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This Restaurant Is Breaking the Internet With Their Hilarious Signs

There’s a restaurant in Texas that’s made a name for itself. Not because of the food but because of the light-hearted and hilarious signs that they put up on a regular basis.

The restaurant is named El Arroyo and has been open since 1975. So after 45 years they still have plenty of signs to crack you up.

Everyone knows this, everyone can relate. We love our mothers but no one can lose something like them. After 40 years of putting up signs, we’re sure they have perfected their craft. 

The employees definitely don’t mind putting controversial thoughts on the board. An example is their version of the NFL slogan – “Why have integrity when you can have ratings?”

Step up, those of you who have amazing eyes but not necessarily anything else. Have you got fat lips? or maybe a bad smile? Well, now you don’t have to feel the judgment anymore!

Maybe even put on some eye contacts, there’s nothing wrong with experimenting is there? But however you look, just know that you are beautiful at the end of the day!

Since lockdown started, who knows what day it is? Who even checks their calendars these days? These days we just wake up, work from home, eat, and sleep. Who has time to check the date?

We understand why people get so irritated these days. There’s just nothing to do. On a serious note though, do be careful out there and keep your distance.

El Arroyo has said that their sign-making over the years has definitely had an impact when it comes to business. Customers from every corner of the world stop by in curiosity when they see the sign outside.

They’ve said that the signs that draw in the most people are the most relatable ones. They need to be genuinely funny in their eyes, and be relevant to current times.

Here’s another sign of theirs that really is relatable to anyone. Nobody can say they appreciate getting a synopsis of the previous episode that they just watched!

It must be more relatable than ever with the rise in popularity of Netflix with everyone being stuck at home. At least we can reach out for the remote and skip forward, bless technology.

Did you know that Morgan Freeman made an audio of John Lewis’ column on the day of his funeral. He really did a good job for his old friend.

Everyone loves Freeman’s voice, no one can take that fact away from him. Let’s just hope he keeps narrating for a while longer. We can’t imagine a world without hearing Freeman’s charismatic voice.

El Arroyo released an official statement, “over the years, we’ve covered every food pun imaginable while never forgetting witty commentary on current events, but the face(s) behind the daily marquee messages remains a secret for now.”

Most of their puns are actually submitted by fans of the franchise online. But they still make plenty of their own puns from time to time. Why not try your luck and maybe you’ll see your pun on the board one day.

Oh, what irony. This punchline definitely didn’t age as well as we had thought it would. At least there isn’t much of a public anymore. Maybe you’ll see one or two people outside if you’re lucky.

But at least everyone can work in their pajamas now without a care in the world. To those brave delivery drivers, thanks a bunch!

Whoever wished for long weekends, we hope you’re happy now. You must be cursing your words now, right? Now we’ve got a lot of time at home, a lot more than we’d like.

Let’s just forget about anyone ever saying this, okay? We’re sure everyone has said this at one point or another. Let’s just forget about it.

Ehem, how about just sweeping it under the rugs? I’m sure everyone’s done this at least one time. When you’re in a rush and need to clean your space quickly, this is the only solution.

But now, more than ever, it’s important to stay clean and take care of ourselves. Bad habits may be coming to light, but instead of turning away – try facing them. 

You may want to reconsider having kids in your next life. Joking aside, kids can be a handful. They cause you problems you never knew existed. They tend to make you tired before you can finish your morning cup of coffee.

However, to some teachers, these kids are just precious little babies who need to be taken care of. But now that teachers aren’t able to teach their kids in the classroom anymore, they have to stay with us, at home – all day every day.

As one user commented, “Lol.” We are not sure whether to cry, laugh, or ignore it. Next time, make sure to keep your doggos happy by walking them for a nice period of time. At the same time, take this opportunity for some exercise.

Your body would surely thank you. But, if your dogs keep running out the door, make sure to run out with them.

Get it? Because all the students are now attending their classes through zoom. Oh, zoom. Remember the days when zoom was just an action you make on a camera or video.

Alongside students, a lot of employees are now using zoom to attend meetings and conferences. Most of the time, students are muting their microphones, turning off their cameras, and doing something else while their lecturer babbles on.

But for real though, we all could use some business pajamas! You can look professional, but at the same time, it does not have the restrictive feeling you get from a suit.

The best solution is some classy pajamas masquerading as business clothes. You do not want people on zoom to see your homely PJs when you ended up standing to grab something. 

As shared by one user, making your own food is not a hassle. What makes it inconvenient is cleaning up after cooking your food. The preparation of a meal already takes a lot of time. The cleaning up part is what most of us dread.

This is especially true for people who are busy-bodies. But in general, if you love cooking, this is such a blessing!

Do you know anyone who is married? Or, are you currently married? Can you relate to this witty line? Or, do you find it annoying? Do you think it is still a blessing? Some people hate the idea of spending 24/7 with their partners. Some love it. 

It really depends on what kind of person you are. However, we hope you married peeps are holding on tight to your vows.

If you are a driver, then most likely, one of your pet peeves is bad drivers. Drivers who barely know the basics and cause traffic on a relative “non-traffic” road. However, being confined in the comforts of our homes for months will definitely affect our driving skills.

So, make sure to be careful when driving. You may be one of those drivers who forgot their driving skills after being on the sofa for weeks.

This is so relatable! The benefits of staying at home include the fact that we do not need to wear makeup to look gorgeous or wear those uncomfortable (but attractive) clothes we have. And it is scaring us! Just imagine being so comfortable with your “just got up look,” then suddenly everything is fine again and you have to make an effort.

Or maybe you’re one of the people who can’t stand not getting ready every day. Maybe that daily routine gives you energy and motivation. Our hearts go out to you!

If you are a fan of the Star Wars franchise, then you probably know about Baby Yoda. If not, chances are that you see Baby Yoda on a famous meme circulating the internet. Undeniably, it is a very adorable creature a lot of people loved.

However, since there is a Baby Yoda, fans expect to see more “Yodas” just like the Spice Girls. Baby Spice, meet Baby Yoda. Hmm, that will be interesting. We know you want more Yodas!

Get it? If not, make sure to relearn those basics that were taught in the music class. Especially when the teacher shared a very corny joke about a drummer and his twin daughters. 

If you still don’t get it, basically Anna 1, Anna 2 sounds “And a one, and a two.” This phrase is used to signal the start of the performance. Now that we explained, we removed this witty line’s charm.

Tiger King is an infamously popular documentary showed on Netflix. Once it was available for showing, it caused a lot of stir and discussion. People thought the parties involved in this controversy are, well, unusual, and interesting.

However, who knew that this weird documentary would become “normal” in 2020. Who expected that a larger problem would be setting aside this documentary. Because of what is currently happening, everyone would not be surprised if something even stranger happens.

As one user commented, “Found my new motto!” And we fully support this. Make sure to live every day with a motto on hand. You never know when will it be useful.

It is a great way to just remind you of something. Or, maybe help you to feel better. If you do not have yet a motto, then this witty line must be for you.

We all have that friend who has a dad bod. But hey! He embraced it and is quite confident with his body. However, make sure to pass this witty line to him.

 Tell him to use this every time someone points out his dad bod. Because this one-liner is gold! Anyone would find it hilarious.

Once in a while, we hate being an adult. When we were young all we wanted was to become adults. But once we hit that stage, we realized how “bad” it is. There are a lot of responsibilities we need to handle, that school did not teach us. So, we start looking for answers. 

So overall, the experience can be rated 1 star. But, we give ourselves five stars for going through it and becoming adults. 

How true is this? This is so funny because most of us can relate. We keep smiling because it makes people more comfortable with us. However, it is the opposite case when you fart.

Remember that time you were in an elevator? You thought you were letting out a “quiet” gas but ended up being a noisy one. Then, it went silent. You are now uncertain whether people knew it was you. The cringe…

Who doesn’t love traveling? It’s such a great way to destress and let your worries temporarily go. However, with the current situation, we have no choice but to travel to the closest place to us: our backyard.

Be creative! Check the basement or the attic. Maybe redecorate your house and garden. Use your imagination to create a magical place you would definitely visit. Oh, how nice it is to just use your imagination. 

Do you hate spiders as much as the next person to you? Would you have the courage to take one out once it appears in your house? And what kind of spider are you afraid of?

If you are from countries where spiders are not that “scary”, then it is not a problem. However, living in a house with a massive spider lurking around in a random corner is scary. Better to just move out and not look back.

Here’s one last witty sign to end this epic list. Do you get it? Remember, this is all fun and games, so some of these lines should not be taken out of context against the restaurant. 

If you had fun reading their witty lines, make sure to visit El Arroyo to submit yours. Who knows, maybe your line will be the next big hit! At the same time, make sure to check their menu and try their tasty meal. 


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