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Spot-On Reactions To Amber Heard’s Testimony

The Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial had kept people invested in what was happening more than any recent event. After Amber Heard’s testimony, some people watched it, memorized bits of it, and quoted them to make fun of Heard because of how ridiculous they sounded.

Others were disgusted by the clear lies the woman tells and her being disrespectful to real abuse victims. The internet is filled with people’s reactions to the event, and you can read here the best ones. 

Amber Heard’s lawyer said, “in order for Mr. Depp to win his case, he must prove that Ms. Heard wrote the article. Why are we here, Ms. Heard?”

“My ex-husband is suing me for an article I wrote,” Amber answered. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it? Her lawyers are as bad at defending her as she is at lying. I guess all the good ones saw through it and refused to take the case. 

I can’t even find this funny anymore. I’m disgusted, horrified, and saddened. Amber Heard is making an absolute mockery of anyone who has ever been in an abusive relationship, regardless of gender. 

She needs to be punished severely for this. I sure hope the Justice System will do its job properly and give this woman what she deserves. 

After hearing Amber Heard’s testimony, I realized why I had never heard of her as an actress: because she can’t act. 

If she could act, she’d at least be able to pretend she could be human, though. I didn’t even know she was an actor. I thought she did small parts in advertising. What a mess!

On Cross-Examination, Amber Heard was asked if she was afraid of sending an embarrassing photo of Johnny Depp to her friend. 

When responding if it caused her fear, she said, “Why would it?” So she isn’t afraid of Depp. Interesting and effective cross. A lot of incriminating things surfaced. She dug her own hole with that testimony. 

Amber Heard’s testimony in a nutshell: “He hit me so badly that I literally couldn’t move anymore. Literally, I almost passed away from the injuries. I was a mess on the ground when he was done with me.

And I can prove it! Here is a picture of a table. And here is a picture of a table. And here’s a picture of Johnny taking a nap.”

You likely won’t see Amber Heard in the United Kingdom again. British legal experts confirm she could face a police probe for perjury in Uk court after her most recent testimony. 

She previously won a $7 Million settlement. She promised/pledged in court that this money would go towards charity. It hasn’t. It is generally hard to prove and prosecute a perjury case because you obviously need proof that it is a lie and not just someone misremembering. Still, Heard has, in fact, admitted that she has not paid the money to charity.

Camille Vasques is Johnny Depp’s lawyer, who everyone praised. Let’s start a petition to replace Amber Heard with Camille Vasquez in the next Aquaman movie. 

It would be a great idea. And quite hysterical. Camille would definitely have more chemistry with Jason Mamoa. Well, so would a rock. So there’s that. This lawyer destroyed Amber Heard and her entire legal team. 

Oh my God. I haven’t seen any of Johnny Depp’s testimony, but watching Amber Heard, I realized there’s something seriously wrong there. 

If you’ve ever heard a woman talking about abuse, I can tell you that it looks nothing like this. This was like a poorly prepped monologue. What a disgrace to all the women out there who go through difficult times. 

She literally looks at Johnny Depp for any sort of acknowledgment, and he refuses to give it to her. If he were a real narcissist and abuser, he would. Because that’s precisely what Amber Head did to him during his testimony. 

One of my adult kids dated a narcissistic sociopath for a while, and she lived with us briefly. Not a fun trip. What I have seen of Amber Heard’s testimony and the evidence is like walking down memory lane, not in a good way.

I shed more tears yawning than Amber Heard did in her entire testimony. She tried really hard, though. I’ll give her that. But the result was definitely not what she expected. 

The proof is in all those faces she made during her testimony that made her more famous than she ever was as an actress. Well done! 

It’s crazy how Amber Heard is so loyal to James Franco when he is the one actually accused of abuse towards several women. 

Abusers attract abusers. What poor Johnny went through, one can only imagine. She aged him 20 years. I hope it all turns out well for Johnny and he escapes this terrible situation soon. 

I was watching Amber Heard’s testimony, and my daughter walked in and asked what movie I was watching. You can’t sell lies to a child. 

She’s not even a good actor. In all the footage I’ve watched, she acts like she’s crying—catching her breath, sniffling, scrunching up her face—but I have yet to see a single genuine tear roll down her face.

My God, that supervillain laugh of Amber Heard in the audio recording is bone-chilling. Utterly psychotic. What a terrifying sound she made. 

I can confirm that her laugh is from someone not in their right mind. I’ve heard this laugh before, and it is one of the scariest things I’ve ever heard. I hope I’ll never hear something like this ever again. 

So in two days, Camille Vasquez delivered the final blow to Amber’s career. She also strained the relationship between Amber and her legal team.

And she put the rest of the case on thin ice. It’s a masterclass. She brought down everything. I’ve never seen anything so awesome. And Amber deserved every bit of it. 


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