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Security Asks Man To Show Last Five Photos On Phone, Calls Police When He Sees Them

The security guard had a feeling that the worker was hiding something, but he didn’t know how to approach him without causing a scene. 

It was only when he asked him to show the last five photos on his phone that he realized the gravity of the situation. 

In Chad’s eyes, Steve was more suspicious than his other four coworkers on the job. Steve and his friends spent a week working on a subcontractor job at a company that manufactures high-end electronic components.

The company had tight security since $250,000 worth of microchips could easily fit in a  4″ x 6″ box. Therefore, all the workers had to pass a security checkpoint a few times a day. 

Every day, Chad asked Steve to empty all of the contents of his bag. He would then spend fifteen minutes searching through all of his belongings. 

But it didn’t end there, unfortunately. Chad would also force Steve to show him his cell phone at the end of each working day. He said he needed to see the phone ”to prove he (Steve) wasn’t stealing secrets.”

The other workers were also checked, but they were never asked to show their phones. Steve didn’t understand why Chad was singling him out. 

One day, after yet another security check, Steve responded with, “thank you, Paul Blart, for keeping America safe.”Chad looked at him angrily as the rest of the crew burst into laughter. Little did he know what was about to happen next. 

Steve left that day smiling, knowing that he had put Chad in his place. He was tired of being singled out, especially since he had never done anything wrong. 

But why was Chad picking on him?

Steve tried to have a conversation with Chad to find out what was bothering him, but he refused to talk to him. 

It soon became clear to Steve that the security guard just didn’t like him for some reason. But when Chad asked him to show the last five photos on his phone, he knew he had to teach him a lesson. 

The following day, Steve and the rest of the crew arrived at the workplace, preparing to have the usual security check with Chad. 

Steve makes quick eye contact with Chad before rushing to the bathroom with a huge grin on his face. He was about to get revenge on the irksome security guard. 

A few minutes later, Steve came out of the bathroom and happily approached the security checkpoint. 

Chad had no idea what awaited him. 

He saw Steve and naturally prepared to indulge in his favorite activity. He asked Steve to empty all of his belongings as per usual. 

Steve, however, seemed eager to follow his orders. 

Chad let the rest of the workers through before stopping Steve. He seemed more than happy to oblige.

Once he searched through Steve’s bag, he asked him to show him his cellphone. Little did he know what he was in for…

Steve, still smiling, pulled out his phone from his pocket and handed it to Chad. 

“What’s so funny?” Chad asked him as he opened the phone. Then, he saw it. 

Chad opened the camera roll, and his jaw dropped. He looked at the screen and then at Steve in complete shock. 

“What the F@%$!” he shouted.  

Steve’s camera roll contained thirty photos of his own butthole! He burst into laughter when he saw Chad’s facial expression. 

He clearly wasn’t impressed!

“Oh, sorry. I thought I had a hemorrhoid and wanted to see how bad it was,” Steve said, still laughing. 

“Is everything ok with my pictures? Is the facility safe?”

Needless to say, Chad never bothered him again. He never asked to see his phone after this day.

Good job, Steve!


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