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Restaurant Manager Has No Idea He’s Being Filmed By A Customer

A woman went out for lunch at a nearby restaurant along with her friend. Both were mothers. They brought their young kids along with them. The kids were playing around and, quite frankly, were making a ruckus in the dining area. But the mothers didn’t try anything to calm them down.

The manager politely asked the women to calm their children. But they did not appreciate it a bit and got very angry.

The two women, possibly sisters, and their children were seated in the center of the restaurant. They felt deeply offended by the manager advising them. They thought it was normal for children to play and run in the diner.

They firmly said that all kids are inherently loud and are, basically, uncontrollable. Neither should they be controlled. And that everyone should understand and accept it.

The disruptive behavior of the kids was affecting the other guests. And obviously, they complained to the manager. He immediately went up to the women and politely offered to calm them.

He told them that the kids were disturbing other guests. But he couldn’t believe what happened next.

Other parents would perceive this situation as a normal incident, but not these women. They thought he was being very disrespectful. 

The lady decided to get revenge. So she called out the manager and started recording him in hopes of posting this so-called “rude communication” on Youtube.

As the recording started, the women changed their posture completely. They pretended to be the victim, behaving nicely and pitifully. Basically stating that they were entirely correct, and the manager didn’t cater to her family and not because of the children’s bad behavior. 

All the other guests present there were on the manager’s side since they knew what the actual truth was. They agreed that the women’s behavior was inadmissible.

The woman uploaded the video titled “Rude Manager” on Youtube. She was sure that other parents would support her. 

There are a lot of situations when parents should protect their children, but this was definitely not the case here. Parents should know how to calm their children in some cases, especially when their behavior disturbs other people.

Such bad behavior shows the true nature of the mother to people. Most importantly, it reflects poorly on the children. She said a lot of rude and inadmissible words to the polite manager. It was a bad example for the kids, which adversely affected their behavior.

But the mother, whose video received a lot of views, hoped for support and was sure that all the people would agree with her. Oh, how wrong she was.

Every person is unique and has their own opinion. The comments under the video showed it. People were so angry with this behavior!

They could not imagine that such words were spoken by someone, especially a mother. This situation shocked everyone without a doubt. 

There is a lesson to learn from this. Having been condemned by so many people, she should seriously think about changing her lifestyle.

The woman wanted to embarrass the manager, but look how the table turned on her.

Thankfully people had better sense compared to the woman. They defended the manager in the comment section under the YouTube video. And they were right.

They analyzed the situation from both sides. It was clear as day that the restaurant’s manager was the actual victim.

Despite the children making a ruckus and running in the dining space, he was polite and calm. His advice was correct and needed at the moment. The mothers should have taken the advice and tried to pacify their kids.

This was the opinion of the restaurant’s visitors and people who commented under the video. Everyone supported the manager’s behavior. They found him justifiable.

Keeping everything aside, first and foremost, recording the manager without his consent was illegal. And on top of this, bombarding him with inappropriate phrases was outright inhumane.

She didn’t have any right to film him without his permission.

This video showed the true self of the women, and comments under the video further proved it.

The woman refused to take personal responsibility and accused the manager. Some people thought that this made them look foolish.

The video went viral, and it taught many parents who faced similar problems in the past.

Viewers hope that these women will realize their fault and learn from this incident.

The women wanted the manager to get fired, but the situation backfired at them instead.

Now they are famous on the internet pages and remembered as two foolish adults who dropped the axe on their own feet.


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