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“Smelly” Celebrities Who Could Use A Bath


We like to think Hollywood is all glitz and glamor, but people who live there will tell you the exact opposite. As beautiful and flawless as they appear, we miss out on an important aspect of our favorite celebs — what they smell like when you’re sitting next to them. Avoid the following celebrities because they apparently have questionable hygiene.

Megan Fox


Megan Fox is the subject of many men’s daydreams. But she became a nightmare when she told FHM Magazine, “I’m horrible to live with. I don’t clean. My clothes end up wherever I take them off. I forget to flush the toilet. Friends will tell me, ‘Megan, you totally pinched a loaf in my toilet and didn’t flush.



 Queen Bey is known for always looking “on fleek,” but looks can be deceiving. When people are around her they get a strong scent of garlic emanating from the singer. Other people say her breath smells spicy. We’re not quite sure what that means, but it doesn’t sound good.

Joan Rivers


 It might be bad form to speak ill of the deceased, but we wanted to let you know that she used to forget the deodorant. Instead, Rivers believed spraying her clothing and armpits with vodka and water was a viable alternative. Go ahead and feel bad for all of the people she criticized and interviewed.

Shailene Woodley


 The star of the Divergent series likes to cover herself in dirt supplements and essential oils. The natural products are not known for having the best scents. There’s a rumor her designers refuse to take her clothes back after fancy events. What does that say about the lasting smell?

Emma Stone


 Emma Stone says she sometimes smells “clam baked” and things smell differently on her. The thing that sets Emma apart from the rest of the stinky celebrities on this list is she even doesn’t like her own smell. Is it safe to say this recent Academy Award winner smells Superbad?



 Why isn’t it any surprise that Snooki is on this list? She once said she likes to rub herself down with cat litter rather than clean in any conventional way. When someone has the money to get treated at a day spa on the daily basis, they should really take advantage of it.

Jessica Simpson


 Simpson really likes to let herself go. In an interview on Ellen, Jessica says she can’t stand the slippery feeling on her teeth after she brushes so she decides to wait a few days before giving them a good cleaning. She does floss and gargle with mouthwash, so she has that going for her.

Kristen Stewart


 It makes a lot of sense Robert Pattinson and Steward had so much chemistry on screen throughout the entire Twilight saga now that we know they both smell terrible. She sweats when she gets nervous, and she is apparently a very anxious person. Her and Pattinson probably smell normal to each other and that is just adorable, we guess.

Russell Crowe


 Remember how Joan Rivers coated herself in vodka? She had the gall to call out Russell Crowe for his unbearable stench. She said the actor “has a body odor problem. I prefer to sit downwind of him at showbiz bashes.” He probably got into his Gladiator character a little too much and never came back.

Cameron Diaz


 Someone should set Cameron up with Matthew McConaughey since the two must have stopped using deodorant at the same time. In addition, Diaz once said she will wear the same outfit for four days without changing and then simply throw the disgusting threads away. The crew could hardly wait for the day they filmed the car wash scene in Bad Teacher.

Brad Pitt


 There wasn’t a woman (or man) who would turn Brad Pitt down. When he was filming Inglourious Basterds, Eli Roth actually showed the heartthrob how to wipe down with moist towelettes to block out some of the smell. Imagine what he smelled like on the set of Fight Club!

Jennifer Aniston


 Now that Brad Pitt is single, he should think about getting back together with Jennifer. They two are a match made in heaven… or hell. Alec Baldwin and Jason Bateman have both confirmed Jennifer’s breath reeks to high heaven. Perhaps she and Courteney Cox are real-life friends since they have a lot in common in this area.

Viggo Mortensen


 Viggo Mortensen is quite the dedicated thespian. In order to get deep into playing the character of Aragorn in the Lord of The Rings trilogy, he forced himself to sleep in the woods and would barely take a shower. He probably smelled like a Cave Troll or a Hobbit’s foot.

Anderson Cooper


 Anderson Cooper may look clean-cut and well-groomed but apparently, that’s not the case at all. On the air he said, “So the times I’ve washed my jeans — maybe twice in six months — the times I’ve done it, I’ve worn them and walked into my shower with them and put some soap on them and then air-dried them. Isn’t that how you’re supposed to do it?”

Britney Spears


 Oops, she did it again. The pop queen definitely has some interesting bedroom behavior, and I don’t mean of the sexual variety. Spears’ former housekeeper told reporters she would find half-eaten burgers, french fries, and cookies in her bed. She didn’t need to clean the shower often because Britney didn’t use it.

Bradley Cooper


 Speaking of people who don’t like to apply deodorant, Bradley Cooper is just as guilty. He’s copped to it in the past, saying, “Yeah, I don’t use deodorant really anymore. I do take a lot of showers, so maybe that helps. In the morning and then at night. And after I work out, I’ll take a shower. So maybe three a day.”



 We were about to do a little more research to find out just how bad Ke$ha takes her bad hygiene. We are sure there is a lot of information all over the Internet about her smell, bathing practices, or oral hygiene habits. But we stopped when it was discovered she drank her own pee.

Julia Roberts


 No one can say that Julia Roberts doesn’t care about the planet. The Pretty Woman star cares about water conservation enough to forego taking a shower for days. We’re proud of you Julia, but could you at least start using some eco-friendly deodorant while you’re at it.

Christina Aguilera


 The pop sensation may have the voice of an angel, but she apparently smells like hot dogs and has since she was little. Arena Magazine once reported Christina stinks like “a 12-year-old girl’s bedroom on school disco night.” You can enjoy her singing, but enjoy it from a distance.

Courteney Cox


 The Friends star is another person you wouldn’t expect to have the hygiene of a caveman. She isn’t as bad at some of the other celebs on this list but ex-husband David Arquette is credited as saying, “Courteney may be pretty, but if she’s not on top of it, she smells like a truck driver and I like it.”

Johnny Depp


 So many women fantasize about having one night with Johnny Depp. Apparently, they haven’t heard the actor doesn’t like to shower and will allegedly go days without one. It’s a good thing Depp’s former girlfriend, supermodel Vanessa Paradis, prefers to let the dirt settle on her body for a few days too.

Matthew McConaughey


 McConaughey is well-known for his hippie tendencies, but we think he might take it a little too far. It’s been over 20 years since the actor has used deodorant. While on the set of Fools Gold, his co-star Kate Hudson begged him to use hers. He responded with, “Women love my natural scent. I smell like a man. I smell like me.”

Orlando Bloom


 Aragorn’s traveling companion also has some shoddy hygiene practices. His ex-girlfriend Miranda Kerr begged Bloom to start washing his clothes more often, to shower more, and prevent his slobbering canine from sleeping in the bed with them. It’s no surprise the couple broke up. He probably learned it from Johnny Depp on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Robert Pattinson


 You’re never going to enjoy Twilight quite as much after learning this. Pattinson’s schedule is so full he doesn’t wash his clothes until it becomes unbearable that he can’t stand the air around him. Imagine how his poor co-stars feel. They couldn’t stand to be around him because he smells so bad.

Zac Efron



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