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The Strongest Militaries In The World

Militaries don’t have to be at war with one another to show their strength. These countries have some pretty powerful armies doing incredible things on a daily basis. Check out some of the strongest militaries in the world.


The Netherlands is home to the oldest military in Europe having fought against Napoleon. While the country helped form NATO, they also have some of the best special forces in the world for when things aren’t so peaceful.


The Danish have an army of around 33,000, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less fearsome. With a unit known as “Hunter Corps,” you wouldn’t want to get on Denmark’s bad side.


Switzerland has a reputation as being “neutral,” but requires all male citizens to be in the military. And all citizen soldiers are also required to keep their weapons at home, meaning just about every house in Switzerland comes armed.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has seen years of conflict and civil war, and while the country is a member of NATO and practices humanitarian efforts, it still puts emphasis on maintaining a strong army.


Mexico’s military is a homeland defense that never leaves the country, except in extreme situations. The country’s Navy is said to be especially strong when it comes to defending against external threats.


Sweden only recently ended mandatory military service, and is known as one of the most active countries in the world when it comes to international peace-keeping. In addition to its peace-keeping, Sweden is known to have some of the most top-notch counter-espionage units in the world.

North Korea

Known as the “Korean People’s Army,” North Korea’s military is one of the largest in the world with 5% of its population involved. However, not much else is known due to the country’s secrecy.


While Canada lacks aircrafts has few active military members, the country has still been impressively involved in Middle Eastern conflicts. In fact, Canada is ranked as number 22 out of 126 countries for its military potential.


Indonesia makes up for in numbers what it lacks in firepower. There’s a strong military culture in the country that has soldiers taking their roles very seriously, as you can see in the above photo.


Despite the restrictions placed on the German military following WWII, the country has 55,000 military members. They’ve been actively fighting alongside the US in the Middle East conflict since 2002.


Poland is said to have some of the most impressive ground forces with over 1,000 tanks at its disposal.


With China as a constant threat, Taiwan has developed some of the best Special Forces in the world. These masks worn by the soldiers above are bullet-proof, and are just one example of the country’s military might.


Thailand may not have the strongest air force or navy fleet, but the country does have an impressive ground force with over 700 tanks.


Australia has a relatively small military, but makes up for its size with tactical vehicles. The country is ranked as number 23 out of 126 countries when it comes to its military potential thanks to its helicopters, tanks, and armored fighting vehicles.


While Israel is a smaller country with lower military numbers, most of its population has been in service at one point or another. One of the Israel’s main exports is military technology, making this one tough little country.


Egypt has one of the oldest and largest militaries in the Middle East. In addition to its size, the Egyptian military has the world’s fifth largest fleet of tanks at its disposal.


The country has one of the largest militaries in the world when it comes to active members. It’s also said at the rate Pakistan is building nuclear weapons, it will become the third largest nuclear arsenal in the next several years.


Turkey has one of the largest militaries in the Mediterranean with an impressive tank fleet. However, this isn’t surprising given the country shares a border with war-torn Syria.

United Kingdom

While the British Armed Forces are known for its homeland defense and peace-keeping missions, the country also has renowned aerial units that include the Special Air Service.


Instead of relying on large numbers of active members, Italy depends on its impressive fleet of aircraft carriers, submarines, and planes.


Despite France’s negative military reputation, the country is playing an active role in Northern Africa. The French military is working to stabilize the government in the area and counter terrorism.


India has the third most active military in the world, and also has access to nuclear weapons. This makes India one of the most underrated countries in terms of military power.


Not only does China have the largest military in the world, but the country is also home to second largest tank and submarine fleets.


Russia is one country that has invested a lot of money into its military power, and it’s said to only be increasing.

United States


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