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Retired Couple Crack The Lottery and Win Millions of Dollars

Wouldn’t it be incredible if you managed to come up with a mathematical equation to help you find the numbers to the lottery? This is something that everyone dreams about and while it might seem impossible, a man by the name of Jerry Selbee actually managed to do it. His story is one of wits and knowledge because he managed to crack the lottery and this netted him millions of dollars in profits. In fact, Jerry was so successful that the lottery was shut down after he was done with it!

The man in this picture is none other than Jerry Selbee. Jerry is a clever man and he always loved to use his brain power to figuring out complex puzzles and problems. This is why he worked a wide range of jobs starting with cereal box designer and ending with computer operator.

Jerry says that there aren’t that many things which bring him the same satisfaction as solving a complex puzzle that has left everyone baffled. For some unknown reason, he was good at solving difficult problems ever since he was a little kid.

What’s great about Jerry is that he knew how to put his brain power to use in everything he did. Back when Jerry used to work as a cereal packaging design for Kellogg, he created a code that helped him figure out just how and where the competition makes their packaging.

Jerry’s superiors were baffled to see that he managed to crack the code of how and when their competition makes their own packaging. This is a big secret in the cereal industry, but this didn’t stop Jerry from figuring it out.

After working for a couple of years as a cereal packaging designed for Kellogg, Jerry was ready to take things to the next level. He wanted to start his own company and use his wits to help himself.

The man knew that his work ethic and smart approach on business would make him successful in any type of career and he decided to open a general store. However, this is easier said than done. A man like Jerry wants to know everything about the demographic, finances and customers before opening a shop.

After Jerry studied the market for a couple of months, he picked a small town where the competition was low. Jerry knew that if he brought the right products and used proper marketing strategies, then he was going to make lots of profits.

The small town that Jerry picked is called Evart and it is in the state of Michigan. Jerry and his wife Marge were ready to start their own business and nothing could get in their way to success, especially since Jerry studied the market for months.

The man installed a lottery machine in his general store and he noticed how people would always come and check to see if they got lucky on their pay day. This grabbed Jerry’s interest and he knew that he had to try his hand at betting as well.

Just like you would expect from a man like Jerry, his general store did amazing right from the day it was opened. Jerry knew everything that people around Evart needed and he had it displayed in the windows. However, this is not where Jerry’s success ends.

Jerry was not interested in the big lottery which could net him millions because he knew that the odds are stacked against him. However, he had his eyes set on a new game called Winfall. The rules were simple, you had to guess 6 out of 6 numbers to win the most money or 4 out of 6 numbers to win a little bit of money.

Another thing that made Jerry interested in Winfall is the fact that if no one won for one week straight, the leftover money would be added to next week’s prizes. This meant that Jerry could make a huge profit if he got the numbers right.

After calculating the odds for a couple of weeks, Jerry came to the conclusion that if he bought hundreds of Winfall tickets, then he will surely cover his losses and come out on top with a couple thousands of dollars in profits.

Jerry talked with his wife and they both agreed to spend around $3,000 on Winfall tickets. This was their way of “testing the waters” and to see if Jerry’s theory is right.

After investing $3,000 dollars in Winfall tickets, Jerry and Marge won $6,500. This made it clear, Jerry was right! This meant only one thing, they needed to invest more!

Jerry and his wife decided that for their second time they should invest $15,000. To their surprise, they turned $30,000 in profits. Jerry didn’t just crack the code to the lottery, he also ensured a way to make his wealth for retirement.

In order to avoid any troubles with the IRS, Jerry started a betting company and a share was worth $500 right from the start. It didn’t take long for Jerry to get a couple millions of dollars to his name and life was looking amazing.

Unfortunately, Jerry’s clever trick nearly bankrupted the Winfall lottery. The folks in charge of the company had to shut down all lottery machine and they said that it’s only because they are not selling enough tickets. However, Jerry is the one behind all of this.

Even though the Winfall lottery shut down, Jerry and his wife are still winning thousands of dollars from similar lotteries. However, this is just fun for them since they are both worth more than $5 million.

Everyone dreams about cracking the lottery, but Jerry has been the only to ever do it. Nonetheless, we can be sure that his retirement years are going to be amazing now that he is worth millions of dollars.


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