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The 18 Hottest Winter Olympians To Be On The Lookout For

With the 2018 Winter Olympics right around the corner, we decided it was the perfect time to start introducing some of the incredible female athletes that will be participating in the games. Is this our excuse to talk about hot Olympians? Yeah, maybe, but we hardly think that any of you are going to complain. These ladies are not only some of the sexiest in the world, but they could single-handedly skate, ski, snowboard, and bobsled circles around us! Oh, and body check us! How could we forget that?

Lindsey Vonn — Alpine Ski Racer

Not to champion any of these ladies over the other, but, we have to give credit where credit is due and highlight our favorite competitor in the bunch — Miss Lindsey Vonn, holding down the number 52 spot on our Sexiest Women of 2017 list, Lindsey is an all-around powerhouse. No, let’s be perfectly blunt, the woman is fierce as hell. Having sustained a devastating knee injury 2013, Vonn was unable to compete in the 2014 Olympic games. Unsurprisingly, people really felt her absence on Team USA. Most recently, she suffered a back injury during the World Cup race in December, but she has assured fans she ready and raring to go next month! We can’t wait to see her kill it! Even if this year is her last, we’ll always be cheering for Lindsey!

Jamie Anderson — Snowboarder

Ashley Wagner — Figure Skater

Mikaela Shiffrin — Alpine Ski Racer

Jessie Diggins — Cross Country Skier

Katie Uhlaender — Skeleton Racer

Jamie Greubel Poser — Bobsledder

Karen Chen — Figure Skater

Madison Hubbell — Ice Dancer

Aja Evans — Bobsledder

Madison Chock — Ice Dancer

Oksana Masters — Cross-Country Skier

Annie O’Shea — Skeleton Racer

Monique Lamoureux & Jocelyne Lamoureux — Ice Hockey Players

Alexa Scimeca Knierim — Figure Skater

Amanda Kessel — Ice Hockey Player

Lindsey Jacobellis — Snowboarder


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