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Rescue Dog Throws Baby Across The Yard, The Reason Why Will Break Your Heart

When Catherine Svilicic saw her new rescue dog acting aggressively towards her 17-month-old baby, she was absolutely terrified. When she ran over to pull her baby to safety, she noticed something strange about the Doberman’s actions.

An Odd Morning

When Catherine Svilicic adopted her new Doberman, she never imagined this loving dog to act violently. It was a gentle rescue dog after all. She figured her child and her dog would become the best of friends, but when things took a dark turn, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

Strange Behavior

Svilicic adopted this dog thinking he would act as a protector to her family. The only concern she had when she signed the papers was that he might be a little unsteady due to him being a rescue. Rescue dogs often come from strenuous backgrounds, in situations where they have been abused or neglected which could alter their behavior. She decided to have faith and trust the new dog, but that might not have been the best decision…

Dangerous Breeds

While dogs can often display behavior which is playful towards their owner, such as gently nibbling them as a sign of excitement, there are certain dogs which have a different genetic makeup that can result in them becoming aggressive. Dobermans, Pitbulls, and Rottweilers have all been accused in the past of being more aggressive breads and there have been numerous documented attacks in the past.

New Additions

Like many other families, the Svilicic’s decided they wanted to add a pet to their family. When Catherine gave birth to her baby Charlotte, she knew she wanted her daughter to grow up having a strong bond with a dog. She believed it would be a good opportunity to teach her daughter responsibility. The family knew they were going to adopt a rescue dog, but their choice of breed was shocking.

Time To Adopt!

The Svillcics wanted to do a good deed by saving a dog’s life. They felt so fortunate to have a happy, healthy child so they wanted to share that feeling. Catherine made some calls to their local shelter to ask what dogs they had and if they could go and meet some. Catherine decided on one of the Doberman Pinschers, The papers were signed, and they named their new dog Khan.

Khan’s New Home

Though Catherine was told that Khan had a difficult background,she absolutely fell in love with him and couldn’t wait to bring him home. Catherine was aware of the risks of having a small baby with a large, powerful dog, but disregarded them. Khan was scheduled to be put down a week before adoption, so his new family saved his life.

A Normal Day

Khan was new to the family and the Svillcics spent the first couple of days trying to train him. All was going well until the fourth day when everything changed. Khan was playing with Charlotte in the Svillcic’s yard like usual. The two were under close watch from their parents, just in case.

Playing Together

Under the watchful eye of Catherine, Charlotte and Khan continued to play. In an instant, everything changed, and Khan’s behavior immediately turned. The Doberman grabbed baby Charlotte and threw her across the yard. The baby flew in the air and slammed into the ground. Everyone was in shock from what they had seen.

Wrath Of Khan

In the back of her mind, Catherine knew that Khan was capable of this behavior but never imagined it would happen. Catherine was devastated at the incident and furious with the dog for acting in such an aggressive way to an innocent baby. Catherine felt there had to be something behind the Doberman’s actions for him to suddenly snap.

A Silent Witness

As the events unfolded, Catherine could do nothing but watch in horror from the safety of her kitchen. It was like something out of her nightmares was unfolding in front of her very eyes. Catherine convinced herself that there had to be something that set khan off. The mother desperately hoped that was it, but unfortunately, the chaos was just the beginning.

“It Was Pure Horror”

The horrifying ordeal continued, and Charlotte was continuously targeted by the rescue dog. It looked as if Khan was trying to attack Charlotte, continuously pushing her around but the baby just wasn’t responding to the actions of the dog. Charlotte continued to play and walk around as if nothing was happening. Suddenly, Khan dug his teeth into the baby’s diaper and threw her. Catherine said it was as if Charlotte “was a rag doll.”

Perfect Calm

Shockingly, Charlotte did not cry at all. She stayed incredibly calm. The same could not be said about others near the scene. Catherine admitted, “Had I not seen it with my very own eyes, I’d never have believed it.” The panicked mother sprinted over to her baby to bring her to safety. As she was carrying Charlotte, Khan collapsed to the ground and began weeping. Everyone was stunned and confused at what was happening.

Something’s Wrong

As Catherine checked Charlotte for wounds, cuts, and bruises, she noticed her daughter was completely unharmed. Catherine was more shaken than her daughter, but was totally relieved that her baby was fine. Khan however, wasn’t ok at all. The dog was crying and laid down in an almost lifeless manner. Catherine began to panic, and her attention switched to her dog. Looking into his dying eyes, she just knew that Khan was protecting Charlotte. Time was running out, and Khan needed immediate medical attention.

A Great Sacrifice

As it turned out, Khan had done something completely heroic. Instead of attacking the baby, he was protecting her from something else that was in the grass. Despite knowing the Svillcics for just four days, Khan had become Charlotte’s protector. Khan’s life was hanging by a thread, and Catherine knew that she had to rescue the dog which made the ultimate sacrifice for his family.


The mysterious creature that had bitten Khan had such power that it sent him into instant paralysis. Khan was a strong Doberman, but the bite had proven too strong for him to handle. There was not much time, and she knew she had to uphold her responsibility to him.

Time To Take Go

As the rest of the family looked on in absolute horror and dismay, Catherine sprang into action, lifting the hurt and lifeless Khan into her arms. Charlotte was taken away from the scene by one of the other family members as everyone’s attention turned to Khan. Watching the new dog gasp for air was too much to handle. Some thought it was too late, but Catherine refused to let him go.

Racing Against Time

If the Svillcics left it any longer, Khan would have been too far gone for help. Catherine used all her strength to carry the huge Doberman to the car, carefully placing him in the front seat so she could take him to the vet. Khan was still breathing slowly, and Catherine hoped dearly that he would pull through. The next few hours were crucial in Khan’s life.

Step On It!

Catherine slammed her foot on the gas, frantically trying to give her dog every possible chance at life. She looked into his eyes and desperately hoped that he would pull through. Khan had sacrificed himself for Charlotte, and the only thing Catherine could do was drive. Catherine’s driving was somewhat reckless, explaining “I never knew I was able to drive this well. I guess adrenaline does its thing.”

Medical Attention

After speeding through the streets, Catherine and Khan finally arrived at the vet. She jumped out of the car to rush him inside for immediate attention. She was screaming for help for her dying dog. Luckily, the vets darted over to Khan and rushed him away. They could see the dog was severely hurt and they knew they had to revive him to remove whatever substance paralyzed him.

A Mother’s Love

When Catherine initially picked up Khan to help him, she was running on pure adrenaline. She recalled, “if you asked me to carry his weight right now, I don’t think I’d be able to do it.” Catherine’s motherly instincts kicked in and she knew she had to protect Khan as he was now a member of the family. Despite being with the Svillcics for four days he had already protected Charlotte from something very deadly.

“I Owed Him”

Khan was now a solid member of the family, and it was Catherine’s duty to protect him and make sure he was taken care of. Her daughter was fine, and all her attention was focused on Khan. As the vets took him away, Catherine cried, feeling totally helpless. She could only pray now.

How Is Khan?

Catherine had to be patient and wait for the vets. She knew they would do everything they could to ensure Khan’s survival. Although she knew he was in good hands, she couldn’t help but worry. She felt a bit sick to her stomach; she couldn’t fathom losing her new family member. When the vets returned to Catherine to speak with her about Khan’s state, she was pacing around the room and upon seeing the vets, ran to them will a million questions.

The Doctor’s Answer

The vet informed Catherine that they were not sure if Khan was going to make it, saying “We don’t know yet, ma’am. We did what we could, but now his body has to fight the poison.” He continued, “The anti-venom will certainly help, but we don’t know to what extent. It’s best that you come back tomorrow morning.” Catherine’s heart sank. That was not what she was hoping for.

A Sleepless Night

Catherine left the vet and all that was running through her mind was Khan’s conition. Replaying the whole situation in her head over and over again, she stayed up all night on edge. She watched Charlotte sleep, thinking she never expected her day to end like this. She was so incredibly grateful that her daughter was ok, but she couldn’t help but feel a deep sense of guilt that she didn’t do more to help or stand in the way of the attack.

Stepping Into Tomorrow

After a sleepless night, Catherine jumped out of bed the next morning, bright and early. She grabbed the first clothes she could see, threw them on, and rushed to get her kids ready for the day before jumping in the car. She wanted to be the first person down at the veterinary clinic so she could get the update on her dog.

Moment Of Truth

Catherine sat, anxiously awaiting the news. She had gone over every possible scenario in her head. There was nothing Catherine could do. She needed the news immediately; she simply could not wait for much longer. She headed to the receptionist at the vet to get a time when she would find out. Fortunately, they had the results, and it was finally time to hear the news.

What Attacked The Baby?

Before the vets revealed the results of Khan, they revealed to Catherine what the deadly animal was. The animal was living in her backyard and she had no idea. Catherine switched her thoughts to a case where the venomous animal could have caught one of her children. In that instance, she would be in an emergency room, not a veterinarian. She couldn’t believe what could’ve happened.

Khan The Protecter

Khan’s animal instincts kicked in and he protected his family member from a deadly Mulga. Dobermans may be considered attack dogs, but many people are unaware that they will protect their owners until death. This is exactly what Khan did. Throughout the entire attack, Khan guarded Charlotte at the expense of his own life. This was Khan’s way of giving back to the family which saved his life.

Would Khan Survive?

Khan may have been a hero to the family, but they were all worried sick that he wouldn’t survive. They all wanted to be there to see his safe and healthy return home, but things were not looking bright. Khan was on death’s doorstep.

Feeling Helpless

At this point, all the Svillicic family was waiting, hoping and praying for their protector. Khan’s life was now in the hands of the vets who were working tirelessly to remove all of the snake venom from his body. Catherine could only reflect on what had happened, and she said of her dog “He saved her life by risking his own.” They were still forced to wait for the final life or death answer.

Khan’s Fate

The time that it took for the family to find out about the state of their dog felt like years. There is no bond like the one between dog and owner. In the short span of time in which they had him, Khan had shown his dedication to the family. The vet gave him a shot of anti-venom, working to revive him from all the trauma of the snake bite. Only time would tell if he was going to make it.

Oh No!

When the Svillcic family picked Khan up from the rescue shelter, the workers informed Catherine that he had undergone a lot of abuse in his life. Khan was adopted into a loving and loyal home, and barely had the chance to experience what a loving family home was like. Catherine and her kids were hoping that Khan would come back safe and sound so that they could treat him with the love and respect that he clearly deserved.

Put Him Down?

Khan’s life before the Svillcics adopted him was very sad. Khan was clearly neglected and showed signs of abuse. Catherine said, “When they rescued him, he was starving, had broken ribs and had been beaten.” She continued in explaining that “It was borderline on whether or not he should be put down because he was in such a bad way.” They were hoping Khan would pull through and live a happy life.

He Only Wanted Love

Khan’s tough background led Catherine to understand why he reacted to Charlotte the way he did. She further recalled, “He was starving for attention and wanted to be loved because he came from an abused home, so I’m not surprised about what he has done at his new home.” Khan new the family had saved him, and so he sought to repay the favor.

The Time Has Come…

Catherine nervously dialed the vet’s office to find out about Khan’s chances of survival and recovery. She so desperately wanted to bring Khan home to her family and shower him with love. Khan put his life on the line to protect his owners who he had known for a mere four days. On the phone with the vet, they informed her that Khan had grown sick in the night. Catherine’s heart sank.

Final Call

The vet kept Catherine on the phone as she spoke with the team who were trying to save Khan. Catherine hoped they could give her even a little piece of hope that they could hold on to. The vet returned to the phone and delivered the wonderful news that Khan was slowly recovering. He was still incredibly weak, but was making progress as the snake’s venom had been removed. Catherine exhaled a sigh of relief, but that wasn’t the end of the news.

A Full Recovery?

Catherine needed to have confirmation whether Khan would make a full recovery. The vet assured Catherine that he was going to be fine. According to a reptile expert, Khan had survived the attack because the snake was not able to inject too much venom into the Doberman. Had the snake got a tighter grip on Khan, that would have been the end of it. But what happened next?

The Results Were In

Catherine was brought in to become informed of all the information surrounding Khan’s injuries and recovery. After waiting for what felt like forever, Catherine was finally getting all the answers that she was waiting for. Khan was making a strong recovery, and all the vets were impressed with the rapid progress he was making.

Back Together!

Finally, the whole family could be reunited and move on with their lives. They were ecstatic to be able to love and care for the Doberman again. From then on, Catherine pledged to protect Khan as if she would protect one of her own children. She became indebted to her dog for saving her baby girl Charlotte and she would never be able to repay him for what he had done. Khan was so excited to be returned to his family.

Look What We Have Here

The deadly venomous animal which almost killed a member of her family was a snake. However, this was not any snake; it was a Mulga, an incredibly venomous snake and one of Australia’s most dangerous creatures. It suddenly became clear that Khan had noticed the brown snake moving swiftly through the grass, heading straight for Charlotte as its prey and he put himself in harm’s way to protect her. Khan was a hero.

Predator On The Loose

The Mulga is one of the most venomous and deadly snakes on this planet. While Australia has an abundance of harmful creatures, this snake is amongst the most lethal. The snake’s venom is so strong that it can kill a fully grown human within minutes. Had Khan not been in the yard with Charlotte, she would not have stood a chance after one bite. She was an easier target due to her small size, thus making her easy prey for the deadly reptile.


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