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Surrogate Mother Is In Tears After Seeing Her Ultrasound

When this Oregan woman decided to become a surrogate mother for her twin sister, she had no idea how much her life was about to change because of it. 

A few months into her pregnancy, she received shocking news from her doctor that brought tears to her eyes. 

Twin sisters Jill and Whitney were each others’ best friends. They spent almost every day together, and on the days when they couldn’t see each other, they had long phone conversations.

One night, Whitney asked Jill for a huge favor, and to her surprise, her sister agreed to help her out. 

Whitney had always wanted to have a baby, but she couldn’t conceive due to her health problem. When she was a child, she started experiencing strange symptoms. 

Her vision and hearing suddenly got worse, and her parents couldn’t understand what was going on. 

The doctors explained that Whitney had type 2 neurofibromatosis. This condition causes non-cancerous tumors to grow inside the nervous system.

Although Whitney’s tumors weren’t cancerous, they significantly impacted her life. The disease permanently damaged her hearing and left her blind in one eye. But this wasn’t even the worst part. 

Whitney had low self-esteem because of her looks, and she didn’t feel comfortable going on dates until she met her future husband – Pete Bliesner. 

They got married after a few months of dating and wanted to start a family, but there was one problem. 

Jill was thrilled that her sister finally found the man who made her feel special and beautiful every single day. Whitney had been through a lot in her life and deserved nothing less than pure happiness. 

But there was one thing Whitney and her husband weren’t aware of yet…She couldn’t have children. 

Whitney’s condition was preventing her from getting pregnant. They kept trying for a baby for years, but nothing seemed to work. 

Whitney’s biological clock was ticking, and when she turned 35, she decided to reach out to her twin sister for help. 

When Jill heard about her sister’s problem, she was devastated. She knew how much Whitney wanted to experience motherhood, so she proposed the idea of being a surrogate mother for her. 

Whitney gladly accepted her sister’s offer, and they started preparing for surrogacy. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. 

Whitney, her husband, and Jill began the Vitro fertilization process by using the donor eggs and Pete’s sperm. 

After the process was complete, the trio waited in anticipation for the results to come in. Did it work?

The procedure had worked, and Whitney’s sister was now pregnant! The trio was on cloud nine when they heard the news and began counting the months until the baby was born. 

But sadly, their happiness was short-lived. 

Whitney and her husband couldn’t wait for the ultrasound day. It was going to be a very special day for all of them. They were going to see their baby for the first time!

But what they saw on the ultrasound shocked them to the core. How was this even possible?

The doctor announced that they were about to welcome the second generation of twins! 

Although they were happy to know that the babies were healthy, Jill knew that her pregnancy was going to be tough. 

Pete and Whitney couldn’t wait to become parents. They even came up with a gift idea for their first birthday!

The couple ordered matching onesies and even picked out names for their baby boys. However, their children wouldn’t be the only ones wearing matching attire. 

Jill and Whitney also started wearing the same T-shirts. However, they had to order two different sizes because Jill’s stomach was getting very big. 

In 2019, she gave birth to two healthy boys, Rhenley and Rhett. Whitney couldn’t stop thanking her sister for doing this for her, but Jill didn’t think that what she did was anything special. 

“It’s my best friend, someone I’ve come into this world with, so it was really a no-brainer that I’d offer to be her surrogate,” Jill said.  

The sisters are hoping that the boys will become each other’s best friends, just like they are. 


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