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These White Glue Trends Belong In The Garbage, And Away From Your Eyes

If it can same someone money, chances are there’s a video or article about a household product you can substitute. 

Sometimes, it might be useful. Other times … it might send someone to the hospital. For example, FX makeup can be expensive, but it will be safe for the skin. If it’s a beauty trend, it can get A LOT worse.

People might think that blackhead strips are just cloth and glue, but the adhesive has been tested against allergies. 

Using something like Elmer’s glue on your nose could lead to rashes and other skin conditions. Also, anytime dirt or dust comes into the picture, people think shortcuts are okay – like putting glue on prized possessions.

OMG! If you want to clean your vinyl records just use those specialized gel or sprays. 

Even the “spin-clean” machines you can buy for cheap. But noooo, someone thought it was a great idea to slather glue all over the surface and peel it off. No. Just, no. Speaking of peeling…

Let’s not stop at the nose. Let’s put it everywhere and rip it off little by little. Sounds, wonderful, yeah? 

Plenty of others jumped in the same boat and decided to add other ingredients like charcoal or sparkles. Let’s call it the “Midnight Unicorn of Pain.” As bad as a peel sounds, imagine if it got into the hair … on purpose.

There are many ways to attach hair extensions, including certain kinds of glues. But, like other beauty product, they are (usually) safe for the skin.

 Long, even short, exposure could lead to irritations. For really, REALLY long term usage, the skin could bubble into an unbearable chemical rash that takes months to heal. Imagine it under your makeup…

This is not how primer works! It’s meant to smooth out pores and wrinkles (“fill them” is a better term). 

There are also fixing sprays to make it last longer. Who would want to smush glue into their pores? It’s hard enough to clean off your makeup with regular primers. Lip stains are another hard-to-clean cosmetic item. 

It’s lip color without the smudgy mess – which can be great. But who thought using glue and food coloring was a great idea? 

At best, it’s flinchy. There are some things that that are just not meant to be pulled at. There are, however, some things you do need to tug on…

Mmmm. Okay. This one might be believable and entice a few tries. However, there’s a different way of looking at it.

First, if it’s really big, you just need tweezers (and don’t want to add anything that could trigger infections). Second, if it’s small or embedded, glue won’t pull anything out. That includes dirt.

The video for this will make anyone cringe. The poor Samsung is held against its will and covered in white gook. 

No! The humanity! The “climax” is seeing how “shiny and smooth” is it afterward (not). Then, for some reason, the guy thought it was a great idea to peel it off again.  

Yes, eyelashes need glue to stay in place. No, white glue isn’t a substitute! Why? 

First, it’s way harder to pull off. Second, it can pull out eyelashes. Finally, it’s nowhere near as easy to wash off. Now think about getting an infection around there. Let’s not stop at the eyes. Let’s keep going to the fingers.

For anyone who dabbles in nail polish, it’s well known that around the cuticles is the hardest place to keep neat and clean. 

One quick fix is using glue to make a template/border. But it takes way too long to dry and there are commercial options better suited. Think it can’t get worse? Just wait.

For delicate nails or people who like to change colors often (and want to avoid chemical removers), there is peel-off polish. 

It goes on normally, but after, just tuck a toothpick under the edge and it will come off with no problem. White glue isn’t guaranteed to have the same effect. And it won’t leave your skin soft, as shown in another video.

It’s white and creamy. That means it’s useable as a moisturizer. Right? 

That’s what a few DIYers out there thought. Even when wet, it’s a pain to wash. The only time it might be worth it is in a prank video. Add all the irritation warnings and the entire body could be affected. 

Slime is great. Slime is satisfying. It’s totally possible to DIY it. What crafters need to remember is that that not all glues are created equal. 

Simple recipes call for things like Elmer’s but make sure you follow the instructions because you can still botch up things and give the kiddies itchy fingers. 

Sunglasses come in any price range – even free. They also come in countless shapes and sizes to suit any style. 

So, why do a few crafters think that making flimsy, squishy frames with stuck-on jewels would trend to normality? Even 3D glue is a better choice. Maybe it’s not something to spend too much time thinking about. 


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