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Reasons Why These Women Are Choosing To Stay Single

Sometimes it’s hard not to feel like the only single woman in the world. And sometimes, it’s not! Here’s a list of awesome women who remind us that relationships change and finding a partner is not the be-all and end-all!

Miss Theron. How is she still single? With two children from her previous relationship of 11 years, Theron has been single since her most recent split from Sean Penn in 2015. And happy!

“Just to be single and free, I feel more alive than ever”.. “I’m really getting to know me and love me, and not throw my energy into someone else”. Yas, girl!

With a previous broken engagement to Paris Latsis and most recently to Chris Zylka, Hilton is embracing the joys of single life! 

Best known for starring in The Office US, and her own sitcom, The Mindy Project, Mindy is as real as they come!

She has a daughter but has never disclosed who the father is. Now, as a single mum, she laments; “In my 20’s, I was not only boy crazy, but marriage and relationship crazy. Now it’s almost the opposite”.

At 51, this stunning Australian actress and film producer has never walked down the aisle. In 2016, Watts and her 11-year boyfriend, Liev Schreiber called it quits but remain good friends, having two children together. 

In 2017, she started dating Billy Crudup and it’s still going strong.  

Ever since her marriage and divorce from Brad Pitt in 2005, her romantic life has rarely been media-free. The most recent breakdown of her marriage to Justin Theroux brought back that ‘Poor Jen’ narrative in the media once again.

However, Aniston has shown us all that she does just fine living single! 

With many sites citing her as the world’s most beautiful woman, it’s not surprising that Jolie has married three times. With her latest divorce from Brad Pitt – a relationship that lasted 12 years, Jolie is focused on being a dedicated mother to their children. 

Often expressing her love for motherhood, we suspect Jolie is as happy as ever!

American country artist, Kacey Musgraves married American singer-songwriter, Juston Kelly in 2017 after 8 months of dating. It was a real life Nashville fairytale. However, they have just announced their split after 2.5 years. 

They made the decision together, stating “after a very long period of trying the best we can, it simply didn’t work”. 

Unlike her marriage-obsessed character in ‘Sex And The City’, Davis has never been married and doesn’t plan to be. She never understood why everyone got married when she was younger and was never into the idea of getting hitched in her 20’s, like her friends. 

Happy and single, she has two adoptive children and is a global ambassador for Oxfam.

A model, businesswoman, actress and author, this woman has no shortages of talent or personality. So how in the world is she still single? 

Banks had a long term relationship with photographer, Erik Asla, that ended in 2018. Two years after they had their son. Safe to say, Tyra Banks is still single and thriving!

Mendes started dating Ryan Gosling in 2011 after an 8-year relationship that ended in 2010. But she doesn’t want marriage, and more power to her!

Especially when she can resist putting a ring on this; “the only quality I’m looking for in a woman is that she’s Eva Mendes. There’s nothing else I’m looking for”. Tissues anyone? 

Fox began dating Brian August Green in 2004 after meeting on set. She was 18 and he was 30. After convincing him that she wasn’t too young, they got engaged 2 years later. They married in 2010, and filed for divorce in 2015 before working it out. 

This May, they separated for good. Fox is now dating Machine Gun Kelly. 

Rihanna and Hassan Jameel started dating in 2017 and they made the perfect billionaire couple. They dated for 3 years before breaking up this January. 

Reports say they were not a good match as their lives were too different and the relationship, too hard to maintain. Sounds like she’s better off!

Hudgens famously dated Zac Efron for 5 years, splitting in 2010. The following year, she met Austin Butler and they’ve been dating strong for 9 years, until now. 

She’s only recently begun sharing her break up with the world. Breakups are tough, but they happen for a reason. Hopefully she doesn’t feel upset for too long!

This Australian singer, philanthropist, cancer-survivor, mother and icon, has often had her heartbreaks played out in public. 

She has had a number of failed relationships, her most recent one from Joshua Sasse. They split in 2017, and she has been embracing single life ever since! 

She’s smart, funny, and beautiful. So how is she still single? J-Law has been single since breaking up with her year-long boyfriend Darren Aronofsky. Prior to that she had an on-and-off relationship with Nicholas Hault. 

Now, she jokes that her “love life is non-existent”. However, she’s bound to have endless admirers!


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