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People Are Sharing Their Student Loans And It’s Bad, Real Bad

Going to college in America is expensive. The rest of the world has never been able to grasp how expensive exactly it is, and neither has Americans. However, people are starting to realize what the cost of college truly is. 

Recently on Twitter, people started a thread to share their student loan debt. Each person who commented seemed amazed at how much worse the other one’s debts are. 

One Twitter user is in so much debt she is even willing to return her degree just for some discount on her student loan debt!

“My student loan is almost $90k. I’m willing to return this Masters’ degree for 50% off.” Imagine being in so much debt for a degree and realizing that degree wasn’t even worth the money? That must be awful!

One user stated that he had been paying off his student loans for the last seven years. His loan amount was $50 000 when he began paying the loan back. 

In the last seven years, he has been paying what he could but his loan somehow managed to grow to an astonishing $65 000! I don’t know about you, but something about the financial system doesn’t seem right…

This woman has been paying back her student loans for 13 years.

The only issue is that while she has managed to keep the interest low, the initial loan amount has remained relatively unchanged. Yet they still dare to solicit donations from her.

This woman claims to have already paid over $100,000 and is still not done. “I’ve already paid off over $100k and still owe a GRIP!”, she posts. 

She shared a screenshot of her student loan account, which displayed an amount of $81,546.51 in arrears. But that’s nothing in comparison to this individual.

The next man’s post made everyone on the thread speechless. Without a word, he posted a picture of his current balance.

He reported an astounding $319,984.51 in debt. His principal balance is $262,384.08, plus $57,600.43 in outstanding interest. We haven’t met this individual, but we wish him all the best. 

“It’s above me now! This battle belongs to the LORD!” a user posted regarding her student debt. She had a total of $86,009.28 in outstanding student debt. 

We’re not certain whether leaving her student debt “up to the Lord” is the best way to approach her debt, but stranger things have happened. 

We’re not sure what this woman’s story is, but it seems like she is struggling with co-parenting issues and her hefty student loan debt is definitely not helping…

“Mine is $100k + but I plan on treating my student loans like how my baby daddy treats child support”.  Sounds like a tough situation. We hope her situation improves soon. She is definitely in a better position than the next user. 

This person posted a screenshot of his account summary in the thread. He captioned it with two laughing expressions, which had a bed of sweat on their brow.

His outstanding balance is a whopping $230,893.75. The total sum payable by him is $211,072. He’s made up to $19,821.14 in interest alone. How awful! This is terrible, and it’s not getting any better. 

“Around $94k”, another user shared “God has already taken care of it because I’m not lol”. That is a huge sum, and while the user’s cheerfulness is admired, this is not a laughing matter. 

We’re very grateful we don’t have that much money hanging over our heads!

Maybe we’re too serious around here or maybe the only appropriate response to all this is to laugh? If so, then this person has got it right.

“Loooollololololol”, this user typed as they shared a screenshot of their $200,851 balance of student loans. Well at least, they’re using their degree, right? Wrong.

This user chipped into the conversation stating that she went to medical school to study to be a doctor.

Her outstanding balance is a whopping $139,364.76. The only thing is, this woman never made it to graduation. Now she’s paying back a loan that did nothing for her.

This woman has a similar story about a degree that hasn’t gone to use due to circumstances beyond her control.

“Mine was $114,000 last I looked. I am chronically ill and unable to work, so I don’t even get to put my degree to good use.” This just isn’t right. In fact, it’s very very wrong.

One guy felt too embarrassed to share his principal student loans number so instead, he just shared his interest, $29,777.46.

But judging off of this, we can only imagine what kind of principal sum would gain an interest of that amount. He’s got to be looking at six digits.

Another user chimed in to the thread quoted Michael Jackson’s song, “You Are Not Alone”. He continued to put his Navient account on display, showing two loans totaling $141,164.89.

Although this has all been a devastating insight, it is true what this man has said. If you have student loans that seem big, don’t worry – you are definitely not alone. And there are definitely relief systems in place to help!


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