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Rumors Keep Swirling Around Tyler Perry And Gelila Bekele

American actor, writer, director, producer, and entertainment mogul, Tyler Perry has long since become a household name in almost every corner of the globe.

While most people know him as the hilarious and thought-provoking character, “Madea”, Perry’s personal life has been the subject of public discourse for a while now. However, the real question is, how many of the rumors surrounding his personal life are actually true?

It may surprise people to know that Perry is a much huger star than his sometimes comical characters might suggest. In fact, Perry has been so successful that Forbes ranked him as the “highest paid man in entertainment”.

He has also acquired the elite status of being a billionaire. Amid such immense success, Perry is also highly acclaimed for the fact that he accomplished all this despite coming from humble beginnings.

Perry has often spoken publicly about the darker chapters of his life before all the fame and success. Given what he has suffered through in life, it’s actually remarkable how much he has achieved since and a testament to his grit.

Perry has spoken out about troubling facts about his abusive father. He has also been upfront about the horrific abuse he was subjected to by other people. Despite it all, Perry credits one person, in particular, for his success. 

Willie Maxine Perry sadly passed away in 2009, aged 64. Perry has widely praised her for her role as the shining light in his troubling childhood. Perhaps Mrs. Perry’s greatest influence was taking him to church every week.

His most famous movies have certainly reflected strong theological themes and family values. Perry himself has credited his mother as being “the wisdom” behind “Madea”. So what of Perry’s love life?  

Around 2006, Tyler and Tyra were spotted out dining together a few times. This sparked many rumors that the pair were together. The beauty queen and talk show host denied these rumors, as did Perry.

They were seen out together a couple of times after but nothing of note ever seemed to come of their time together and the rumors soon fizzled. 

The actress has appeared in many movies and collaborated with Perry on many occasions aside from starring in a few of his movies, such as “Why Did I Get Married?”.

The pair definitely did date for a short period, however, Smith has publicly made some less than flattering comments about him. Likening her relationship with Perry to that of “an uncle”, the actress went on to fuel other rumors too.

After Tasha Smith alleged that Tyler Perry was like “an uncle”, she also mentioned comments that left Perry with a reputation of, let’s just say, someone who wasn’t interested in anything on the intimacy scale.

This fueled much speculation about Perry’s personal life. Here are some of the wildest rumors that once circulated around Perry. 

A combination of his time with Tasha Smith and the fact that Perry has always remained coy about his relationships led to many rumors about his alleged love life at one stage.

There have since been rumors that Perry either wasn’t a straight man, to more outrageous ones. The truth was that Perry was actually just a person who preferred to keep his private life private; which he proved in 2014.

Amid all the speculation over Perry’s romantic preferences and alleged partners, Perry himself came out publicly in 2014 and set the record straight (no pun intended).

Fans were stunned and delighted when he announced that not only had he been dating the gorgeous Ethiopian-born model and activist Gelila Bekele, but he was also going to be a father.

Over the next six years, Perry would finally have a reprieve from the dating rumor mills. Not long after his announcement, together with Bekele, Perry did indeed go on to have a son. 

With his partner and their boy, the adorable Aman Tyler Perry, Perry Senior seemed to finally settle down. One glaring detail did however keep the rumors going. Was he ever actually married?

Far from ever being married, in 2020, Perry again went public with a new revelation. It was confirmed that he and Gelila Bekele were no longer together. Perry also confirmed that he was a “single man” again.

Two years on and just as fans can’t get enough of his movies and TV shows, the same is true with speculation over his marital status. From early 2022, people have again been wondering, is Tyler Perry married? So, what’s the truth?

At the time of this article, it seems that all the new rumors about Tyler Perry being married, or even having a new partner, are unequivocally false. Nothing has been confirmed on that front by either Perry himself or any reliable sources.

Once again, if Perry does indeed have a partner, he’s chosen to keep that part of his private life, private indeed. So why did these rumors spark up again?

The world has always found it difficult to separate truth from fiction when it comes to celebrities. With such massive followings and intrigue around them, the personal lives of celebrities have always been fodder for the tabloids.

Since the age of social media, viral news, and fake news, this problem has only worsened. We know the rumors are false, but what exactly was being said about Perry that started them?

All the recent interest and speculation that Perry is married seems to have come about as a by-product of one particular rumor. It started off with allegations that he had jetted off to some exotic location and secretly married an unknown partner there.

There has of course been no conclusive proof of any such thing occurring so for now, once again, we must conclude that Tyler Perry is definitely not married.

With accolades and armfuls of awards behind him, close friends and business associates like Oprah Winfrey, and billions to his name, it’s hard to imagine what more Tyler Perry can achieve.

Perry certainly is a multi-talented and enigmatic entertainer with a desire, drive, and business acumen like no other. Until his relationship status is truly confirmed, for now, we’ll just keep focusing on his unique kind of genius instead. 


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