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Mom Takes A Selfie That Leads Doctors To Diagnose Her With A Health Condition

Stephanie woke up excited. It was her boy’s special occasion! She got up from her bed and decided to take a selfie to celebrate her son’s special day. But she would never have guessed that this selfie would saving her life.  

She wasn’t showing up to her parents’ house and they were beginning to get worried. After waiting a few more minutes, they decided that it was best to check up on her. They got into their cars and made their way to her house. When they burst through the doors, they found a scene that would be etched into their memory forever. 

Stephanie Farnan woke up with a huge smile on her face. It was the day she had been waiting for. It was her son, Oscar’s, first day at school and they were both excited for it. She had already packed his lunch and bag the night before, so they were all ready to go. All that was left to do was for her and Oscar to get themselves dressed and ready. 

She quickly snapped a selfie to mark her boy’s special day, but she was unaware of what she had captured. 

Stephanie was a single mom and by this point, she was used to preparing everything on her own. It was rewarding and she loved every second of being a mom, although, things could get tough sometimes. 

Her and her son lived in a small, two-bedroom townhouse, and the best part was that it was just a few streets from her parent’s house. She loved her parents and they loved her and Oscar. She was happy to know that they were always nearby incase her and Oscar needed help. But she was about to need more help than she had ever needed before. 

The only thing she could remember from that morning was getting up. She had no recollection of brushing her teeth or ever taking the selfie. Fear started seeping deep into her bones. 

The plan was for Stephanie to pick her parents up on her way to dropping Oscar off. They wanted to take pictures with him before he would go in for his first day of school. She brushed her teeth and was about to get dressed when disaster struck. 

Stephanie’s parents grew more anxious as they watched the time go by. She was supposed to call them half an hour ago, why was she taking so long? Oscar wasn’t going to get to school on time!

They called their daughter, but Stephanie didn’t answer. That was when they felt their stomachs drop. She would never be late for his first day of school, she had been so excited for this day. They knew something had to be very, very wrong. 

Her parents immediately hopped into their car and made their way over to her house. They called her brother who lived close by too. And soon, all three of them were at her home,. They used their set of keys and entered the home. They called her name, but no one was answering.  

They grew scared when they were met with silence. They searched every room in the house until they found her. 

She was laying on her bed with her pajamas on, unconscious. Her son was asleep on the other end of the bed. What was going on here?

Oscar woke up from the commotion but Stephanie remained unconscious. They were now panicking. Her mom phoned 911 and her brother grabbed her phone, looking for answers. His stomach twisted when he saw what was on her phone. 

He looked down at her selfie and what he saw shocked him. He quickly showed his parents. He then sent a copy of it to his own phone, just incase he needed it. 

As soon as the ambulance showed up, her brother told them what he had found. Their eyes widened when they saw the photo. The medic turned to her family as he said, “We have to get her to the hospital NOW!”

They gently lifted her body and strapped her into a medic bed. They then hooked her up to intravenous fluids. Her entire family sat in the back of the ambulance as they raced her to the nearest hospital. She needed assistance as soon as possible. 

When they got to the hospital, they showed the selfie to the doctor in change. He took one look and knew exactly what was going on. He yelled out demands and got everyone to work. 

Stephanie was taken to a specialist hospital in a different state. After an immediate surgery, she woke up in the ICU.

She noted that she couldn’t see very well, and then she made the realization that she could only see out of one of her eyes. She lifted her hand to her face and felt an eyepatch. That was when a hand grabbed her.

It was an ICU nurse, “You’re awake, my dear”, the sweet voice said. “Don’t touch that. It’s better that you let that heal. Do you know why you’re here? Do you remember what happened?”, she asked. 

Suddenly, Stephanie looked around. Her heart began to pound as she realized where she was. “Thank goodness you took that photo”, she sighed. What happened?

The nurse told Stephanie that her family was here. She wanted to let them explain to her what happened. She left and briskly returned with her mom and brother in hand.

Stephanie began to cry at the sight of them. “Where’s Oscar?”, Stephanie asked. “He’s okay, he’s with your dad at home”, her mom replied. “What happened?”, Stephanie asked.

Her mom explained to her that they went to her house after she didn’t show up this morning. They found her lying in bed unconscious. Oscar was asleep next to her. 

They reassured her that he was completely fine but that she wouldn’t wake up. That’s when her brother grabbed her phone and saw the disturbing selfie. 

She posed for the picture with one eye completely shut and the other eye dropping half-open. Little did she know, she was suffering from having a stroke. 

But she also had no idea that the photo saved her life. Because she had recorded the exact time she had the stroke via the photo on her phone, the doctors were able to determine what course of treatment to take. 

The only thing that saved her was a blood clotting tablet which is usually very hard to medicate as if you prescribe it too late, it could do more harm than good. 

Luckily for Stephanie, the team knew she was still eligible for it because of that blessed selfie. Thankfully, Stephanie has made a full recovery and continues to thank her lucky stars every day.


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