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Mom Forgets To Hang Up, Daughter Hears Remark

Melissa was away from home, she lived in a dorm room while she studied. But her parents constantly worried about her, especially her mom.

So when Melissa overheard what her mother had to say over the phone, she couldn’t believe it. Even if it was true she never expected her to say these things out loud.

Melissa was on a phone call with her family, first, she spoke to her father who told her to keep her chin up and focus on her studies- usual dad stuff. Then, she spoke to her mother, who worried the most.

Her mother almost interrogated her, asking if she ate enough, if she was getting enough sleep, and how her studies were going. She tried to assure her that all was well and then said goodbye, but her mother had a habit of never-ending the call, today was no exception.

She was still on the line and assumed Melissa had ended the call. But before Melissa could even hit the end call button she overheard her mother complaining to her father about how she didn’t eat enough and that it was affecting her health. Melissa couldn’t believe it. It may have been the truth but it was the last thing she expected.

She found it funny and eventually called out through the line enough to get her father to pick up, she explained to him what was going on and they both laughed. Melissa said her mother was only looking out for her and didn’t mean anything by it.


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