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Take A Look At The Mighty Ducks Cast Today, Cake Eaters!

On October 2, 1992, audiences across the country were introduced to the toughest hockey team out of District 5. The Mighty Ducks became a surprise hit and has been featured on a variety of lists aggregating the best sports films ever. We take a look at the whereabouts of the cast today.

From A Lawyer…

Professional lawyer turned hockey coach Gordon Bombay helped lift a team full of colorful youngsters to claim the state Pee Wee Championship against their rivals.

Source: Disney

…To A Director

Emilio Estevez was nominated for several awards for his film Bobby. The Staten Island native also directed episodes of Numb3rsCold Case, and The Guardian.

Source: Warner Bros.

The Mentor

Gordon couldn’t get back to his hockey roots alone, so he relied on his old mentor Hans, who was the owner of the local sporting goods store.

Source: Disney

Still At It

With over 130 roles in TV and film throughout his career, Joss Ackland still remains active to this day. His recent work include Prisoners of the Sun and Decline of an Empire.

Source: Lionsgate/Kaleidoscope

The Old Coach

Coach Jack Reilly makes his return to Gordon’s life after an unfortunate loss, but this time around, he’s the competition instead of the motivator.

Source: Disney

A Veteran In The Biz

Shortly after the film, Lane Smith gained one of his most memorable roles as Perry White in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. In 2005, the Golden Globe nominated actor died from Lou Gehrig’s disease at the age of 69.

Source: 20th Century Fox

The Star Player

To Gordon, Charlie Conway had the “it” factor, and he was taught all of the tricks and trades of the game in order to help his team become victorious.

Source: Disney

Beloved TV Star

Joshua Jackson, who is an avid hockey fan, has been dominating the small screen with award-nominated roles on Dawson’s Creek, Fringe, and The Affair.

Source: Gage Skidmore

The Outsider

Fulton Reed transformed his anger into something positive as he joined the Ducks after showing off his mean slapshot at the expense of Gordon’s van.

Source: Disney

Netflix Star

Elden Henson has been gaining praise for his portrayal of Foggy Nelson on the hit Netflix series Daredevil, and he’s set to reprise his role in the upcoming miniseries The Defenders.

Source: Marvel Studios

The Goalie

While Greg Goldberg was very hesitant of being the goalie, he conquered his fear of the puck and became a huge asset to his team.

Source: Pinterest

Career Revival

After some scarce roles, Shaun Weiss has been aiming for a comeback. In 2013, the comedian starred in his own web series titled What About Weiss?

Source: Shaun Weiss

The Forward

While he assumed Gordon was a drug dealer the first time they met, top prankster Jesse Hall warmed up to the coach at the end.

Source: Disney

Hanging In There

Brandon Quintin Adams’ acting career was put on hold after a 2002 shooting that claimed the life of actor Merlin Santana. In 2009, he shifted into the music industry with his mixtape titled B. Lee in H.D.

Source: Kwame Jason Podcast

Franchise Player

Guy Germaine, who was smitten with teammate Connie Moreau, is the second-best player on the team and a member of the Oreo Line with the Hall brothers.

Source: Disney

Return To Acting

Garette Ratliff Henson took time off from acting to graduate from Sarah Lawrence College, but the New York City native has been slowly making a return with minor roles on NCIS, Cold Case, and Close To Home.

Source: Christopher Redman

The Velvet Hammer

As one of two female players on the team’s roster, forward Connie Moreau displayed strong independence and stood up against what she thought was wrong.

Source: Disney

Wet Hot Acting Career

Marguerite Moreau gained her most memorable role as Katie in Wet Hot American Summer, which she reprised for the Netflix series. She recently had a minor role in the critically acclaimed FX show The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story.

Source: ABC

The Figure Skater

Along with his sister and figure skating partner Tammy Duncan, Tommy joined the team shortly after their makeover thanks to sponsor and Gordon’s boss Gerald Ducksworth.

Source: Disney

From Nick To Music

After appearances in Nickelodeon shows The Adventures of Pete and Pete and All That, Danny Tamberelli turned his attention to music with the rock band Jounce.

Source: Nathan West

The Older Sister

While Tammy Duncan got very frustrated at her younger brother Tommy for insisting on joining the Ducks, she decided to put her figure skating skills to use in order to help secure the victory.

Source: Disney

Rising Singer

Jane Plank left the acting business after a brief appearance in the 1996 comedy Jingle All The Way. She is currently a singer-songwriter that performs regularly in her home state of Minnesota.

Source: Jane Plank

The Younger Brother

Terry Hall played on the team with his older brother Jesse. Unlike his older sibling, Terry, who was a forward, was a bit nice to everyone.

Source: Disney

Building An Empire

23 years after The Mighty Ducks, Jussie Smollett became a breakout star with his portrayal of Jamal Lyon on the hit Fox series Empire. Several of his songs from the show’s soundtracks have made their way onto the Billboard Hot 100 chart, including ”Conqueror (feat. Estelle).”

Source: Fox


The movie’s success helped launch the real life NHL team the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim (now known as the Anaheim Ducks.) All three films combined grossed nearly $120 million in the United States, and there have been talks of making a fourth film in the franchise.


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