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The Dark Side of Every Zodiac Sign

There are always two sides to everything. Good and bad, happy and sad, and light and dark. There is no exception when it comes to your zodiac sign. If you want to experience happiness, you’ll also have to go through sadness. The duality that life offers gives a balance that is the human experience.

People often want to find something personal in their star sign. There are many great qualities that come with all 12 star signs. But with all the good qualities there are also darker ones to give balance. Just remember that our star sign only makes up a small part of who we are. 

The first star sign in the zodiac is Aries. They are the House of Self and are the appointed leader of the zodiac. They need to lead to way for all the other signs. It is a fire sign and has immense power behind it. The Ram represents the sign and drives itself forward with passion.

But since Aries is ruled by the God of War, Mars, it can have a darker nature if left unchecked. Aries can have short tempers, envy, and impatient. With their nature in check, Aries is still a passionate leader.

The bull represents Taurus. When you think of the bull you can imagine stubbornness, power, and unmoving if they feel like it. Yet a Taurus is also very reliable and focused. They always have the perseverance needed for the situation.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love. They are an earth sign and can be rigid and always want things to happen the way they want them to. Too much earth and you also need water, air, and fire.

Twins of the cosmos represent the star sign Gemini. They adhere to the qualities of duality. Like bursting with creativity and social elements at the same time. But they can sometimes also feel anxious, unrested, and very serious.

Gemini’s element is air and can quickly uproot itself to work on something entirely new, without finishing the last project. It could be a hobby, an interest, or even a partner. Gemini loves adventure and can bore easily.

As you’d think, Cancer’s element is water and shows it in its emotions. The moon rules over Cancer and with the fluctuations of tides Cancer’s emotions can often be a rollercoaster.

This means that Cancer is naturally susceptible to depression. Cancers need to be aware of their shift in emotions and deal with them accordingly. 

The lion is the king of the for a reason. Leo is an inferno compared to other signs. They are also a natural leader and a Leo can easily contain a situation that’s getting out of hand.

But with power comes pitfalls. They may not notice that it isn’t their situation to contain when they naturally take control. It may end up altering someone else’s life. Leos are warm and compassionate. With such a bright flame they stand out among the others.

Virgos are often perfectionists and can be very efficient when they want to. They are bound to the element Earth and as such are unmoving, being organized, and even conservative.

Virgos need to be aware of their emotional health. Anxiety is only one step away if they get overwhelmed with their projects. If Virgo finds balance then they are amazing friends to have.

Libra tries to find true balance in all aspects of life. They try to provide harmony and equality where they can. They are bound to the element air and they can be great friends who can listen for hours. They will always use diplomacy over violence and value a good partner. 

But since they need such harmony it can be hard for them to make relationships work. They don’t like to sacrifice things when they feel they are already in balance. 

Due to Scorpio’s nature they can often be misunderstood by other star signs. What doesn’t help is that the scorpion represents them and it can often lead to stigma and fear.

They are a water sign and metamorphosis in a constantly ongoing life, death reimaging of themselves. They have a reputation for being cruel and manipulative. 

Sagittarius is a very curious star sign that wants to soak up any and all adventures that they can get. They love unfamiliar environments where they have freedom to do things their way.

The star sign is competent and will only share when necessary. They have plenty of tact and will always try to tell the truth in the best way possible. They are bound to fire so they have untapped power. Having friendships can be hard as the star sign is always wanted to explore somewhere far away.

Capricorns are reliable and immovable. They work very hard to achieve what they want and are known to be intelligent. They may develop a superiority complex and think their way of thinking is the best way.

Relationships can be strenuous if the star sign is left unchecked. But if they are kept in check they make great friends and partners that will be diligent and successful. 

The Aquarius is a person whose strengths can just as easily become their weaknesses. They’re a quirky and temperamental air sign who are truly free-spirited. As someone who enjoys freedom, they can easily tip into being flaky because they want to move at their own pace. This inconsistency is understandable sometimes, but can lead to tension within relationships if the inconsistency is consistent. 

The Aquarius is one of the more creative of the zodiac, making great artists and activists. They’re highly sensitive people who take a while to warm up, but once comfortable, they become incredible friends who love intellectual and mental stimulation.

The gentle and solid Pisces are a great friend to have. As a water sign, they thrive around all things water and can become ruled by emotions if they aren’t mindful. Pisces are tolerant, intuitive, and excellent listeners, but may struggle with absorbing the emotions of others and taking on someone else’s problems unnecessarily. This can lead to anxiety and depression.

They are highly sensitive and may struggle to hear any criticisms about themselves.  With some awareness about their emotions, as well as about what kind of support they’re willing to provide someone (don’t be someone’s emotional dumping ground), Pisces can lead a full and emotionally healthy life.


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