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Would You Recognize These Horror Villains IRL Without Makeup?

Do you have memories of being a kid and hiding under your covers completely freaked out by the sight of Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger or Tim Curry as Pennywise? We don’t blame you! If only you knew back then what the actors really looked like behind the makeup and prosthetics. Here’s a list of eye-popping reveals of your favorite horror stars.

Behind The Pennywise Makeup

Tim Curry as Pennywise is a terrifying character in horror history. Those shockingly big eyes, the jacked up looking moldy teeth, and those creepy expressions really drew audiences into the It phenomenon, but did you know in real life Tim Curry looks pretty harmless?

Source: Dread Central/IMDb

The Ring’s Daveigh Chase’s Surprising Beginnings

Every millennial who’s a horror fan was freaked out by Samara from the popular 2002 horror film The Ring. Some thought this character was CGI and others were too terrified to research this girl further. Did you know the girl behind Samara is also the voice behind Disney’s Lilo from Lilo & Stitch? What a trip. Thankfully, actress Daveigh Chase is pleasant to look at.

Source: Wiki/Imgur

Linda Blair’s Regan Had Scary Repercussions

When you think of terrifying girls, the first that comes to mind is Linda Blair for her transformative role as the possessed child Regan. She was so terrifying Warner Bros. had to send police to live with Blair and her family due to death threats.

Source: Pinterest

Underneath Bolaji’s Alien Suit

The film Alien made actress Sigourney Weaver a star, but the central figure in the film was, of course, what we were all afraid of — the alien! Do you know that actor Bolaji Badejo had to wear a ton of gear to embody the role? That said, when you peel everything off, he wasn’t nearly as frightening to look at.

Source: Tumblr/Wiki

Takako Fuji’s Unbelievable Transformation

If there’s any woman who holds the honor of being one of the creepiest figures in horror cinema, it’s actress Takako Fuji from the 2004 hit The Grudge. With her sickening complexion and hollow eyes, Fuji killed it as Kayako. Fortunately, she wouldn’t haunt anyone’s dreams in real life.

Source: Amazon/IMDb

Bonnie Aaron’s Demon Nun Revealed

The Conjuring films rake in major dough despite their low budgets. The reason for their success is a combination of genuine human drama and frightening stakes. Actress Bonnie Aarons has to wear a ton of makeup to resemble the popular demon nun. When you strip the makeup away, her distinct look isn’t scary.

Source: Comicbook.com/Tunes.zone

Warwick Davis’ Cult Following As Leprechaun

We don’t know of a character more traumatizing than Warwick Davis as the title character in Leprechaun. He scared so many generations as the titular Leprechaun that Warwick enjoys a cult following from appearing in four Leprechaun films. Underneath all of the prosthetics is a normal looking guy, and if you’re an 80s kid, you might recognize him from the movie Willow!

Source: IMDb/Images.tv

Behind Michael Myers’ Mask

Michael Myers is a character that lives on as a cult classic thanks to the first Halloween film that started a lucrative franchise. However, behind the mask, actor Nick Castle doesn’t look nearly as menacing as his character. Castle went on to become a successful writer in film, having written the screenplay for August Rush, Hook, and more.

Source: IMDb/Primewiremovies.org

Behind Jason Voorhees’ Hockey Mask

When you think of classic horror characters, Jason Voorhees comes to mind immediately. Like so many others, he’s one of those characters that never seems to die. Fans of all generations enjoyed watching actor Ari Lehman kick off the franchise. Some would be shocked to find that the hockey mask-wearing actor from the original film looks more like a wrestler than the scary villain from Friday The 13th.

Source: Blogspot/ComingSoon

Doug Jones’ Character Actor Looks

Pan’s Labyrinth might not have been an obvious choice for a horror movie. Still, one character from the fantasy film was a pretty horrific sight – the “Pale Man” played by Doug Jones. Once you get underneath it all, Jones looks like a pretty nice guy.

Source: Imgur/IMDb

Underneath The Menacing Bride In Black

The Insidious franchise has a huge following, and we’re willing to bet the thing that’s most appealing to the genre fanatics is Tom Fitzpatrick’s Bride in Black character. While he may look terrifying in all of that makeup, underneath Fitzpatrick looks like a gentle old man.

Source: Wiki/IMDb

Pinhead Or A Regular Joe?

Hellraiser is another one of those movies that turned a unique premise into a franchise. Its lead star, Pinhead, was a character no one got sick of looking at due to his jarring, iconic face. That said, it was actor Doug Bradley that truly brought him to life through his performance. He looks like a regular Joe without all the pins.

Source: Wired/IMDb

Gunnar Hansen’s Leatherface

In 1974, Gunnar Hansen’s Leatherface was a fresh villain in the horror genre. When The Texas Chainsaw Massacre opened, audiences screamed at his appearance. While we’ve come a long way with makeup, Hansen will always be remembered for his performance. Odds are, if you wanted to stop him on the street back in the day to congratulate him on his performance, you wouldn’t be able to recognize him. He looked nothing like his character.

Source: IMDb/ABC

This Kid Gave People The Creeps

Quinn Lord may be just a kid, but in the 2007 film Trick ‘r Treat he really spooked audiences as Peeping Tommy. When you take the pumpkin skull-like head off, Lord was pretty innocent looking.

Source: YouTube/Listal

Pumpkinhead’s Terrifying Look Revealed

When we think of a true pumpkin head, fans of the 80s horror genre will think of Tom Woodruff Jr.’s portrayal in the horror film Pumpkinhead. The fang-like teeth are terrifying. As a whole, his character looked like a rotten pumpkin mixed with a demonic alien. It’s hard to imagine Woodruff looks like a normal person underneath everything.

Source: Cinemascare/Listal

Jonathan Breck’s Camera-Ready Face

Who doesn’t love Jeepers Creepers? It was campy and had its fair amount of frightening moments. The highlight of the movie was, of course, the grotesque character The Creeper played by actor Jonathan Breck. Anyone would be surprised to find out that Breck actually looks like he could be on HGTV in real life. For a man who plays a horrific character, he sure is “camera ready.”

Source: Wiki/Hollywood.com

Captain Spaulding Revealed

The Devil’s Rejects doesn’t rank high on memorable horror movies, but actor Sid Haig is a bright spot as Captain Spaulding. He turns the terrifying clown trope on its head with a single look. When he isn’t Spaulding, he’s not scary looking at all.

Source: Blogspot/Alchetron

Ghostface’s Real Identity Revealed

The Scream villain Ghostface is one of the most iconic characters in Wes Craven’s world. The creator gave the thriller genre a much-needed facelift, and part of that is due to actor Dane Farwell. Check out what he really looks like.

Source: IMDb/Forbes

Chris Carnel’s Not So Bloody Look

In 2009, fans might have gone to see My Bloody Valentine for heartthrobs Jensen Ackles and Kerr Smith, but actor Chris Carnel stole the show as a mysterious miner-turned-pickax-wielding menace. Here’s a look at Carnel out of his costume. Aside from the character actor, the most memorable thing about the film is that it was the first film projected in Real D technology.

Source: WordPress/IMDb

Arthur Roberts’ Haunting Look

If Midnight Movie doesn’t sound familiar, it’s because chances are you haven’t seen it. This little-known horror film doesn’t even rank on Box Office Mojo, but in terms of effective characters, actor Arthur Roberts’ “Radford” was frightening to look at. Fortunately, Roberts’ appearance isn’t as intense as it is in character.

Source: Blogspot

The Real Count Orlok

The 1922 film Nosferatu is a classic silent film that provided many horror film tropes that inspire today’s filmmakers. Leading that movie was German actor Max Schreck as vampire Count Orlok. While his image as the vampire is one that remains iconic in film history, Schreck is pretty normal without the makeup.

Source: Wall Street Journal/Blogspot

Chris Sarandon’s Gets A Transformation

The original 1985 Fright Night really pushed the boundaries in makeup and effects. So much that actor Chris Sarandon’s dreamy looks were completely forgotten once he turned into a beast. Here’s what he looks like today. If he doesn’t look familiar, it’s because he typically sticks to voice work. Horror fans may not know that he was the voice of Jack Skellington in The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Source: Avenoctum/IMDb

Behind Dracula’s Look

Dracula is one of those characters that has truly stood the test of time throughout the history of the horror genre. This character is still relevant thanks in part to iconic portrayals like the one from actor Christopher Lee. Although he was frightening as Dracula, Lee looked tame in real life.

Source: Telegraph/IMDb

The Ultimate Frankenstein

Actor Boris Karloff brought the iconic Frankenstein character to life when he first portrayed the monster in the 1931 film Frankenstein. Despite his terrifying look, Karloff was a gentle looking man.

Source: IMDb

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