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Stocking Stuffers That Can’t Wait Until December

Big gifts are easy to pick out – mostly because they’re on a very obvious list that your partner or kids has taped to your forehead. 

But stocking stuffers can be a bit trickier. The great news is that there are a TON of tiny options that the receiver will love (and not secretly re-gift).

Non-plastic straws are (finally) all the rage. However, they can be a bit of a pain to transport. 

The solid ones are perfect for home use, but what about when someone is on the go? Grab the kind that collapses into a case and can be attached to a keychain. Perfect!

You’ll never run out of ideas in the car department. 

However, if someone is a bit of a neat freak, or they just can’t get at that dust in the nooks and crannies, “car goo” is the answer. It can also be used for keyboards … or just squishing around in the hands because it’s somehow satisfying.

Baby Yoda has been all the rage. He’s everywhere and in every form. 

There are even Tiki glasses if someone wants to sip their favorite beverage while watching something Star Wars. If sci-fi isn’t an option, there’s literally any other design you can imagine.

Know someone who loves hot sauce?

 It might pain them when many eateries won’t carry that beloved condiment and they’re forced to settle for ketchup. Thankfully, one chili-head had an excellent idea to make a tiny bottle that can attach to your keychain. When it runs out, just refill it with a new flavor. Yum!

If Nintendo can stuff hundreds of games into a mini SNES console, then we can have pocket Pac-Man or any other game that would have graced an arcade. 

These are perfect for anyone old enough to be nostalgic about them. But young kids will also love them.

It doesn’t matter the brand – there are literally hundreds of flavors out there. 

They range from normal, to grab-bag mystery, to crazy things like wasabi, bacon, or grass. It doesn’t matter who it’s for, these candies will always go over well. Just don’t eat them before you can gift them!

Booklights, lasers pens, phone accessories, computer mice, pocket projectors – anything that is “electronic-y” and small. 

Also, with the advancements in tech and how tiny parts can get, many gadgets won’t jump inside your wallet, take out all your cards and cash and then make a run for it.

How about home-grown mushrooms (without the need for a cold, damp basement)? 

If that doesn’t float your boat, never fear. There are herbs and other delicious things that come in small packs and can be nurtured in the kitchen window. They also fit perfectly in any stocking. There are even tiny tomatoes.

Yes, you’re reading this correctly … screaming goat. Work is stressful. Life is stressful. 

So, instead of screaming into a pillow, just press down on the base and listen to the poor goat go horse as it yells. Even the most hardened heart will find themselves giggling.

No, not real coal – although BBQ’ers and artists won’t complain about that. 

We’re talking about gag coal for those who have been naughty this year. It comes in all forms – candy, soap, ice cubes, tiny containers, bath products, etc. It’s now a real gift instead of an old-time punishment.  

No! Stay! Really, socks can (now) be a great stocking stuffer. 

We’re not talking about a 6-pack of black ones that you would get at the department store. Does the receiver love gaming? How about a favorite TV show? You name it and there will be a pair of socks for it.

It might not taste the best, but 99% of people will be up for trying something that is also eaten in zero gravity. 

Novelty things like space ice cream are a must-try experience – especially the Japanese ones which are really fun. Army MRE samples are a quirky, alternative add-on.

Everyone loves earbuds. And since they’re so easy to break or lose (usually lose), there will always be the need to replace them at some point. 

Bluetooth ones are perfect for people who like exercise or hate cords. Get a smart-watch to complete the set and make things extra mobile.

Cheap and always popular. They are great for small stockings or big skin-care fans. 

The best part about them? They come in an endless array of … flavors? Smells? Whatever. There are even holiday ones like hot chocolate, peppermint, eggnog, and pumpkin pie. Just make sure they’re not tempted to lick them.


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