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Teenager Is Mowing Lawns To Help His Stepfather

The 14-year-old boy was desperate to find a job, but no one would hire him because he was too young, or so they said. 

But he couldn’t wait any longer. His family needed the money, especially his stepfather. When his clients learned why he began mowing lawns for cash, they were heartbroken. They thought he just wanted some extra pocket money. The real reason left them in tears. 

Kids often decide to raise money for things they want, such as a new video game or even a bike or skateboard. But there are also kids who want to raise funds for other, more sentimental reasons.

Tyce Pender, 14, wanted to raise money after seeing his older brother working. But he wasn’t raising money for just anything. Instead, the teen from Cayce, South Carolina, was trying to save up enough money for his stepfather, Eric Jenkins. Would he manage to get the money he needed, though?

Tyce desperately needed money, so his first plan was to get a job. He knocked at every door in the neighborhood and even went to local businesses, but no one wanted to hire him. 

They all gave him the same answer. He was too young to work there. Tyce was only 14, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. He kept trying. The boy even posted on social media groups, inquiring about jobs he could do, but no one would give him a chance. Tyce was about to give up, but sooner than later, he came up with a brilliant idea on how to make money. 

All the family members worked toward the same goal – helping the stepfather pay his legal fees. Tyce’s older brother was working too, so the boy couldn’t accept this. He wanted to contribute to getting his family out of trouble as well. 

Tyce was committed to finding a way to earn money. After weighing in on all his options, he finally found a way to make it work. 

Tyce had the brilliant idea to get a business loan from his mother. This allowed him to get a lawn mower and other equipment he needed to start his venture. 

His mother didn’t have much faith in his plan, but she wanted to support him no matter what, so she gave him the money. The boy was the happiest 14-year-old entrepreneur, believing he was on his way to success. 

Tyce was ready for work. So he went on Facebook and wrote a touching message looking for jobs. He noted that he’s a hard-working 14-year-old boy who wants to help people mow their lawns. 

Tyce had said he was available after school and on the weekends. He had all the equipment required, and he was ready for work. All he needed was a chance from someone. And it didn’t take long before the first clients appeared. 

Tyce’s small venture was a success. Everyone in the neighborhood loved him and appreciated his work. He had a lot of clients. 

One lady who hired him said she never saw anyone more hard-working than Tyce, and he looked like he loved his job. But if she knew why he really did this, her heart would break. 

Eric Jenkins, Tyce’s stepfather, has been dating his mother since 2010. They are now married. Tyce had said that Eric had always been a father figure for him. 

Eric had always been there for the family and helped Tyce with anything he needed, like homework, girls, and everything in between. It was only natural that the 14-year-old boy would do anything to help his stepfather, but his efforts were still not enough. 

Although he was working hard with the family to gather money, Tyce knew it wouldn’t be enough to help his stepfather. 

The family also needed to find a lawyer for the man, which only added to the costs. What were they going to do? Would they be able to gather enough money for everything? 

But the boy wasn’t about to give up that easily. He worked hard every day, mowing lawns and tending to people’s yards, all for his big dream. 

When Tyce heard the news his mother gave him, he knew he couldn’t lose hope. He kept doing what he was best at – mowing lawns, being more and more committed to his goal. But would that be enough? 

When Tyce’s clients heard the reason why he was working so hard to gather money, their hearts almost stopped. Tears were streaming down their faces, and they didn’t know how to encourage the 14-year-old better in his quest. 

Tyce wanted to save enough money to pay the legal fees required for his stepfather to adopt him and his brother. Although he already felt like his stepfather was part of the family, he wanted to make it official. There were many situations where his legal status mattered. 

Tyce’s stepfather was a much-welcomed addition to the boy’s family. His mother loved him dearly, and he was a role model for the two brothers. The man was doing a great job as the boys’ stepfather.

That’s why Tyce wanted him and his brother to get adopted by the man. He wanted to show him that he had become a true member of the family. 

Luckily, the family had found a lawyer who would work “pro bono” for the adoption case. Despite the lawyer’s generosity, court fees were expensive — several thousand dollars. Tyce said this was important to him, his brother, and even their stepsister, Tierrianna.

It was important because Eric tight them respect, independence, and what a man was supposed to be. If anything ever happened to their mom, Eric was the man the boy would want to live with in the future. 

Tyce shared with his community that he would work after school and football practice during the week. During the summer, he plans to work full-time in his hometown. His work has even been recognized by The City of Cayce.

City representatives approached the 14-year-old and presented him with his own business license. Now, Tyce owns an official business in Cayce, which is a huge accomplishment.

Not only the family was touched by Tyce’s incredible efforts, but also the local community. Everyone heard about him and wanted to hire him to work on their lawns. 

And Tyce’s story even made the local news. His post went viral on social media when people found out why he was working so hard, and he became an inspiration for many teenagers. 


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