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Teen Caught In The Act Doing This With Broom At Protest, Community Adore Him

Antonio Gwynn beamed from ear to ear as he was handed the keys to his shiny new mustang. He stroked his hand along the hood and smiled to himself. It had all been worth it. He was the true hero of the protests. His mom would be so proud of him if she was still around.

That night, the protests still raged on in his hometown of Buffalo, New York. However, despite the deep anger and anguish he felt over the systematic oppression they were protesting against, he was so thrilled at the act he had managed to commit with a broom. The police never saw it coming.

Antonio Gwynn loved social justice and when the protests began, he was keen to get involved in whatever way he could. His mom had been an activist for black rights her entire life and she had taught him everything he knew.

He was a strong young man who was built like a tank. He practiced self-defense and had his own business teaching sit called Direct Force Fighting Techniques. When he picked up the broom the day of the protest, absolutely no one was going to stop him following through with what he did.

Tensions were high in the first days of the protest and things were starting to come to a head. Antonio and his friends donned their facemask and joined the protests, all guns blazing.

That night after everything had died down was when Antonio decided to make his brazen move. However, he never in a million years expected to be rewarded for what he did.

“What Antonio did genuinely stunned me to my core” said a shocked Tamara Travis, Antonio’s neighbor. “He has single-handedly propelled the movement to new levels with what he has done for the community” she said proudly.

“What he did will ensure that his name is never forgotten by our community. He really showed those bigoted police officers ” she said with a mischievous wink.

Chastity Evans caught Antonio in the act doing what he did with the broom. “I was honestly blown away by what he did. He really took it to the next level. He took one for the team with what he did really” she said.

“The police officers in Buffalo will never look at our community the same ever again after what Antonio did with that broom” she winked.

Evelyn Gwynn was a black feminist activist throughout her entire life. She had taught Antonio all about the struggle that their community had gone through and he felt passionate about it too.

His memory of his beloved mom was exactly what motivated him to do what he did that balmy summer night during the protests.

The protests were dwindling away around 6 am and the sun came up when Tamara saw Antonio that day. A police officer watched him with suspicion when he saw what him holding the broom. 

Obviously Tamara took out her phone and started to video the scene. She knew something controversial was about to happen between the two men.

Tamara posted the photo to Facebook and it wasn’t long before Antonio was starting to go viral on Facebook. He was quickly becoming an internet sensation.

Everyone in the community woke up the next day to what he had done in plain view of everyone’s homes. The cop was just about to pull out his gun when Antonio started to do it but he got his way.

His actions were so appreciated by Antonio’s community that he was rewarded handsomely for his actions. He was presented with a red mustang, just like his mom had driven when she was still alive. Hers had been sold after she passed.

But what exactly was it that Antonio had done with the broom that made the police officer so uncomfortable?

That balmy early summer’s morning, Antonio stared around him at the wrecked street and had an idea. He went back inside his home and grabbed a broom and walked out onto the street with it. “STOP! Sir, what do you think you’re doing with that? Are you planning on using that as a weapon?” snarled the cop.

Antonio ignored him and began to sweep the street and clean away all the wreckage from the protests. The cop’s mouth fell open. He was so ashamed of himself. Antonio kept going for hours until the whole neighborhood was clean. He was rewarded by people in high places for his selflessness.

Chastity’s video that went viral of Antonio being threatened by the cop then starting to clean was what got him noticed by a local car dealership owner, Judd Byrons.

He was informed by Antonio’s friends about the special place red Mustangs held in his heart. Antonio was given one just like his mom’s by the car dealership a week after he started the cleaning up ritual after the protests. That was not the only thing that he was given, however. He was rewarded by people in high places.

Antonio was also given a scholarship by the University of New York! He was so thrilled by this amazing gesture.

Tamara Travis had this to say about Antonio’s actions, “I was Antonio’s mom’s best friend for years and let me tell you if any kid deserved this it was Antonio. Evelyn raised that child with more morals than most” she said.


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