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Revealed: 20 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Amy Schumer

20. In high school, she was voted “Class Clown” and “Teacher’s Worst Nightmare.” 

Okay, so maybe not so surprising!

19. There is a Senator in the family.

Amy is related to the Democratic senator from New York, Chuck Schumer (and he didn’t even know!). “She was telling people she’s my cousin and it turns out, she is.”

18. Myrmecophobia…But like, an actual fear of ants aunts*.

Yes, aunts, meaning her mother and fathers sisters. Apparently, her aunts are “really bad people.” “They all have personality disorders and I don’t trust them. I have a serious phobia of aunts. I’ve never met an aunt of anyone’s that I’ve trusted. My brother and sister both know that if they have kids, I will cut them out of my life, because technically I will be an aunt.”

17. She got her big movie break when Judd Apatow was caught in L.A. traffic.

Judd, the director of Trainwreck shared that he was listening to Amy’s interview with Howard Stern, while stuck in bumper-to-bumper hell. “ thought, ’Amy is really warm and funny and brutally honest … and I thought, ’Oh, I’d like to see her in a movie.’”

16. She can thank Charlie Sheen for her own Comedy Central show.

Amy cracked some seriously funny jokes during Charlie Sheen’s Comedy Central Roast in 2011. They were so funny, the network offered her a blind pilot deal.

15. Amy’s toes used to model.

We can’t make this stuff up, guys. “Just my toes, and only on one foot, because sh*t kind of hits the fan once you got past the toes on my feet,” she revealed, according to BuzzFeed. “But my toes are beautiful, in perfect order. I was sleeping on the beach, because that’s where I was living at the time, and someone walked up and said, ‘What are these?’ And they took all the newspaper off my body and they saw my face, so they were like, ‘No, just the toes.’ By the end, my day rate was $2,500, but they usually only needed one picture. It was per toe.”

14. Her childhood nickname was Amy Shoemaker.

Some super creative children, obviously… Although, Amy said, “It really made me mad, and there was a point where my parents were gonna maybe open a shoe store, and I was like, ‘You can’t do this to me! Nooo!’ I begged them and whined my way out of it. Really not that hostile of a nickname. I should have been like, ‘What?’ But I was crying about it.” Hey, would have gone perfectly with her toe modeling career, no?

13. She was almost on Girls.

Amy auditioned for the role of Shoshana (Zosia Mamet) on the HBO Series, but ended up not getting the part. “Picture me with those girls. I’m a hundred years old. It would be like, ‘Who’s that old lady?’” We DISAGREE, Amy!

12. Her love life is a little different then she portrays.

We all know her bedroom life is a HUGE part of her comedy, but she told Entertainment Weekly, “I’m not very sexually active. Over two years I’ve slept with four people. Not that there’d be anything wrong if I slept with more.”

11. Some of Trainwreck is based on her childhood.

“I was a little fearful,” says Schumer of writing her dad Gordon’s battle with multiple sclerosis into the story line. “It’s a disease a lot of people don’t know anything about but a lot of people have.”

10. For school bake sales, she made toast.

Yep, dead serious. She either really hated her classmates for calling her Amy Shoemaker, or can’t bake for sh*t…

9. Amy was a theatre major.

While you can’t major in comedy, theatre was the next best thing. She attended Towson University.

8. Amy’s father went bankrupt when she was 9years old.

She grew up in a wealthy family and her father was a small business owner, but things didn’t work out in the end. She got to grow up experiencing both ends of the spectrum: wealthy and poor.

7. She seriously pissed off Steve-0.

Yeah, remember that Charlie Sheen Comedy Roast? Well, Amy made a joke about Steve-O’s deceased Kackass co-star Ryan Dunn and lets just say he looked like he was about to turn into the Hulk. He responded by calling Amy a “no name slut,” and her response was having a much more successful career than he ever did. Yikes!

6. Amy’s sister works for her.

Originally, Kim was hired by Amy to be her assistant, but soon after she was promoted to a writing position for season 2 of Inside Amy Schumer, where she continues to be today.

5. She’s never voted.

“Not even in a school election, or even when someone asks where I want to get dinner. I never throw my two cents in. I just don’t want to get started. I think once I start sharing my opinion or voting, it’s just going to take all my time. Even if someone’s like, ‘Is it hot out or cold out?’ I’m like, ‘Just please Google the weather because I’m just not going to voice my opinion on it.’”

4. She dated all of The Roots.

“I dated Black Thought the longest. Before he had a family. I still consider him my family.”

3. She takes a horse-drawn carriage to every show.

“Whether it’s in the West Village, or Poughkeepsie, or anywhere, I will take a horse-drawn carriage. It makes scheduling almost impossible; I only do five shows a year, and only at venues that have stables. I always use the same driver, Meriwether Pickford, and when his horse dies, I’m quitting stand-up. I’m cool with him doing any other work, but he knows my itinerary comes first. I give him tons of notice, but I’ve never paid him. It’s kind of an issue because both of my parents are, and continue to be, pedicab drivers.”

2. She trains with a Guyanese Olympic boxer.

“I tell him all my secrets and he judges me. He doesn’t fully speak English, so I feel like he doesn’t care, but he can probably get a sense of what I’m saying is unacceptable. I’m training to fight him.”

1. She was in almost every scene for Newsies.


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