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Best Special Forces In The World Ranked By Country

The original concept of special forces stemmed from the idea of Japanese ninjas – who lived in the shadowy world of espionage. But it wasn’t until WWII did the rest of the world catch up and create their own extraordinary combat units. 

Here are the most highly trained and dangerous soldiers in the world…

The SAS stands for Special Air Services – and the group was created during WWII.

But now, the soldiers aren’t confined to the skies. Their training is very harsh and only the top 15% end up graduating. One rumor is that part of their grueling training takes place in the jungle. It’s no surprise that only the strongest alpha males can endure it.

This is the elite commando force of Israel. They are the masters of Krav Maga and will wake up at 4 am no matter the conditions. 

Beyond that, not much else is known. They are quite hushed about their innerworkings – unlike some special forces who advertise to the entire world. 

Everyone knows about these guys. There have even been movies made about them.

They are one of the oldest and most dangerous combat groups in the world – and their origins came during WWII when the government needed a uniquely trained group to take on a harsh operation on a beach. 

Think of the US Special Forces – that’s what the SSG is similar to.

Their main job is to fight back against Al Qaeda and Islamic State forces. Their intense training takes place over years and countless tactical exercises. Those lucky enough to pass can take on the nickname “Maroon Berets.”

The special force group isn’t just trained in extensive and dangerous combat scenarios (as well as deadly equipment), but they are trained as non-combat first responders as well.

But don’t think it’s an easy group to get into. Their standards are just as high as other country’s forces.

Their name means the “Austrian Hunting Force” and they don’t mess around – not even with training.

Some of the courses take place in the Austrian Alps and the entire program weeds out 80% of the weaklings – leaving this group as one of the best in the world. It’s also a group that was formed in WWI.

The main reason for the creation of this group was for China to conquer Taiwan from the Liberation Army.

Even if they have served their purpose, they are still around to maintain a tight grip on Taiwan and other small islands that China has claimed. They also take on training that combines the army, police, navy, and air forces all in one. 

While the general population in Canada is stereotyped as polite, their special forces are not something to mess with.

They are one of the world’s best, but they don’t advertise their existence very much. All that is known is they are trained to deal with anything – from terrorism to nuclear attacks. There apparently have been missions that even the Prime Minister didn’t know about.

Ever think about trying to join the famous and ferocious American special forces?

Well, don’t hold your breath. Only 1 out of 10 soldiers pass. And after that is rigorous training to deal with hostage and rescue missions as well as other global crises. 

Any special forces soldier is scary to look at, but these guys are downright terrifying.

They are not only secretive, but very selective on who is good enough to join. Only 150 alpha males are mentally and physically capable enough to be able to wear the honored horn symbol on their uniform – a symbol of when the corps was first created back in 1785.

These are the guys that would go in head-first into the streets of Mosul to take it from ISIS terrorists. 

They are known as the Golden Division, but had to be created from scratch because the old soldiers of the army might have had loyalties to Saddam Hussein. Aside from combat, they also get a lot of pilot-relevant training. 

They were created during WWII at the same time as their British counterparts.

Training is just as grueling and only 600 are allowed to be called “Green Berets.” Called Stage Commando, it entails one week of physical and mental testing, 6 weeks of preparatory training, 4 weeks evaluation, commando skills for 7 weeks, and 2 weeks paratrooper training.

The special forces here are very secretive – but the one thing everyone is sure about is the training process is one of the most unrelenting in the world. Some of their physical exercises have become famous, with normal people seeing if they can complete even a fraction of the expectations. 

You name it, they can do it – including being experts at throwing knives (or their shoves that also double as a tomahawk). 

These guys surprised the world in 2004 when they beat out the US Delta Force in the Special Forces Competition. They even diffused a bomb 6 seconds faster.

Qualifying isn’t for the faint of heart, because it’s a 3-4 year process and you can get kicked out any time if you’re not doing good enough. Part of their final exam involves a shooting test that would make any normal person pass out.


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