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Dad Buys Daughter Car Without Checking Trunk

He just wanted to buy his daughter a car for her birthday. But he never asked for any of this. How could this have happened? He thought he checked the car before he bought it.

His daughter couldn’t believe what she found in the car. She was so excited when she first gazed at the car. 

When the smell started to appear, He wondered what it could have been. Maybe the car was stolen property and something gross had been left somewhere inside the car?

He racked his brain but it was no usem he couldn’t figure it out, until he opened the hood and found out what was really going on.

He knew it was coming from the hood, his palms started to sweat as he got ready to pop the hood and see what was in there besides the engine.

When it lifted he saw a nest! There had been a rat nest underneath the hood the entire time. They must have moved there for the warmth of the engine. He learned his lesson, he’ll always check a car more thoroughly before making a purchase.


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