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She Only Wanted His Money, So He Got Payback On Her Wedding Day

Dino thought that Andrea was his soulmate. She was a beautiful and intelligent woman who always knew the right thing to say. 

But it turned out that she liked him for all the wrong reasons…

Dino had a successful career and a fulfilling personal life. Most of his friends were happy for him, but a few were suspicious about Anna. 

They felt like something was off about her, and they were right. 

At the very beginning of their relationship, Andrea told Dino that she suffered childhood trauma and may come off as arrogant because of that. 

Being an understanding person, Dino dismissed her confession and went on about his life. It was when Andrea moved in with him did he start seeing the red flags. 

One day, Dino was looking at his bank statement when he noticed a $500 purchase. He had given Andrea his credit card so she could buy groceries for herself while he was away.

He knew she couldn’t have possibly spent that much money on food in one week. So what did she spend the money on?

Dino began to suspect that Andrea might be cheating on him and was using his money on someone else. He often traveled for work, and she had his condo to herself. 

With those worrying thoughts racing through his mind, he made a plan. 

Dino decided to come back a few days early to try to catch his girlfriend in the act. 

He quietly entered the house and made his way to their bedroom. His worst fear was confirmed when he opened the door. The woman he once thought was his soulmate was cheating on him. 

Dino kept his cool and simply told both of them to get out. He gave Andrea $50 for a taxi ride and a key to the hotel room. 

She started crying and apologizing, but Dino insisted that she move out immediately. Eventually, he had to call the police to help him remove Andrea from his property. 

Fortunately, she wasn’t on the lease, so the cops were able to remove her. Andrea now had to face the harsh reality. 

She didn’t have any money to her name. So, she decided to do the one thing she knew would hurt Dino. 

Dino loved his Chevy Monte Carlo and took great care of it. A few weeks after he kicked Andrea out of his house, he found his car with smashed windows and four flat tires. 

His entire car was covered in ugly red paint. Dino was devastated but decided to be patient. 

Dino waited for the perfect time to get revenge on his crazy ex-girlfriend. So, when he heard from mutual friends that she was getting married, he started plotting.  

He made his sister’s friend, Nancy, his co-conspirator, and together they ruined Andrea’s wedding. 

A few weeks before Andrea’s big day, Dino sent her an anonymous letter in the mail with a picture of a wedding dress, a ketchup packet, and a photo of Monte Carlo. 

He also put a single sheet of paper with the words “red on white” written on it. 

The letter was enough to make Andrea worry about her wedding. 

Nancy also managed to find the store where Andrea was getting her wedding dress and passed this information along to Dino. He visited the store and asked the worker if he ”wants to make an easy hundred bucks.”

Dino explained to the worker that all he had to do was call Andrea and ask her to come into the shop to pick out the red-lace trim for her gown. 

“Andrea showed up 20 minutes later, freaking out and demanding to know what this was about,” Nancy recalls.  

The worker told her that he got a call from her partner and ordered the red lace for her wedding dress. 

Andrea immediately knew who was behind the sabotage. But this was only the beginning…

Dino and Nancy waited until two weeks left to mess with Andrea even more. They ordered 30 different red lipsticks, all paid with prepared credit cards to Andrea’s house. 

Dino also placed a red Sharpie under her windshield for her to find one day. By the time of the big day, Andrea was totally paranoid, expecting to be sprayed with red paint at any given moment. At the wedding reception, she demanded that all the red flowers be removed from the centerpieces and all red foods eliminated from the dishes. She was a total wreck, and her wedding turned out terrible. 


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