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Remember JAG? Here’s How the Cast Look Now

Prior to NCIS being the hit of the television world, it was all about JAG. People everywhere were obsessed with this show, which ran for 10 seasons from 1995 to 2005. The show entered the world of syndication in the early months of 1999, solidifying its success. The show ended with such a bang – we were all so nervous to see if Harm or Mac would sacrifice their work for the other. If you are a JAG fan, then you have come to the right place because we are about to hit you with a mix of nostalgia and pop culture news with what your (and our) favorite cast members from the show have been doing since the show. 

There are those who have gone on to be even bigger stars, with JAG essentially being the beginning of a bright career that started because JAG was such a big hit. Others decided to turn away from Hollywood and go down a different path for themselves. While there are those who wanted to continue acting but the roles just dried up for them and so they were forced to find other work. What is certain is that the roles these individuals held meant so much to us since they made up the world we were so deeply watching and into.
You won’t believe where Catherine Bell ended up, or as we all know and love her – Lieutenant Colonel Sarah MacKenzie, also known as Mac. She might be the most surprising twist in the entire cast.  

One of the more dazzling men on the show, Chuck played the role of Petty Officer First Class Jason Tiner. Many may not remember him, but that has more to do with the fact that the character left Officer Candidate School for Law School and so was off the screen pretty quickly. 

Not remembering him had little to do with the impression he left on us. Other than appearing on JAG, Carrington went on to play in the film The List, a horror movie. He also went on to play the role of Dan in the television hit series Shameless. 

In addition to playing the role of Lieutenant Harriet Sims, Karri Turner has another side to her, that of a traveling comedian! In a mix of art and reality, Turner performed for troops as a comedian (not as Sims) together with fellow comedians Kathy Griffin and Michael McDonald. 

Turner is proud of the fact that she has been on over 13 USO tours. Turner also works with the American Freedom Foundation and the National Guard’s Young Challenge Program. As for her acting roles, she has appeared in a few television shows, such as Heroes. Her roles were always small but she keeps her toes in. 

When talking about JAG, one must show some love to David James Elliot who played none other than Captain Harmon Rabb Jr., also known to everyone as Harm. After Elliot’s time on JAG, he continued his acting work with a role in a Canadian made for television film, The Man Who Lost Himself, where he played alongside his wife, Nanci Chambers.

Since the mid-2000s, Elliot has been in television shows like CSI (of course), The Guard, and Close to Home. Last but certainly not least, he also played part in the hugely successful show Mad Men. JAG may have started it but there is no end in sight. 

If you were worrying yourself about what went on to become of Captain Bud J. Roberts, worry not, we have an update. While Labyorteaux may not have been in front of the camera very much after JAG, it is because he turned his sights to behind the camera in the form of voiceovers! Labyorteaux actually voiced Spiderman: The Animated Series.

He is also a producer behind the scenes, producing shows like See Dad on Nickelodeon’s nighttime network, Nick at Nite. Labyorteaux also landed a couple of appearances on NCIS where he reprised his role as Captain Roberts so that the world could get one last taste. 

It was Scott Lawrence’s role as Commander Sturgis that truly started his career and gave him an in. Like many of JAG’s cast members, he also appeared in NCIS, which is a spinoff of the show to begin with. After his time on JAG, Lawrence played the role of the crew chief in the hit film Avatar, directed by James Cameron. 

He also played the role of Maurice in The Social Network. Most notably, at least to us because we are geeks and are proud of it, Lawrence played in the film Stark Trek: Into the Darkness, as well as Star Trek: Voyager. 

Zoe McLellan has the face that was made for television so it makes sense that that is exactly what she did with her life. After her performance as Officer Jen, she landed the role of Lisa George in the show Dirty Sexy Money which aired on ABC. 

Much like the other JAG cast members, and as we mentioned earlier, McLellan also appeared on NCIS, the New Orleans version. Other than JAG and NCIS, McLellan made guest appearances on many shows, such as The Mentalist, and House. The last role she played was alongside icon Kiefer Sutherland in Designated Survivor. 

Randy Vasquez played the role of Gunnery Sergeant Victor Galindez. The show and Galindez are no longer with us, but it does not mean we cannot see Randy on television. He also appeared in CSI: Miami, and got the chance to play the role of Lou Escobar in Bosch.

Randy also went to work behind the camera and scene, directing a 2005 film called Perceptions, which is a drama and comedy mix. He has not been in front of the screen much at all and keeps his life pretty low key after the height that was the JAG obsession we all had. 

Actor Trevor Goddard played the role of Lieutenant Commander Michael Brumby, also known as Mic on the show. Unfortunately, Goddard passed away in June of 2003 as a result of what the media reported as an overdose due to illegal substances. He appeared in the film The Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, as his final acting credit. 

There are not many who we can say this about as to the JAG cast members, so it is sad to report his passing despite it being so long ago. We will always have Lieutenant Commander Michael Brumby. 

Steven Culp was known to the JAG world as Mr. Clayton Webb of the FBI. His role on JAG was not a huge one but opened up the television world to Culp. He landed roles in shows like NCIS, The West, and T24. However, his breakout role was in the show Desperate Housewives, where he played the role of Rex Van de Kamp. 

In 2006, he took a hiatus from acting to help his family as in a tragic twist, his stepsister and her family were all killed violently. The men were caught and tried for their crimes, but it is still a shocking thing to have happen. 

Nanci is so much more than Lieutenant Loren Singer on JAG, she also happens to be married to David James Elliot. The couple met, fell in love, and married back in 1992. They are still married today (an eternity in Hollywood years for all intents and purposes) and have two children together. 

Nanci has been on other television shows since her departure from JAG, appearing in Ghost Whisperer as her last known role, but prior to that she was on Code 11-14, Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction, and L.A. Heat. By far her biggest pride and joy is her family. 

Jennifer has been on several shows throughout her career, JAG is just one of them. She played the role of Commander Any Helfman on the show and did so very respectfully, might we add. She has been on other shows such as Beverly Hills, 90210, Lois & Clark, True Crime, True Crime, and in 2014, the film Rudderless. 

She is married to actor Robert Fuller and has been since 2001. She keeps pretty low key for a successful actress in Hollywood but we have to say that we like that about her. She is also a lot more smiley in real life than on JAG!

Throw it back to the very first season of JAG and you will find Tracey Needham as the role of Megan Austin. We all knew and loved her as Meg on the show. JAG was her way into the television sphere as after her time on the drama, she was also on shows like The Division, where she played the role of Inspector Candace DeLorenzo, and on the hit show Veronica Mars. 

Tracey has been married to Tommy Hinkley since 1995 and the two share a daughter together. To us, however, she will always be Megan Austin on JAG. 

Anne-Marie had a different role than the others on the show as she played a Congresswoman. Anne-Marie played the role of Congresswoman Roberta Latham on JAG. In 2005, Anne-Marie made history as she was nominated to be the first National Vice President of the Screen Actors Guild. In addition to that honor, she appeared in shows like NCIS, Pretty Little Liars, Boston Legal, and Grey’s Anatomy. 

She also had a recurring role on the show That’s So Raven on the Disney Channel. She has continued to have a steady position in Hollywood, working her way as an actress for much longer than most. 

Over the course of a couple of seasons of JAG, we were graced with the presence of actress Isabella Hofmann who played the role of Professor Meredith Cavanaugh. Much like the rest of the cast, she was also on NCIS in later seasons. In addition to JAG, Hofmann played parts in shows like The Flash, where she landed the role of Clarissa Stein. 

She was also on a couple of episodes on Legends of Tomorrow. She has kept her star just bright enough to land roles throughout her career, without attracting too much attention to herself or her personal life.

Hey everyone, it is Biff! Major General Gordon Cresswell was played by actor David Andrews. It was after JAG and as a result of that very show that he made the career that he wanted for himself. David Andrews was on shows like Crisis, and Brothers and Sisters. He also played the role of Secretary Frommer in The Whispers.

His most recent role was on the hit television show How to Get Away with Murder. There are many more years and roles for this guy left to do and we cannot wait to see what he does next! 

Hallee Hirsh played the role of Mattie Grace Johnson on JAG. It was this role and her small stint on ER as Rachel Greene that put her on the acting map. She is happily married since 2013 and has two children now. 

She continues to act in smaller films, such as Fading of the Cries, 16 to Life, Bad Behavior, The Last Dinner Party, and Chasing the Rain. She has kept a strong television presence in shows like Cold Case, Ghost Whisperer, 90210, Criminal Minds, Sloppy Tacos, and the television film Hidden Away. There is a lot left in this lady.

The wonderful Rif Hutton played the role of Lieutenant Commander Alan Mattoni on JAG. He was a very loved character on the show which is why he was on it for more than others. The show opened up the doorway for him to play other roles, such as shows like Criminal Minds, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, That’s So Raven, CSI, and Cold Case. 

Television’s biggest hits are under his belt and so it makes sense that he will continue to act until he decides to retire from the art and enjoy the hard work he had put into his career. 

Those who see Terry today think of the epic show Lost and the character he played there, John Locke. However, before Lost there was JAG where he played the role of Admiral Thomas Boone. JAG is the show that got him started, after which he appeared in The West Wing, as Nicholas Alexander, Hawaii Five-O, and The Blacklist as Howard Hargrave.

It would not have been possible if it were not for JAG, that show was a good luck charm for those who were on it and Terry is certainly one of them. We wonder what he will do next!

One of the biggest success stories to come out of JAG is none other than Jeffrey Dean Morgan. He played the small role of CIA technician on the show. Little did the world know he would become a household name. After JAG, he went on to play the father role of John Winchester on the mega-hit show Supernatural. 

He also landed the role of Denny Duquette on Grey’s Anatomy that broke all of our hearts. His most recent hit role is as Negan on yet another hit show, The Walking Dead. Every year he comes to Comic Cons across the nation to speak.

Cynthia Sikes played the role of Dr. Sidney Waldon on JAG. Her time on the show was short but it led her to her next big role as Zara Castellana on the daily soap The Young and the Restless. Additionally, Sikes played the role of Betty Goodale on Aquarius. 

She is also a producer in addition to her acting credits, being a part of the production of Blade Runner 2049 back in 2017. Many actors go into the production and direction game as they see it as they are acting and are interested in the other side of the screen. 

Matthew Josten played the incredibly sweet and adorable A.J. Roberts. He was on JAG for two years from 2002 to 2004, after which he was on The Drew Carey Show, Chicken Little (voice over career!), Meet the Robinsons, Instant Mom, Speechless, Tosh.O, The Notion Show, and most recent projects include three shorts that are in post-production. 

He is one child star who did not get too bright but kept working and at it so he could be just as known as he needed to be so he kept acting gigs but not fall into the pitfalls of fame. 

Susan Haskell played the role of Jordi, or Lieutenant Commander Jordan Parker. It was after her time on JAG that she decided to slow her life down just a tad and while she is still acting, is not taking on big roles as that was never her desire. She loved acting and wanted to do it as her career but did not want the fame that goes along with it. 

She played in the film The Good Shepherd, as well as the role of Dr. Marty Saybrooke in One Life to Live. She has kept a real balance in her life. 

Andrea Thompson played the role of Commander Alison Krennick on JAG (as if you all do not already know!) She went on to play in the show 24 which was yet another one that many JAG alums flooded to. Andrea has been married twice and divorced just as many times. She has two children from her relationships. 

As for her acting, she split that time up with her love of journalism which she has followed since getting started in 1999. You would have also seen her on NYPD Blue. She is mostly focused on her writing career at this time. 

Tamlyn Tomita landed the role of Lieutenant Commander Tracey Mantti. She was on the show for one year and several episodes. Her career only went higher and hotter after the show, although it was certainly not her first. Tomita has since been on shows like 24, CSI, Law and Order, and The Good Doctor. 

Her film credits include Teacher of the Year, Daddy, The Good Neighor, and The Unbidden. She is continuously working as an actor and is showing no sign of slowing down any time soon. The Japanese actress also happens to be beauty queen!  

Prior to being Mrs. Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood played the role of Lieutenant Commander Teresa Coulter. In addition to JAG, Yearwood also focused on her musical career as well as her passion for cooking. She produced her own cooking show, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen, and has been on stage many times with her husband of over 14 years.

It sure does help to be married to one of country music’s biggest names around. Trisha no longer acts very much and is pretty much focused on her music and her family, which we have to say is such a refreshing change! 

Andrea Parker is known for her role in JAG as well as Buffy the Vampire Slayer! On JAG, Parker landed the role of Lieutenant Caitlin Pike, also known as Kate. From the moment you see her on the screen for the first time you know that she is bound for greatness. 

She also played roles on shows like Desperate Housewives, where she played Jane Carlson, and on Less Then Perfect, where she played the role of Lydia Weston. Her more recent roles include Jessica DiLaurentis and Mary Drake on the hit show Pretty Little Liars. The sky is her limit!

Dylan Neal is known as a Hollywood heartthrob, just look at that jaw line! On JAG he played the role of Lieutenant Dalton Jonas, also known as Boomer. It was after JAG that his career really skyrocketed. He continued to get role after role, such as on Dawson’s Creek, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. 

His more recent acting gigs include playing the stepfather role in the Fifty Shades of Grey films, and television films like Truly, Madly, Sweetly, Looks Like Christmas, and The Gourmet Detective. His acting credits are endless and are showing no indication that he is planning on slowing down any time soon. 

Truly and deeply we do not remember Montel Williams being on JAG, but he was! He got a small role in Lieutenant Curtis Rivers, but it is what happened to his career after the show that really matters. We know him from his own television talk show, The Montel Williams Show, which means his career went from good to way better. 

The show was a hit for a long time, being one of the more realistic ones in comparison to Jerry Springer. Montel was also in the US Marine Corps for 15 years, which made his stint on JAG all the more rewarding. 

Meta Golding played the role of the beautiful (inside and out) Lieutenant Tali Mayfield. She got her start on JAG but it sure was not her end. She has since seen more and more success as an actress, playing Noa in the show Colony, Special Agent Jordan Todd in Criminal minds, and Tina Brewster on CSI. She has a pattern to her roles, it seems. 

Her film appearances include playing the role of Enobaria in two of the Hunger Games films. Her most recent role was as Teri in the show Empire. There is so much more to see of Meta!

For the other star of the show, Catherine Bell herself! The beauty played the role of Lieutenant Colonel Sarah MacKenzie, also known to us as Mac. She was on the show for its duration and it was what got her career started in the first place. 

After JAG, Bell played the role of Denise Sherwood in the show Army Wives, as well as the starring role of Cassie in The Good Witch. Bell is a very private woman and shares little with the public. She is divorced and has one daughter with her former husband. As for her career, there is a lot more where that came from. 


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