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Sandra Bullock Found Love Again After Her Ex Husband Broke Her Trust

Popular actress Sandra Bullock has contributed to the film industry with her marvelous work. But her love life has certainly been a little unfair. She has had not just one, but several relationships. 

Some ended on a pleasant note, while some didn’t. Well, thankfully Sandra has now found her true love after her ex-husband broke her heart and trust!

Sandra Anette Bullock was born on July 26, 1964 in the suburbs of Arlington, Virginia. Though she holds American citizenship, she has also spent a long term of her childhood in Germany, Vienna and Austria. 

Since her parents had jobs which didn’t allow them to spend a lot of time with their daughter, she used to live with one of her aunts and her cousin. After gaining education, she began her career in 1987 and has been working fabulously since then.

Sandra Bullock is a very well – known name in the movie industry. She made her debut in the acting field through a 1987 thriller film – Hangmen and worked as a supporting actress. The movie gave her much needed fame and soon her name was known to all. 

Recently, Sandra’s seen starring in some fabulous films such as – Bird Box, Miss Congeniality and Ocean’s 8. She has surely been successful in her work but certainly not in her love life. 

Sandra’s incredible work has led her to win several awards. She has been the recipient of Academy Award and Golden Globe Award. 

Along with this, she has also been two times winner of the Screen Actors Guild Awards and three times winner of the Critics’s Choice Movie Awards. She’s also been included in the Time’s 100 most influential people in the world and has been named the world’s highest – paid actress in 2010 and 2014. 

Sandra has been working tirelessly since 1987. She turns 58 this year and hasn’t stopped giving her best. The actress has starred in over 50 movies. 

She also owns a production company named Fortis Films which has produced over 15 film and television works. Apart from this, Sandra also owns a restaurant in Austin, Texas. Certainly a multi – talented woman!

Often the media addresses her nature as “friendly, direct and so unpretentious”. This led her to be also called as “America’s sweetheart”. 

Over the years, Sandra has been included in several lists such as “Most Beautiful People”, “Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time”, “Most Powerful Actress”, etc. by several magazines like People and Forbes. Bullock also has a star on her name at the Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame along with all other well – known personalities. 

All these awards and achievements clearly show how successful Sandra has been in her career. But there’s a part of her life where she hasn’t been so lucky. 

Sandra Bullock has a long dating history which includes Hollywood stars like McConaughey and Ryan Gosling. As good as it seems, her dating life has often ended up becoming the headlines.  

However, Sandra has had several heartbreaks. It was quite assumed she wouldn’t be able to find her “forever love” after all these sperations. 

But that hasn’t stopped her from looking for her one true love. Maybe sometimes all you need is patience. Isn’t that true?

Sandra Bullock is happily married to Bryan Randall but she has been through a lot of dramatic divorces and breakups. Before settling down, she had dated three men, starting with Troy Aikman, a football player.

She has dated two actors – Matthew McConaughey and Ryan Gosling. All of her previous relationships ended due to one or the other reasons. But she never lost hope. 

Sandra’s love life became public when she got together with Tate Donovan. She met Tate on the sets of the 1992 movie named “Love Potion No.9”. 

They were co-stars in the film. The couple was madly in love with each other. They dated for three years and got engaged but sadly broke up in 1995. 

After this unsuccessful relationship, Bullock stayed single for about 10 years! After which, she married a motorcycle builder named Jesse James. Jesse is also the host of a popular show named “Monster Garage” airing on Discovery Channel. 

They met when Sandra arranged a surprise meet for her son with Jesse as a Christmas present. Well, the present turned out to be more for Sandra’s.  

However, after this wonderful Christmas, came a storm of troubles. Jesse already had an ex-wife and a five-year-old daughter. 

Sandra and Jesse got into a court matter regarding the custody of their daughter with his ex – wife. Fortunately, the couple won full custody and had two children. 

After all these struggles, just when they thought their lives were running smoothly, another matter arose. This one made headlines and the reason was completely unexpected. 

In 2010, several women claimed of having an affair with Jesse while he was married to Sandra. Eight days later, Jesse made a public apology to his wife. 

Jesse made an apology saying, “The vast majority of the allegations reported are untrue and unfounded”. This was reported during an interview with People. 

He also added “There is only one person to blame for this whole situation and that is me.” Things seemed to be settling down until Sandra filed for a divorce the next month. 

On June 28, 2010, Sandra and Jesse got divorced. Earlier that year, in January, the couple had begun an adoption process for a baby. 

They wished to adopt a baby born in New Orleans, Louisiana. After getting divorced in June, Sandra continued the pending adoption procedure and became a single parent to a three year old daughter in December 2015. 

The year 2015 surely became a lucky one for Sandra as she got a beautiful daughter and also a new husband. In the beginning of the year, she met a photographer named Bryan Randall. 

Bryan was hired to photograph her son’s birthday party. After meeting at the party, they soon began dating. But it wasn’t for long when secrets about Randall’s past uncovered.  

It was soon discovered that Bryan was married and divorced. He also had a daughter named Skylar with his ex-wife. But none of this bothered Sandra. For her, Bryan became the “perfect addition to the family.” 

Sandra also mentioned “He’s super kind. For the kids he’s sort of no. 1!” A great dad and a great husband – what more does a woman need!

Though Bryan seemed perfect for Sandra’s family, he hasn’t always been a family man. Bryan had sort of a rough relationship with his ex-wife Jenine Staten and his daughter Skyalr. Staten had a heroin addiction yet she raised Skylar on her own. 

Her addiction soon killed her and Bryan later had to take Skylar under his custody. Staten also pressed charges against Bryan for unpaid child support as he left them in the time of need. 

Bryan could not be a part of his daughter’s childhood due to some of his own problems. It was soon discovered that Bryan was in rehabilitation centers for the most of his time after Skylar’s birth. 

Just like his wife, he also had drug addiction. Bryan had also been arrested a lot of times for possessing drugs and for crimes like theft and probation violations.  

But all of this was well in his past and he had been a sober man for about 10 years before he met Sandra. He was also trying to make up for the time he couldn’t spend with his daughter. 

Despite all the ups and downs, the couple has been living happily with their family. It can be said that Bryan and Sandra surely used their second chances wisely. 


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