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Ryan Reynolds Trolls His Wife on Instagram after Blake Lively Says She is Pregnant

If until now you haven’t heard or seen how Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds troll and post funny photos and videos of each other on social media, then you must have been living under a rock.

They have been doing it for years, and recently Ryan has come up with the biggest clap back to date. Blake made some comments on pregnancy, and Ryan couldn’t help himself but comment on it. Since they have been married, Black and Ryan have been one of our favorite couples in Hollywood.

They are a prime example of what a happy and healthy relationship should be like.

The couple can also be considered as one of the most beautiful and attractive individuals. Still, their sense of humor is what stands out.

Ryan Reynold uses Twitter and Instagram to make fun of relationships, marriage, and being a father.

The actor decided to take it to his social media in order to make fun of being a father and a married man.

And it is obvious that he loves being a father, especially a girl-dad.

He is known for his sense of humor, and he never holds back.

One particular day of the year is when Reynolds has the most fun and comes up with some of his best jokes and trolls.

A couple of days before and on the day of Blake’s birthday, Reynolds comes up with some of his best jokes. One example is this cropped picture of him and Black, where half of Blake’s body is cropped.

When Reynold’s birthday comes, she is out here trolling as well. Here is a photo of Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling, but her husband is slightly cropped.

He focuses more on wishing happy birthday to Billy Ray Cyrus and, in the end, mentions his wife.

He focuses more on wishing happy birthday to Billy Ray Cyrus and, in the end, mentions his wife.

Lockdown hasn’t stopped them as well.

Blake and Ryan have continued to troll one another, during the lockdown and have tried to make people laugh during this hard time.

At the beginning of July. Ryan went live with The Late Show and said that he has been busy home-schooling his daughters during the lockdown. He has also been making dresses with them, and at night sitting down for a drink.

He even mentioned that he was ready for a haircut, and would let his wife do it.

They haven’t shown the final result yet, but Blake has been giving us some exclusive look at how the haircut was going.

She posted a story on her Instagram.

Ryan had a tiny ponytail. She also wrote beside the picture that everyone will remember this hairstyle for the rest of his life.

Ryan saw the Instagram story and had to reply.

They can’t stop commenting and trolling each other.

And obviously, we don’t want it to stop. Just a couple of days ago, Reynolds posted a short video of his movie ‘Buried,’ which got its 10-year anniversary.

But because nothing is normal with Reynolds, he made so many corrections to the short clip so he could promote his brand of gin.

When the short video got posted, we all waited for Blake to comment on something. And it didn’t take her very long to do so, but Ryan had the most fantastic reply to her comment.

People think that this has to be his greatest response. Many commented on how much fun it was.

Thousands commented, mentioning his response.

People couldn’t stop replying to their feed saying how funny the two were.

People just can’t stop laughing to their weird humor!

People also said that they never want the couple to change, because they are so much fun to witness.

The way Ryan responded to Blake’s comment was like an automatic machine was typing his message

We just hope that these two never stop trolling each other, because they are so much fun.


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