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Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Love Island


If you haven’t been watching the new hot series Love Island, then it is time that you crawl out from under the rock that you have been living under and join the craze. For those who are already dedicated fans, you may think that you know all that there is to know about this scandalous TV show. This list will prove you wrong and reveal how little you truly know about this popular reality series. Read on and discover Love Island facts that will blow your mind!

After the success of the show’s first series, gaining millions of views, the show knew that it needed to make room for future guests. In order to bring more people on to island, a few things were changed in the villa. For instance, the kitchen, smoking area, and outdoor table were all made bigger so as to accommodate a larger amount of people. With more people, there is sure to be more drama, and we certainly can’t get enough of that!

When watching the series, the beautiful villa in which everybody stays in almost seems to be too good to be true. The good news is that the villa is an actual place. It is located in Ses Salines, a small town in South-East Mallorca. The bad news is that you can’t stay there since it is owned by a French businessman and rented by ITV. But all hope is not lost! If you dream of visiting the villa and relaxing poolside, then all you have to do is sign up for the show.

Being that it is a reality TV show, you expect that there would be cameras involved. However, in Love Island, in order to capture all the drama, there are cameras placed everywhere! No place is sacred, not even the bathroom. It is easy to assume that the people might go insane with cameras constantly in their faces, but former Love Island star Zara Holland confessed that you get use to it. “You definitely, genuinely forget the cameras are there, 1000%.”

As if the cameras weren’t enough, the stars on the show are required to wear mics at all times. This is done so that nothing goes unheard. Every new, juicy piece of gossip is recorded so that it could be aired for everyone to see. It is clear that with finding love and fame, privacy just goes completely out the window.

As with most love reality shows, it is easy to assume that everyone starring on the show is there to frolic under the sheets and enjoy their five minutes of fame. However, in Love Island, most of the people are actually there to find true love. Some of the couples that have gotten together on the show are still with one another to this day. For example, Rykard Jenkins, a star of the show, actually left the series after his sweetheart, Rachel Fenton, was booted off. Looks like Love Island has strong success rate both in ratings and finding love.

The cast of Love Island is mostly made up of people who have some connection to the entertainment industry. For example, there have been two Miss GB winners, a pants model, and several with pals from TOWIE and Geordie Shore. However, the show isn’t dedicated just to those who have been in the spotlight before. For some of the stars, Love Island is the first time that they have ever been in front of a camera, let alone on a popular television show.

Caroline Flack is the host of Love Island and is dedicated to making young hot singles fall in love. As the host, she tends to stick close around the villa. She even has her own pad on set nicknamed ‘Caroline’s Cabana’. If they ever need her, Flack is there and ready.

A special rule that the stars have to follow once on the show is that they are not allowed access to the internet. To make sure that they obey this rule, they give up their phones for the entire time of their stay, giving them no way to contact the outside world, forcing them to focus entirely on the show. When talking with Malin Anderson about this after she got kicked off the show, she said that she was still waiting to get her phone back. It is obvious that the show is strict when it comes to its rules.

With Love Island known to have some raunchy language, it may be surprising to know that the application process is actually quite tame. We talked with Zara once again, who said that the application asks questions about how long you have been single and your bad traits. This is quite a difference when compared to Geordie Shore’s audition, which requires you to get smashed on a night out. Though many apply to appear on the show, it is not uncommon for some to be asked by the show to join the cast.

Though many tend not to believe it, the people who arrive on the villa really do not know each other. The first time that they ever meet is on the villa. Since the stars have no idea who will be there and what to expect, it makes confessing who fancies who exactly as awkward and nerve-wracking as you’d imagine.


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