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Teen Approaches Old Lady, Has No Idea He’s Being Filmed

He stood by the curb absently watching as cars passed by that evening. Thoughts racked his mind as they had throughout the day. After the doctor’s news, he’d been conflicted about what he could do to save his uncle.

But when his sight caught the lady again, he knew he had to make up his mind or lose the little bit of himself that was still left within. 

Trey was a seventeen-year-old senior from Atlanta, Georgia. A native of the city, he’d grown up in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Georgia.

Although he was young, Trey had seen almost all the bad things life could throw at a person. But despite all these terrible things, one thing about him never changed.

Despite the darkness that always seemed to hover around Trey’s life, he always had a heart of gold. An orphan under the care of his aunt and uncle, Trey had known nothing but love from them.

This was despite the poverty that surrounded the household. It was also the reason why he had such a giving heart and accommodating soul. 

For a seventeen-year-old, Trey had championed through many situations that sought to cut his life short. He’d lived through shootings and muggings, and he’d seen his friends and schoolmates fall to a life of crime to make ends meet.

But to him, only education would help him and his family out of poverty. He didn’t know how much this belief would change his life.

In the month that everything happened, Trey had been going through some challenging situations at home. His uncle had fallen sick, and the hospital bill had become too big for his aunt to handle.

Their health insurance, which was their only hope, had fallen under some complications, with the hospital stating it would need some weeks to a month to process the funds. But this wasn’t the worse of it.

The hospital had disclosed to Trey and his aunt, Liza, that his uncle would need immediate surgery to remove a rapidly growing tumor before it was too late.

With their health insurance stuck in the ether, the family had no clue what to do. Trey knew his aunt Liza was already at her lowest financially, even with the extra hours she took at work. He had to do something or watch as his uncle’s condition worsened.

At seventeen, there is little one can do for some immediate cash. Many of the ideas Trey had would need months to execute, and that’s if any of them ever took off.

He’d thought about starting a YouTube channel, trading in cryptocurrency, and even creating a gaming website with an affiliate angle. But none of these plans could work in time. Trey only had one other money-making option with the time ticking, something he’d dreaded doing since he was young. 

Trey had seen several people sell counterfeit products to make quick money throughout his teenage years. Although he didn’t hate the people that did it, he despised the practice itself.

Trey had also seen how many of his community’s members had met bad ends for dealing in such shady business. He’d sworn never to engage in such activities. But what could he do now when he was on the verge of losing his uncle?

Desperate, Trey contacted one of his high school buddies who sold music albums online. Although he wasn’t sure whether or not he wanted to move into the operation, he knew he needed to at least meet up with his friends to see what the process looked like.

But before Trey went over to his friend’s, he decided to pass by the local store for a soda as a visiting gift. And then it happened.

Trey walked into the store and purchased what he needed with spare change from his lunch money. But as he walked out of the store, he realized how much he didn’t want to move ahead with his plan.

Conflicted about moving forward with such a dangerous operation to save his uncle or standing back, he spent the next hour standing on the sidewalk. Although his mind was far, what his eyes caught snapped him back to the moment. 

Trey had been standing on the sidewalk when he saw an older woman standing on the other side of the road. She’d parked her car there and was having trouble crossing the street.

A large bag gleamed in the orange evening sun in her hand, and her face was pulled into a worried frown. Trey watched for minutes as the woman struggled to cross the road. And that’s when he had an idea.

Many people had crossed the road since Trey started looking at the woman. He realized that no one was paying attention to the woman and knew he had to step in now.

Trey had never been so sure about doing something in his life. He quickly crossed the road, moving over and wrapping his arm over the woman’s shoulder. With his other hand tight around her wrist, he did the unthinkable.

Trey helped the woman across the busy road, holding her bag tight so that it didn’t slide off her shoulder. But he didn’t stop there. He walked her into the store and helped her shop.

All the while, Trey asked himself why so many adults ignored the woman when she needed help. He knew he couldn’t be like them. But he had no clue that he was on camera.

Unknown to Trey, his aunt had been driving home that evening. In need of a few house supplies, she’d passed over the store to shop. She saw him helping the lady across the road, into the store, and later back to her car.

Proud of the teenager she and her husband raised, Liza snapped a few photos and uploaded them to Facebook. She wasn’t ready for the ripple effect that followed.

Liza’s post went viral overnight, and by morning, the internet had scoured her family’s life to the bone. People worldwide praised Trey for what he’d done and Liza for raising such a responsible young man.

But it got even better. When word got out about Trey’s uncle and their health insurance issues, influential individuals whom the story had touched stepped in to help. The insurance was cleared almost immediately, and Trey’s uncle successfully underwent surgery. Trey’s act of kindness had saved his life.


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