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Superdads Save The Day With Crazy ‘Dad Reflexes’

Any dad would proud to hear their kids believes he’s their superhero! And in reality, most dads become super skilled at saving their kids from trouble. Their super power is called ‘dad reflexes,’ and you’ll surely understand it all once you see them in action! There are countless of compilations of kids getting in trouble and one super dad swooping in just in time before their kid face planted into the ground. Meanwhile, moms stand by in awe, confused about everything. Let’s check out the ‘dad reflexes’ that have become viral on the Internet.

20. Changing Into a Dad

Once you become a dad, your life changes. You’ll start feeling stuff and the protective nature will increase. With time, you also develop a new skill – terrible dad jokes. But until that phase in their lives, they’re superhero dads.

It’s not always when you can count on your dad to save you from an incoming baseball bat to the face while you’re at a game. This kid was actually sending his mom photos from the game. Lucky for him, his dad had his eyes on the… bat?

Scientists haven’t yet studied this superpower called ‘dad reflex’ but we’re taking a look at the Dad Reflexes sub-Reddit and we have to admit it’s quite a phenomenon! Let’s watch all the dads catching their kids milliseconds before the hit the ground, the wall, parked cars, the lake… the ocean… and so on.

We must admit it, many toddlers get in trouble daily. One second they’re sitting on the blanket in the backyard, the next second they’re falling on the pavement. Thankfully, most of the time, there’s a superdad saving them!

“It was a scary moment, but as you can see we were able to laugh afterwards,” said this dad that saved his kid from falling off a bridge at Yosemite National Park. The mom was recording the video, capturing it all on camera!

This video was posted on Reddit and it became viral. Security cameras spotted a ninja dad whose kid nearly falls to the ground! He then grabs the kid by the ankle, right before he hit the floor, slowly lowering him. It wouldn’t have ended well if not for those dad reflexes.

We mentioned earlier that dads swoop in and save the day because babies and toddler are so clumsy? While that might be true, kids also get in trouble because of dads that want to throw and play with their kids only to ALMOST dropping them. This dad’s comeback saved his kid from being dropped on the head.

While filming these viral videos, mom can be heard gasping, and dads look cool, as if they were expecting things to go wrong, and they had it handled. Yeah, tell it to this dad…

As a kid, you always trust your parents to keep you safe. They’re your safety net. This young boy realized it when he literally jumped into his dad’s arms from the swing. But dads don’t have superhuman strength and might also face plant, while trying to save and avoid falling on their kids.

Couch Dad to the rescue! This dad was actually sleeping, but as his kid was falling, his spidey senses were activated. A lot of people went nuts when they saw the video!

Usain Bolt has nothing over a desperate father that sees his little girl driving her toy car down the hill, nearly hitting another clueless toddler.

You’ve really stepped up your game when you punch a flying car out of your kid’s way. Of course, this was a toy car, but it was a great save nonetheless…

We’ll never forget that time when we first learned to ride the bike. Some of us were more skilled, while others have completely failed at it and just turned to rollerblades. We love how this dad ‘helped’ his daughter not to fall. Yep, very helpful, dad. Good reflexes, poor execution on that save.

As a parent, you pick up on strange signs and expect your kids have come with a new idea on how to get a new scar or fall again. This kid was a bit mad he couldn’t eat the lights on his cake. Thankfully, dad’s fast reflexes saved his boy!

Sleighing is fun for all kids, and even for adults. This kid was not expecting to lose control of the sleigh and roll around in the snow. But her dad was there, ready to pick her up before touching the snow.

We can count on all toddlers and older kids to get into trouble. Just when you thought you could be at ease, they somehow flip over a slide. This kid should become a gymnast…

Even learning how to use the stairs is tough for little kids. Talking about flipping over slides, this kid did the same thing on the stairs, but his dad caught him mid-air before getting hurt!

There’s a reason why little kids ride ponies and not regular sized horses. Maybe this dad realizes he should put his little ones on a horse, since they could easily fall… He did save the day, though.

Anther faceplant was avoided that day by this dad that was watching as his daughter climbed the fence. You’d think they’d remember next time that climbing can result in falling if there’s no dad around…

Some dads are so awesome that they can hold a baby with one hand and grab the one mid-air from a swing with the other.


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