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She Caused A Crash Right Before The Police, This Is Why

She had pulled up in front of a traffic light. Next to her was a silver sedan with a woman inside. She relaxed behind the wheel and counted seconds before the traffic light turned green. 

She was looking from one end of the road to the other to ensure everything was fine when she noticed something inside the woman’s car that made her jump into action. 

When Carrie decided to take the car into the city that afternoon, she’d only wanted to clear her mind. It’d been a rough week for her, and she knew driving to and from the city would help calm her. 

But she wasn’t on the road for more than an hour when she noticed something was wrong. She’d braked at the stop light as required by traffic rules. But causing an accident was the last thing on her mind.

Carrie Jackson-Redfield had always been an intelligent girl. At only sixteen, she’d achieved many things that set her apart from her peers. She had excellent grades in school, great relationships with her family, and the most wonderful friends someone her age could ask for. 

But although every part of her life was perfect, and Carrie was more than thankful, one thing was missing. 

Carrie was never a person to complain about things. But this single thing gave her many sleepless nights. She was a month away from turning seventeen, yet she didn’t have a car like most of her friends. 

For Carrie, having a car was more for convenience. Her school was far, and she knew she could save a lot in terms of time while driving instead of taking the bus. So why didn’t she have a car?

Unlike many of her peers, Carrie didn’t come from the most well-off family. But this fact never got her, given that her mom, dad, and older siblings gave her all the love and support she needed. 

But as she turned sixteen, it became clear that she needed a car. Her parents seemed to sense her frustration over the matter because two months didn’t pass before they got her just what she needed. She didn’t know what chaos she’d be a part of down the line. 

Carrie completed her driving lessons as fast as possible, excelling in everything the course threw at her. Before she knew it, she had her driver’s license and 2003 Nissan Altima courtesy of her loving dad.

Carrie adored everything about her car, even though it was a hand-me-down. It served all her needs, making her life simpler in several ways. But one day, while driving into the city, something would startle her to her core. 

It was a bright Saturday afternoon when the incident happened. Carrie had been having a bad week, given her loving dad had tested positive for Covid, and her family was doing everything to take care of him while also steering clear of his condition. 

Carrie had always been close with her dad, and seeing him confined in bed broke her heart and put her in a constant state of worry. She left for a drive to clear her head.

Carrie’s drive started well enough. She took her favorite route into the city, letting the warm afternoon sun soak her through her car’s window. 

The road into the city was clear, the peace helping Carrie forget her dad’s dire condition. She’d expected the rest of her drive to be this way when the incident occurred.

Carrie had pulled up in front of a traffic light. Next to her was a silver sedan with a woman inside, and behind them were several cars.  

Carrie relaxed behind the wheel as she counted the seconds before the traffic light turned green. She was looking from one end of the road to the other to ensure everything was fine when she noticed it. 

The woman in the silver sedan had hunched over. Carrie thought she was staring at her phone when she realized the woman’s head was lolling as if she was asleep or unconscious. 

Carrie craned her neck from the window, immediately realizing the woman wasn’t asleep. What she saw fired fear into every corner of her being. 

The woman’s mouth was covered in thick blood dripping on her lap. Her seat was also wet with pee. Carrie came out of her car to help her, but something happened that had her jumping back into her driver’s seat. 

The lights before Carrie and the woman were still red, yet the woman’s car jerked forward. But that wasn’t the worst thing happening.

The woman began shaking violently, indicating she was having a seizure. While caught in the episode, she must’ve stepped on the gas pedal without knowing. 

Carrie stepped on her accelerator as fast as she could. The woman was already lumbering down the intersection, and Carrie knew she’d hurt herself or someone if her car continued moving. There was only one thing she could do. 

Her tires screeching violently, Carrie shot down the intersection after the woman. She nudged her car against the woman’s, pushing her out of the road into an empty sidewalk. 

Their cars gored against each other, metal screaming until the woman’s car halted. But Carrie didn’t stop there. She threw her door open and went to help the woman. What was going on?

The first thing Carrie did was put the woman’s car into park. She helped administer first aid, calling 911 once she was sure the woman was in a better condition. 

She’d cried out to the other cars at the stop light to help her, but no one seemed to care. The cars swooshed by as the lights turned green, none of them stopping to see what was wrong. 

It didn’t take long before police officers and EMTs flocked to the scene. Carrie explained everything to them, saying she’d seen the woman suffer an attack and jumped into action. 

The police commended her for taking the initiative and helping a stranger even though it cost her vehicle. Of course, Carrie’s city would chip in to fix her car. But to her, knowing that woman got the help she needed was enough reward for her deed.


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