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Woman Encountered An Angel On Her Way To Work, Her Story Shocked The World 

Maria is a middle school teacher in Brooklyn, New York. One day she was walking to her school with arms full of supplies for the classroom and doughnuts for her students.

It was a regular mundane day with usual chores. She was brisk walking down the street.

It was a rush hour, and like any other New Yorker, she had her earphones on. The world blocked out to her—white background noise.

The woman was on her phone talking to her mother. She was completely engrossed in the conversation when suddenly a man stopped her.

He grabbed her attention with a casual “Excuse me, miss.” Maria pulled her earphones out. She wasn’t expecting much other than the man asking for directions to the nearest station or an open deli.

But to her shock, he asked her something completely out of the blue.

The man asked if she was a teacher to which Maria said: “Yes, I am.” He followed up with another question. 

“Are these doughnuts for your students?” Maria again replied with a yes. What this man did next bewildered Maria.

The man, a complete stranger, who she encountered randomly placed $50 bills on top of the stack of doughnut boxes in her arms. 

He said he wanted to pay for the doughnuts as a treat to the kids and further proceeded to thank her. Maria was shocked and completely lost for words.

Maria was in a stupor, unable to form any sound sentence. Other than “Oh my god” and repeated “Thank yous,” she couldn’t string a proper sentence.

Days after the incident, she still regrets it. How could she let him just walk away?

Neither did she ask him his name, nor she could properly thank him. In fact, it was the man who broke her out of the shock.

Having walked a few feet away, the man turned and waved at her. She came back to her senses and realized she was still on the call with her mother.

Maria shared her miraculous experience on her social media. She hoped that the gentleman she met would see it and feel proud that his random act of kindness brought great happiness to a bunch of kids in Bronx’s local middle school.

Little did she know that her shared tweet would reach out to so many people.

Maria’s threat of tweets gained a lot of attention and went viral. A lot of people connected with her experience. 

Many people shared their own miracles and encounters—one heartwarming story after another.

People applauded her for sharing the story and appreciated the kind act done by the random man.

Very few people go out of their way to do such good deeds. And even very less people truly appreciate them.

People dropped many comments in appreciation. To quote a few:  “This makes me so happy!!! Keep shining for your students!” – MD (@OSUmom19)

“Still hope for humanity yet,” commented Mike Bennett (@mikeb927). “Faith in humanity restored some,” wrote Pete’s Basement (@PetesBasement).

People even came up with a nickname for the mysterious man. Doughnut Man! Such an endearing nickname!

The appreciation kept pouring in as the post spread across the world like fire. People from every country and every aspect of society reached out and shared their views.

Maria concluded her thread with a short but beautiful line dedicated to the generous man. “Sometimes angels do walk among us.” 

Although Maria still laments at the fact that she couldn’t thank him properly. Well, we never know. The gentleman might someday come across the social media post. And we can see them unite once again. Let’s hope for the best.

Amidst the pandemic going on for the past couple of years which has covered the entire world with a heavy blanket of gloom, such random act of kindness gives people some hope.

Let’s hope that humanity is still alive. 

A small act of kindness can cause a ripple of kindness and ultimately a wave. It doesn’t take much to make someone smile. 

But the person you made smile will remember your deed for the rest of the day. They will reach out and help others. Thus making an endless chain. So, be kind.


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