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SNL Cast Member Has Insights Into How Kim And Pete Started

It’s been a long time since Kim Kardashian’s infamous video propelled her and the Kardashian family into the celebrity sensations they are today. The first family of Hollywood has been divisive figures ever since, and there have been many notable moments along the way.

Though all the drama and headlines, love or hate her, Kim K’s still has legions of fans who remain as hungry as ever for any bit of insight into the superstar’s life beyond the camera.

The Kardashians, in general, are known for never staying out of the limelight for long. For Kim, intrigue over her relationships and marriages is always at the forefront of her celebrity. 

The socialite-businesswoman-model has been married three times, most notably to Kris Humphries and Kanye West. However, her current relationship has generated just as much drama. 

No one does whirlwind romances like significant celebrities. Less than a year after her much-publicized divorce from rapper Kanye West, Kim’s love life was firmly under the spotlight again. 

This time, fans were surprised when news broke that her new beau was actually the more low-key Saturday Night Live cast member Pete Davidson. Almost a year later, the couple has remained as intriguing as ever, with tons of drama for fans to revel in along the way. 

Most notably, the couple made headlines when Pete and Kanye West, who has two kids with Kim, became embroiled in a feud. While most of the drama has abated, the couple’s every move is still very much a hot topic. 

Aside from the fact that they both seemed an odd match, Pete has himself been the subject of much drama from his own juicy dating history.  

Pete is no stranger to dating headlines as the comedian has previously dated a slew of celebrity women. His dating highlights include Kate Beckinsale and megastar Ariana Grande.

Pete is best known for his quirky, hilarious, and oddball characters on SNL skits. Given his often goofy portrayals, many fans were surprised at the 28-year-old’s propensity for bagging such gorgeous celebrities. 

Pete’s impressive streak continued and peaked with the news that he was officially dating Kim herself. As stated, not only did it seem an odd match, but many other aspects of the relationship enthralled fans. 

Chief among these is the apparent disparity between Pete and Kim’s former choice, Kanye. Pete has always seemed like a more laid-back, boy next door type in comparison to the enigmatic, tough-guy image of Kanye. This has once again left fans with a burning question about Pete. 

Pete Davidson has become something of a hero among seemingly ordinary men who might think themselves below the standards of someone like Kim. These kinds of questions may be a little unfair. 

After all, the comedian is a celebrity in his own right and has been very successful at what he does. Whatever the mysterious allure around Pete is, he remains a legend to men who might not ordinarily have the confidence to punch above their weight. 

Since it was confirmed that Kim and Pete were indeed an item, the rumor mill has been awash with rumors about them. Megacelebrities are well known for being subjected to many rumors and fake news about their personal lives. 

Sifting through the plethora of news and gossip can be difficult. Fans were excited when Pete’s SNL castmate, Chloe Fineman, presented herself as a credible person who weighed in on the couple’s romance.  

Chloe Fineman is, of course, well known as another hilarious member of the current SNL troop. She is often best loved for her sidesplitting skits in which she plays Britney Spears. 

As a castmate of Pete’s, Chloe’s experience of the relationship with Kim was always likely to include some firsthand insights. Unsurprisingly, fans were eager to hear what she knew.

Chloe has recently revealed that she gets asked about Pete and Kim. No surprise there. Chloe also described Kim, whom she met personally around the same time, as being “cool” and “really loved her”.

Even though the official rumors were only confirmed months later, Chloe did confirm that the relationship potential seemed to spark after Kim hosted SNL and shared a memorable scene with Pete. Kim, herself, has confirmed these rumors. 

When Kim and Pete performed a skit as Alladin and Jasmine on a magic carpet, the pair had to kiss as a part of it. Kim has publicly mentioned it since that; as a result, there was “a vibe”. 

In a revealing interview, Kim went on to thrill fans with more tasty tidbits of information. Many were surprised by her candid and racy admissions. 

According to Kim, after her SNL appearance and that kissing scene, she held an afterparty that Pete never attended. She later made some calls to get in touch with him. 

The most engaging side of Kim’s story was what she revealed later. Apparently, she was initially just looking for some, let’s just say, more casual fun after hearing some flattering rumors about Pete’s physical attributes. 

Considering that Kim is one of the most famous and desired women, it’s not likely that many fans were expecting that admission. Either way, whatever the truth around this intriguing relationship, Pete’s legend just gets better. 

People close to the couple have said that Kim is a lot “happier” since being with Pete. There was, however, some sad news amid all the positivity.

At the finale of the 47th season of SNL, Pete and another castmate, Kate McKinnon, announced that they would both be leaving the show. While it’s common for SNL members who make it big to eventually leave, Pete’s absence will be a sore spot for fans of the hit show. 

Given that Pete is now inexorably tethered to the publicity machine that is Kim Kardashian, it does seem only natural that he will be moving onto a new chapter in his career.  

Everyone’s favorite celebrity couple has shown thus far that drama aplenty is never far away. For fans of Kim and Pete, the fact that they appear to still be going strong only heightens the intrigue. Only time will tell what the future holds for these two. 

One thing is for certain; whatever happens, there will be armies of fans waiting to hungrily lap every bit of news. What’s your take on Kim and Pete’s relationship?


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