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Teacher Fired For Being Gay, Then School Learns Costly Lesson

Stacy was an ordinary teacher who was passionate about her job. She was one of the best teachers at her school and was loved by her students. 

But there was one thing that nobody at school knew about Diana – she was engaged to a woman. 

She was engaged to a beautiful woman named Lisa, and she couldn’t wait to marry her.  No one had ever expressed concern about her sexual orientation prior to the incident.  

But she had no clue that someone had been spying on her and was trying to make her life as difficult as possible. 

One day, Stacy was preparing a slideshow presentation for her students. She wanted them to feel comfortable around her and give them a glimpse of her personal life. 

In her slideshow, she added some background information about herself, like her hobbies, favorite food, and career. Little did she know how much she would regret this decision…

Stacy included a photo of herself and Lisa dressed as Dory and Nemo from Finding Nemo. When she was asked who the woman was, Stacy said that she was her fiancé. 

She felt that it was important to talk about her personal life with the kids, but one of their parents wouldn’t be happy about it. 

The next day, the headmaster asked Stacy to meet with her after class. She didn’t think much of it and entered the headmaster’s office during the lunch break. 

The headmaster looked visibly upset. “What’s going on?” she asked him. 

The headmaster informed Stacy that one of her student’s parents had complained about her. 

He told Stacy to be more careful about what she shared with the young children in her class. Stacy had no idea what he was talking about it.

She expected to receive a written warning at the most. But the situation was very serious. 

The headmaster told her that the written warning wasn’t enough in her case and that additional steps needed to be taken. 

He informed Stacy that he had no choice but to suspend her. Stacy couldn’t believe what she was hearing. 

She hadn’t done anything wrong. But when she learned the reason behind the complaint, she burst into tears…

The complaint explained how she was pushing a “homosexual agenda” on her students all because of that one photo of her fiancé. 

It was clear that she was being discriminated against. 

Stacy knew she had to teach them a lesson. She didn’t deserve to be treated like this.

Together with Lisa, she started working on her revenge plan. 

The couple decided to take a legal route as it would be the only way to clear her name. 

They spent a few weeks searching for a lawyer before finding the one. 

Stacy and Lisa prayed that justice would win and they would show the world that humans need to be treated right.

No one should be discriminated against. 

After months of stress and waiting, Stacy and Lisa finally received the news they had hoped for. 

They couldn’t believe their eyes when they read the verdict!

Stacy won the battle! Her ex-school was going to compensate her with $100,000!

A few days later, she received an offer from another school in the district. 

For the first time in months, Stacy was looking forward to her future.

She knew she did the right thing by suing the school. She hopes that the school administration learned their lesson and will never treat another person this way.


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