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Restaurant Workers Are Sharing The Worst Food Orders They’ve Ever Taken

“I once waited on a customer who had a kid who could only eat puréed food. She asked us to purée a burger and fries and serve it to the kid in a glass.”  -Reddit user mel1323

“Gluten-free pizza crust with peanut sauce, mock duck, pineapple, and gorgonzola cheese. The lady treated me like a moron when I informed her that the mock duck is made entirely of wheat gluten.” -Reddit user lastangryman

“A man once came up to the hostess stand with an ice chest, pulled out a fish, and asked if the restaurant would cook it. I thought it was weird because we were in no way a seafood restaurant.” -Reddit user (deleted)

“I waited on a pregnant woman once who wanted her nachos burnt. I kept taking them back because they weren’t burnt enough for her liking until they were completely black, and she was satisfied.” -Reddit user Obimomkenobii

“Had a table ask for our chicken noodle soup, without the chicken. My manager actually sat there and picked out every last slither or chicken in that man’s soup. I then jokingly told the guest how much of a hassle this was, then asked him how it was, he simply replied, “eh.”” -Reddit user amanaplanflorida

“I worked at an Italian restaurant in college, and every Friday night, the same family would come to eat. Each family member would order a bowl of spaghetti and a side salad with ranch. They would each then proceed to mix the spaghetti and salad together in a single bowl and douse it all in ranch dressing.” -Reddit user nurseratched

“I’ll never forget the customer who sent back her beef ravioli after eating the entire dish… because she was a vegetarian.” -Reddit user CosmicMangoBear

 ”I waited on a woman who ordered the portobello mushroom sandwich but without any mushroom. She just wanted the other toppings on a bun. The kitchen made it, but she didn’t tip.” -Reddit user mariellefisk

“About a year before I quit, I was working at a 24hr subway on a military base. A guy comes in and orders a footlong. He then requests 4 handfuls of jalapenos. Not a tiny palm worth. These were handfuls with jalapenos coming out between my fingers. He then asks me to spit on his sandwich. Which is where I politely declined.” -Reddit user Kalima

“I work at a high-end Steakhouse, and we get people who want their steaks extra well done. My cook got tired of this one customer sending back his steak, so he proceeded to shove the steak down into the hot oak coals we cook over and leave it there for a few minutes. This was a Prime Ribeye, and it came out looking like a piece of tree bark after a forest fire. The customer said it was the best steak he had ever eaten.” -Reddit user Fuego_Fiero

“I’ll always remember the customer who ordered an eggless omelet. I told her she could just get sautéed vegetables for a third of the cost, but no, she wanted an eggless omelet.” -Reddit user rohasi

“I worked at Starbucks. A woman wanted a Frappuccino but couldn’t have dairy. At the time, they were pre-mixed with skim milk, so I offered to kind of MacGuyver her one out of soy milk. But she said she couldn’t have soy. Then she told me that she could only drink breast milk and wanted a Frappuccino. She was in her fifties. I honestly don’t remember what we ended up getting her that made her happy.” -Reddit user Matriss

“I had a customer ask where the lobster was from that we used in our lobster bisque. According to him, he was allergic to shellfish…but only shellfish that comes from a certain ocean.” -Reddit user erikarew

“A dude ordered the quarter pound burger with just ketchup, mustard and pickles. Once he received his order he came back and said he literally just wanted a bun with ketchup, mustard and pickles…without the burger. The psycho ordered bread with condiments and paid $10.” -Reddit user HollywooDcizzle

“I worked at an Arby’s over the summer two years ago. Because I stupidly informed my friends that they could request special service options, they requested their roast beef sandwich cut into the shape of a regular pentagon. Not too horrible, but still.”

-Reddit user picardythird


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