamme revealed her suspicions more things began to fall into place. First, he never actually accompanied her to the doctor checkups. Furthermore, every time she went to the doctor’s office, she came back with a different story. Mainly, on the number of children she carried. It seemed more and more likely that Bienvenue had entirely faked the pregnancy. Worse still, doctors agreed. That’s when Servat remembered something about Bienvenue and her past that would finally 

The evidence against Bienvenue started to pile up. While discussing the possibility that she faked the pregnancy, Servat admitted he had never met Bienvenue’s family or even spoken to them. In fact, he never even asked about them! He only knew that Bienvenue came from Quebec, just like him. According to Servat, Bienvenue didn’t like to talk about them, and he respected her silences. Now, her silence seemed suspicious. Soon, the news of the strange pregnancy ended up in the local paper. Afterward, the final piece of the puzzle came into play. Because of the article, a relative of Bienvenue’s reached out to Servat. “This isn’t the first time she’s done it. But honestly, we never would have thought she was sick enough to do it again,” he told the brokenhearted man. Now, there was no question: Bienvenue had faked the pregnancy.

The informant also revealed Bienvenue hadn’t told any of her family relatives she was, once again, expecting. “She cut ties with us in recent months,” the relative continued. “She didn’t want us to know about her game.” Her family felt devastated to learn she had done it again and even apologized, despite not knowing anything. Another male linked to her past later reached out to the Toronto Sun to tell his story. It was a very similar story to what had happened to Servat. The ex-boyfriend said that while they were dating Bienvenue told him she was expecting twins. She also wanted to use the babies as an excuse to raise funds. Later, he found out the twins never existed.

Then Servat began to feel like a fool for blindly believing every word Bienvenue had said to him. All those moments of joy, anticipation, and excitement washed down the drain, completely wasted. Overwhelmed to his core, he couldn’t believe how had they lived under the same roof and never had the slightest idea Bienvenue was faking the pregnancy. For months Bienvenue had been lying even on social media to get sponsorships for the fake quintuplets. No one on the family or any of his friends actually suspected there was no baby at all. Soon the ex-father-to-be needed to tell everyone how he felt. Of course, Bienvenue didn’t just hurt Servat. She also hurt everyone around them…

Servat was not the only one left brokenhearted. The ex-grandparents to be were also stunned by the news. Servat commented: “Even my parents, they were so looking forward to having grandchildren.” However, they were all caught up in Bienvenue’s lies. Relatives and friends who helped them create the Facebook webpage were also disappointed and angry with her. Bienvenue didn’t seem to care too much about other people’s feelings but her own. No one could foresee what she had been doing all along. Yet, they all felt betrayed and wanted to support Servat during what it must have been one of the hardest moments of his life.

Servat was perplexed and couldn’t understand how a person would do such a thing. For 34 weeks he was certain they were going to have quintuplets, but it was all a lie. Servat said: “I lost everything, it was my whole life.” He also said the concept of becoming a father to five children had consumed his life, only to later be told his girlfriend was never carrying any children. Not only that, but she had also been using him and his family, to get rich quick. He committed himself to give back all the presents they received or donate them. He proceeded to say: “I’m a good person and I have nothing to do with these lies.” Unfortunately, he was just another of Bienvenue’s victims. Hopefully, however, he is the last.

Servat was so in love with Bienvenue he just couldn’t understand why the person who he trusted and loved the most would want to make a fool out of him. Unfortunately, when she told him they were expecting a baby, they’d only known each other for a few weeks as so he didn’t know anything about her background. In the future, Sevat says, he is going to be more careful when it comes to his lovers. Of course, as the mother of his children, Servat didn’t believe she would do anything to hurt them. He was a good and decent man who loved her with all his heart. In the end, Servat discovered who his real friends and family are. Furthermore, he learned a lesson albeit in the worst possible way. Still, Servat hopes to grow from this horrible experience.

When Servat came home from the hospital, he knew exactly what needed to be done. Feeling the worst he ever had, while seeing the nursery he almost burst into tears. They had prepared the room for the babies, but there wasn’t any. As he walked into the room, he could see babies’ stuff lying everywhere, gifts they received from family, friends and some generous people in the community. Servat had a lot of explanations to give and as so he called one by one telling them the devastating news. He tried his best to explain what Bienvenue had done to his family, friends, and the online community that had built up around him and his wife. While someone forgave Bienvenue, others had some choice words for the liar…

Over following the story, the story of Paul Servat and Barbara Bienvenue garnered a massive audience. In a matter of time, People, the Toronto Sun, and more were running pieces about the faked pregnancy. Most called out Bienvenue for lying. Some even questioned whether or not Servat should have noticed something amiss earlier. “High multiples like quints are extremely high risk and she’d have been with specialists, getting constant checkups, etc.,” one woman commented. “It’s not like faking a normal pregnancy. Even if this WAS her first stunt, I’m side-eyeing the people who believed this.” Still, others cautioned everyone not to jump to conclusions, as it could stigmatize mental health issues. “She needs help, not criticism! I hope she gets the help she needs and he is able to move on with life in a positive way. You can’t blame a mentally unwell person,” another wrote.

So, where is Bienvenue today? Well, after the pregnancy, her family got together and convinced the woman to seek help in a psychiatric facility. “Doctors need to take care of her or else she’ll do it again and again,” one of her male relatives told the Toronto Sun. While most of us agree that treatment is the best option for Bienvenue, others disagree. “That is exactly what this woman wanted,” a commenter wrote. “To be made a fuss over.” Unfortunately, the treatment will not be simple or quick. As a gynecologist told the Sun: the only thing that helps one get over these types of issues is years and years of therapy. As of this writing, there have been no reports of her release.

Despite how much Servat once loved Bienvenue, he could never trust her enough to start a new life with her. His heart could not harbor any more trust for her. And without trust, there could never be any love. Still, today, Servat has finally made peace with what Bienvenue did. Through everything, Servat remained a good man. Even months later, when he heard that Bienvenue entered a psychiatric institution, he wished her well. Meanwhile, Servat continued to return the gifts and donations. After returning everything, through to today, Servat lives a quiet life, away from the public eye. Understandably, he just wants to move on with his life and forget the horrible pregnancy he went through.


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