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No One Knew Kim Jong-Un’s Wife Had To Follow These Tough Rules

The North-Korean dictator, Kim Jong-Un, can be seen as the world’s own supervillain. He is the driving force behind North Korea’s totalitarian government and the socialism that North-Korean people live under. 

A large majority of North-Koreans live in a constant state of starvation. They often feed on grasshoppers and mice just to survive.

Kim Jong-Un is revered by the people of North-Korea. They have been brainwashed into believing the idea that Kim Jong-Un and his family are Gods. This narrative has been followed since their rise to power in the late 1940’s.

North-Koreans have no access to electricity or cellphones. As a result they cannot search on the internet to separate facts from fiction. Thus, they are firm in their belief that their leader is a God that implements a plethora of rules that needs to be followed. 

Now that you know a little more about this egotistical dictator’s outlandish actions, you can only imagine what a limiting life his wife must lead. 

Your mind needs to wonder no longer! This article is here to show you exactly what there is to know of the North-Korean first lady’s life and how she is forced to follow the stringent rules imposed by her dictator husband.

Kim Jong-Un’s father suffered a life threatening stroke in 2008. This event caused him to worry about his future family dynasty. This worry led him to compel his son to marry the most suitable woman in the “core class”. This class represented the highest ranking families in the North-Korean Songbun class system. 

The woman that was chosen to be the dictator’s wife was named Ri Sol-Ju. She had no choice but to marry Kim Jong-Un and change her name. 

It is customary for women to change their last name to their husband’s when they enter into a marriage, but for Ri Sol-Ju, the process didn’t end there as she was demanded to take it a step further. 

Ri Sol-Ju was compelled to change her last name to Kim and she also had to change her birth name completely. She was no longer anyone other than Kim Jong-Un’s wife. 

Ri Sol-Ju was placed in a difficult position. She was forced into marriage and she had to change her name entirely. To twist the knife even more, she was prohibited to visit her family. 

Since her marriage to Kim Jong-Un, she has completely cut ties with her family and her previous life. 

The rules that are used to govern North-Koreans are exhaustive. North-Koreans lack individuality as they have been taught from a young age to rather use the plurals “we” and “our” instead of referring to themselves as individuals. 

It comes as no surprise when the North-Korean first lady doesn’t even possess the capacity to style her own hair in a manner she likes due to this. 

North-Koreans are told how they should dress and how they must style their hair. This is standard for North-Koreans and surprisingly enough, the first lady is not exempt from this rule! 

She is prohibited from wearing jeans and it is compulsory for her to attain approval from Kim Jong-Un every time she wears clothes. She is not even granted the right to change her hairstyle.

First ladies around the world are encouraged to partake in their own activities as well as attending various events alone. This is not the case for the North-Korean first lady. 

She is not allowed to go into the public alone. Whenever she is spotted in public she is always accompanied by the dictator.

The first lady is a mother to four children. Despite this, the North-Korean public has not seen her pregnant as she was under severe protection due to being married to the dictator. 

Ri Sol-Ju’s life was filled with isolation and limitation. Security guards surrounded her 24/7 and it got gradually worse throughout her pregnancy. The North-Korean public were concerned about her welfare.

The pair married in 2009. A year later, they had their first child. Ri Sol-ju gave birth to a girl. It was reported that she was forced straight into childbirth after they got married.

It was also rumored that she was put under severe pressure to continue having children until she gave birth to a son for Kim Jong-Un. After two girls, she gave birth to a boy.

North Korea is heavily patrolled at the borders. No citizen can leave or flee the country. If they do, they face execution and not just for themselves but for three generations of their family.

You may think that no one could forbid a royal from leaving the country but you’re wrong. Kim Jong-Un’s wife is banned from leaving North Korea at any time. She will never know the joys of the world.

As mentioned before, Ri Sol-ju can’t go to public functions by herself so even if the press wanted to snap pictures of her alone, they couldn’t, and not just because she’d be hard to find.

The press is forbidden to take pictures of Ri Sol-ju without Kim Jong-Un’s permission. If they overstepped this rule, it would most likely have deadly consequences.

Ri Sol-Ju had to assume a completely new identity once she married Kim Jong-Un. Not only was she forced to stay away from her family and birth name, she also had to let go of her life before Kim Jong-Un completely.

No one knows exactly who this woman is. Her life and background are a complete mystery to the public.

For other countries, huge philanthropy and charity events are hosted by their first lady. Often, charitable work becomes their main focus and purpose outside of their family life.

For Kim Jong-Un’s wife who lives in a socialist state where most of their citizens live off a $1 salary, asking the poor and hungry to donate to a charity cause wouldn’t go down very well.


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