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The 25 Most Ludicrous Things Saudi Billionaires Buy

They say money doesn’t buy happiness. But it most certainly buys some things that you could resell to feed a small country. The controversial Saudi Royal Family and other Saudi billionaires have no qualms about buying the best and flaunting it to the rest of the world. You won’t believe what their wealth allows them to collect, but let’s try to impress you anyway!

A Yacht Fit For A President And A Prince

The Kingdom 5KR was sold to Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal for $20 million by Donald Trump who was going through financial difficulty. The super yacht has five decks, a disco room, a movie theater, 11 luxurious suites, and a helipad. It was also featured in the James Bond movie Never Say Never Again.

Diamonds Are For Exterior

The “World’s Most Expensive Car” is not covered in glitter. This diamond-studded Mercedes SL 600 was purchased by Saudi Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal for $4.8 million. It contains over 300,000 diamonds and is upholstered in mink. The car was released to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Mercedes-Benz.

The Ultimate Hotel

Prince Al-Waleed refers to the five-star George V Hotel in Paris, France as “the ultimate toy” which he purchased for $175 million including another $125 million in renovations. The hotel features 244 luxury rooms, and fine art collection, a health club, pop-up spa, and the ultimate culinary experience.

The Kingdom Resort In Riyadh

The 250-acre plot of land is home to an extravagant country club with three lakes, breathtaking gardens, as well as its own private zoo. Quite the establishment for a Saudi prince to entertain guests in one of the 2-3 bedroom chalets, a classy fully-stocked villa, or a breathtaking King Suite.

Rolling In The Rolls Royce

One of Al-Waleed’s cars is a Rolls Royce Phantom, complete with an oak finish, LCD television, and the necessary storage for bottles of authentic champagne. For just under $420,000 you can own this top performing vehicle rated 9/10 for performance and 10/10 for quality by Top Gear.

A Few Lamborghinis

When you’re Saudi Prince Al-Waleed, one Lamborghini won’t do. One of the models he purchased is the Aventador offering a 6.5 liter V-12 and can go from zero to 100 km/hr in just 2.9 seconds. He owned it for the bargain price of $399,000.

Diamond Ducati

Prince Al-Waleed loved his diamond-encrusted Mercedes so much he decided to pay $4.8 million for a Ducati that is completely covered with diamonds and Swarovski crystals. Because why not? There is no possible way Prince Al-Waleed actually rides this thing around. Would you risk having to replace diamonds every time they fell off?

Airbus A380 In Arabia

Prince Al-Waleed is also the only private individual to purchase an Airbus A380, the largest commercial plane available. It boasts two decks, a wingspan of 262 feet, with a range of 9,755 miles. The price starts at $300 million, but he must have realized how ridiculous the golden throne was because he recently sold it.

24 Karat 747

Prince Al-Waleed has a personal Boeing 747. Even though the entire cabin isn’t gold (because that would be ridiculous) his gold throne more than makes up for it. The $220 million plane has two huge bedrooms, a dining room that fits 14 people, and 11 flight attendants because 12 is too many.

Flight Of The Falcons

It is not uncommon to see a falcon accompany someone on a plane. Falcons are an important status symbol in the Middle East. But one unnamed Saudi prince purchased 80 tickets on a flight from Saudi Arabia to Dubai for his falcons. Each falcon also needs to have a government-issued passport.

How About A Hawker Siddeley 125

As if a 747 and an Airbus weren’t enough to fly the friendly skies, Al-Waleed has a Hawker Siddeley 125 in case he feels like saving on fuel. The twin-engine corporate jets are mainly used by the Japan Air Self-Defense Force and the Brazilian Air Force and cost around $12 million each.

His Castle Of Castagneto

Prince Al-Waleed obviously needs a castle because that’s where royalty lives.  He purchased this magnificent castle in Turin, Italy in 2009 from an Italian supermodel for $25 million. The 21,528 square-foot palace dates back to 1019, sits on 173 acres of land and is still a popular place for weddings.

A New Kingdom 5KR Yacht

Considering most luxury yachts go out of style, Prince Al-Waleed decided to drop $500 million on this much larger version of the Kingdom 5KR yacht that spans 590 feet in length. The super liner is being built by Mariotti Yachts and is scheduled for delivery some time before 2020.

Another Prince, Another Yacht

Not to be outdone by his royal counterpart Al-Waleed, Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bought a $549 million 440-foot yacht from a Russian business tycoon. When he saw the yacht floating off of the coast, he knew he had to buy it and the deal was made within hours.

A Royal Renting Islands

In 2014, Mohammed bin Salman spent nearly $30 million to book three islands and the resorts Anantara Veli, Naladhu and Anantara Dighu in the Maldives for a month-long family vacation. His trip ticked off a lot of people considering their long-term reservations and entire vacations had to be canceled.

6-Wheeled Mercedes

Saudi billionaire Turki Bin Abdullah posted a video to his social media account chasing a camel down the sandy desert slopes in his six-wheeled $450,000 gold Mercedes G63. The 6×6 SUV, with fully independent axle suspension, is considered to be the most sophisticated off-road vehicle in history.

Gold Lamborghini Aventador

In addition, Bin Abdullah has been known to drive around in a gold Lamborghini Aventador. Because if there is something better than a regular Lamborghini Aventador, it is a gold Lamborghini Aventador. No one knows what it cost, but to give an idea, he spent over $1.2 million to ship his cars to London once.

A Matching Gold Phantom

Since taking a 6-wheeled Mercedes SUV into the desert dunes wouldn’t be bright and driving a gold Lamborghini Aventador around town is just stupid, Bin Abdullah decided to get the $1.5 million Rolls Royce Phantom to match the rest of his growing golden fleet of luxury vehicles.

Golden iPhone Protection

Based on the way most people treat their mobile phones, one would never think about encasing it in 24K gold. But a Saudi prince definitely has the disposable income, so when you have a spare $7,000 to spend on a cell phone, it just seems like a logical choice.

Champagne For Days

At around $200 for a regular bottle, Cristal is definitely one of the finest, if not the finest, champagnes on the market. It was originally made in 1876, but didn’t become commercially available until 1945. When you’re a rich kid near the Arabian peninsula, it obviously comes standard.

The Other Golden Throne

When deciding on what to give his daughter on her wedding day, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah thought the new couple needed a 900-pound solid gold toilet. Who doesn’t? It’s not like there are starving people in his country that could be fed with that much money.

The Gold Bullion ATM

When a Saudi prince visits the United Arab Emirates and he needs to make a withdrawal of solid gold bars, Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace Hotel has the ATM for them. The machine dispenses 320 different gold items including 10-gram gold bars and customized coins. Don’t even think about robbing one because they are built like tiny armored cars.

New York’s Largest Penthouse

Since billionaire Fawaz Al Hokair’s net worth is well over $1.3 billion, he decided to purchase the largest penthouse in New York City at 432 Park Ave for the bargain price of $95 million. The penthouse has a magnificent view from over 1,300-feet above New York overlooking Central Park.

The $20 Million Shopping Spree

Don’t you hate it when your daughter uses the credit card to spend a few hundred dollars at the mall on an unsanctioned shopping spree? One Saudi princess went on a $20 million shopping spree at the Shangri-La Hotel in Paris and even tried to duck out of paying her bill.

Gran Turismo In Real Life

Videos games allow us to drive cars that don’t exist or are too expensive for the average consumer. A Saudi prince purchased the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo concept car featured in the popular video game. Considering the regular Bugatti is around $3 million, you can imagine what he paid this one-of-a-kind car.


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