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Stepdaughter Announces Pregnancy, Mom Realizes Why Husband Disappeared

He had disappeared and now her daughter was staring at her, tears running down her face.

It had been closed for so long, hiding so many secrets behind its doors. She had no idea what was going on in her house until she check it.

Merissa Knoll had struck out time and time again with love, she just chalked it up to bad luck.

After being divorced twice and many failed relationships she felt that she may never find someone. The only person keeping her spirits high was Krysten, her daughter. But then she met Jacob.

It seemed like something out of a dream, but maybe it was too good to be true.

He had a good job, a caring attitude, and an amazing sense of humor. After finding how kind he was she finally felt that he had proved himself. Even her daughter seemed to get along well with him. It hadn’t even been a year before they were married.

It was a nice sunny morning in autumn and Merissa thought it was the perfect weather for baking.

She was making Krysten’s favorite baked treat – cinnamon rolls. It was important to make these for her especially since she was at college while her husband worked late shifts.

She was always so happy to see her daughter and husband sitting at the table like a happy family.

But one night she noticed that her daughter was acting a bit strange. When asked she complained about headaches and wouldn’t eat, it was clear that she was losing weight.

“Something going around at school, baby?” Her mother enquired.

“Maybe,” she muttered. She then marched up to her bedroom without another word. This would be the first event that would start a chain of events that would bring out secrets and strain relationships.

It was very abrupt, Jacob’s late shift dragged on far longer than it normally did.

He wouldn’t answer his phone either. She knew something wasn’t right. She called him again and again. Where had her husband gone to?

But just as abruptly as he had disappeared, he unlocked the front door and walked in nonchalantly.

Merissa couldn’t contain her anger and anxiety over his whereabouts. The only thing he said was that he was out with a friend and his battery died.

After a few months, Merissa still thought back to the event that had occured.

Something was off. Her daughter and husband would flash secret looks to each other, thinking she didn’t notice. When she asked about it, there was nothing but oblivious denial. The answer finally came after three terrible months.

Merissa sat on the sofa, feeling her stomach twist in knots. 

Across from her Jacob and Krysten sat together, holding hands. Her daughter looked terrified, and her husband looked nervous. Horrific pictures swirls around in her head. It felt like she would be sick at any moment.

She finally snapped. “Someone tell me what’s going on!”

Jacob answered, “Just let Krysten say her piece before you say anything.” Stress levels skyrocketed to maximum and tears formed in the corner of her eyes. This wasn’t happening.  

Krysten took a deep breath. “Mom, I’m pregnant.”


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