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Schoolgirl Sharply Reprimanded By Teacher For Writing Her Name In Cursive

Her daughter was only seven years old, and she couldn’t believe how they could do something like this to her. It had been something minor, so why such a harsh punishment?

She had written her name at the top of her test paper, which started all the fuss. She couldn’t wrap her head around it, but she would make sure she gave them a piece of her mind.

Alyssa was an ordinary 7-year old girl. She loved her parents, would giggle at most things, and loved the color pink. But she knew how to do one thing that the other kids didn’t.

But it would lead Alyssa to a harsh reprimanding that no one would believe.

Alyssa came from a loving household. Her mother Jennifer and her father James were always tried their best to give her the things they couldn’t have when they grew up. This included a decent education.

But one day they would find something out surprising about the school they chose for their daughter.

While most 7-year-olds would scrawl their name at the top of their papers Alyssa was different. Her mother wanted her to have the best start in life so she decided to teach her a trick or two.

But it seems a petty teacher wouldn’t stand for one of the tricks that Alyssa was taught by her mother. 

Alyssa’s teacher would take one look at how she wrote her name and would target her for her individuality. In her eyes, she had done nothing wrong, just what her mother had taught her.

But it seems that the targetted criticism wouldn’t only offend little Alyssa, but the one who had taught her how to write her name – her mother.

The school had a zero-tolerance policy when it came to warnings. This meant that even though Alyssa’s infractions were just to do with how she wrote her name, they had to give her a one-day suspension for not listening to the first warning.

But once her mother found out about this she would be fuming.

Alyssa had been suspended for writing her name in cursive. Something her mother took the time to teach her. She begged her mom to teach her when she saw how pretty it was and she didn’t ever think anything bad could happen to show her.

 But it seems her teacher would think differently and take it out on her with punishment.

Jennifer decided to post a screenshot of the note on social media. But she had no idea how her post would blow up overnight. Hundreds of people would be up in arms over the very idea of suspending a girl because she expressed her individuality.

But what would the teacher’s justification be?

Alyssa’s teacher did give a reason for targetting her. She told Alyssa and her mother that it would “make the other kids feel bad”. But that doesn’t justify suspending her. And even so, why didn’t she give this reason the first time?

But Alyssa’s teacher would soon feel the heat from all the uproar on social media and the school would take notice too.

It wasn’t only Jennifer that wanted justice for her daughter’s treatment. It seems that everyone that saw the post would make a difference. Their relentless comments in support of Alyssa would ask for the teacher to be fired. 

But that’s not what Jennifer or Alyssa wanted, they wanted something entirely different.

All Jennifer wanted was that both the teacher and the school gave formal apologies to her daughter. Then she would be satisfied. It was unjustified to take such drastic action against a 7-year-old that merely wanted to express herself.

But it seems the teacher wouldn’t apologize, she would take action and do something that no one expected.

After all of the backlash from the community after the post was shared Alyssa’s teacher decided to resign from her position at the school. She probably wanted to get away from the exposure that she had received.

The school also decided to give Alyssa and her mother a formal apology for not letting her express her individuality.

Even though Alyssa had already been given the suspension and they couldn’t take that back Jennifer was just glad that her daughter could express herself through writing in cursive. 

She should be rewarded for her putting in the extra effort instead of punished. 

Jennifer also took satisfaction in the fact that her daughter taught the school a valuable lesson. Individuality is important and should be expressed whenever possible.

It’s important to the development and esteem of a child. If they’re ahead of the curb they shouldn’t be stigmatized for it.

Alyssa got to continue writing her name in cursive, small freedom that boosted her self-esteem. And she even started teaching anyone in her class that was willing to learn.

It also seems that her new teacher loved that she was sharing her knowledge with others in the class. Overall, it promoted friendliness and sharing, which are two important factors in the classroom.

But Jennifer wasn’t the only parent to tango with a school’s administration and teacher regarding a suspension. Hannah, a California resident, was brought to her wit’s end when she received a call from her son’s teacher. 

Knowing how good her little boy usually was, Hannah couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She hopped into her vehicle and raced to fight for her boy.

Hannah had always wanted to have kids. While in her late twenties, she and her husband had two of the most adorable children one could ask for.

The two kids, a girl, and a boy, were two years apart, with a beautiful relationship that always made Hannah and her husband smile. But dark days were looming ahead.

The issue took place when Hannah’s son, Milo, was eight years old. He was in second grade, a beautiful and curious kid who was always calm and collected.

Milo had always made his parents proud in everything he did. He had excellent grades, a wonderful personality, and was easy to hang out with. So when his mom received the news that he would be suspended, she was beside herself with worry and doubt.

Discussing the matter on Reddit, Hannah wrote, “Some background information. Milo’s teacher is wonderful, the best teacher any of my children have ever had in a grand total of 22 teachers altogether.” 

“They love him very much, always talking about him whenever they are at home. It’s clear to see that this teacher cares for them and enjoys his job.”

She detailed how the teacher had made school fun for her kids and how much she appreciated him for it. Afterward, she briefly described her boy, “Milo has never been violent or shown any temper issues at all. In fact, he is very passive.” 

“He is the youngest in our family, and sometimes his ten-year-old sister teases him to a point where I lose patience with her, but I’ve never seen him lash out other than to say, “Stop it, Nancy,” or the equivalent.”

On the day of the incident, Hannah started her day as usual. After a quick shower, she made breakfast for her kids and husband. She got Nancy and Milo ready for school, dressed for work and drove them to school.

Afterward, she hurried to her workplace to get her day going. But as the clock struck midmorning, she got a call from Milo’s teacher, Mr. Hawkins. 

The first thing that Hannah picked from Mr. Hawkins’s tone was how serious it was. The teacher had always had an easygoing attitude, with a joyful demeanor that made talking to him easier. 

But today was different. He was formal and to the point, requesting Hannah to listen before talking. Hannah could tell something had gone very wrong.

Explaining the situation, Mr. Hawkins reported, “The class was outside working on a science activity. One of Milo’s classmates, a little girl, was constantly “annoying” Milo to the point that I had to call her aside and speak with her multiple times to tell her to stop the behavior.”

“She continued with the behavior throughout the science lesson, into the second period, despite my warnings,” said the teacher. What he said next sent fury up Hannah’s being. 

“This has actually been going on for weeks,” shared the teacher, and Hannah’s protective side immediately rose to the fore. “What do you mean going on for weeks,” she asked.

“The girl has been doing this for weeks,” the teacher repeated, sharing that he had no clue until Milo told him after the incident with the girl got him in trouble. So, what happened?

“Today, the girl was extra persistent with Milo even after I talked to her talked several times today,” said the teacher. He then explained what had happened and that Milo was in trouble.

“She tried to push your son, and he jumped out of the way. She fell over.” Hearing the teacher talk, Hannah could tell he was relieved that Milo didn’t do anything to harm the girl. But what was the issue?

The teacher explained that the girl was the granddaughter of one of the school’s board members. Her grandmother had come to school to yell and demand Milo gets a suspension.

A red film darkened Hannah’s sight as soon as she heard her baby was being targeted. She knew her son was never violent and wouldn’t let him suffer the consequences of actions he had nothing to do with.  

Hannah called her husband and explained the situation. She left work immediately, driving to Milo’s school. She thought she wouldn’t get angrier than she already was, but what she found proved her wrong. 

Milo was crying in his teacher’s arms, trying to explain that he didn’t think the girl would fall. He only wanted to protect himself when he moved out of the way. Hannah took him in his arms, ready to unleash all hell.

Hannah talked to Mr. Hawkins about the matter, realizing he was just as concerned as she was. He feared that Milo would face a one-day suspension. He explained everything clearer now that Hannah was there in person. 

He also shared how much power the girl’s grandmom had over the board, stating that expulsion wasn’t out of the cards. What could Hannah do?

Knowing she needed to make an impact as powerful as the board member’s hold on the school administration, Hannah called a few of her friends who were also on the board. 

Her husband also called his own contacts, ensuring his family had enough firepower to handle anything the girl’s grandparent would throw their way. But that wasn’t the end of it. 

Hannah asked the teacher if he could help them prove their son’s innocence. She revealed how much Milo enjoyed his classes, saying he’d be devastated if he missed them.

She also saw how much the ordeal traumatized her son, who was always a gentle soul. She swore that she would go to court if the school suspended him.

But the teacher’s advice was that none of that would be necessary. He would do everything to keep Milo from being suspended, even if it was for a day. Regardless, he asked Hannah to take Milo from school.

“Take him to the arcade, movies, or the park. Let him have some fun. Maybe that suspension isn’t the worst thing. He needs it! Afterward, I’ll catch him up on anything he will have missed.” 


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