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Bear Cub Is In Danger Until Horse Come To The Rescue

When the man took his horse on a stroll in the woods, he never expected to encounter something like this. Some animals really should be kept far from each other. 

The unlikely pair encountered a mama bear and her cubs that seemed to be in big trouble. Everyone knows that you should stay away from female bears with cubs no matter what, but what the horse did instead left its rider speechless. 

Kurt McArthur was a middle-aged farmer who owned five horses, among other animals. He lived a quiet life with his wife and two young children and had loved nature since he was a little boy. 

The man had a habit his wife always deemed dangerous. And this habit of his would soon land him in a very tricky situation. 

Kurt loved to explore the woods nearby his farm. He used to do that with his father since childhood and kept doing it into his 40s. But he wouldn’t always go alone. 

The middle-aged man sometimes took one of his horses and rode it on the natural roads of the forest. It was one of his favorite things to do, and his horses also seemed to love these adventures. But that winter, he would realize his wife was right all along. Those woods were dangerous. 

Kurt’s horse was becoming restless, and the man was clueless about the real reason. He thought it was because it was getting cold. It was a freezing winter that year, and the animals were affected the most. 

The horse started fidgeting, and the man almost lost control of it. The creature had clearly seen something that scared it off. What could have been hiding in those woods? 

Actually, it wasn’t in the woods. Something was in the nearby lake. The body of water was freezing cold, but it appeared that something or someone was attempting to cross it. 

As soon as the man and his horse approached the lake, the creature started acting strange. The man thought the horse wanted to return, but that wasn’t the case. What did the horse want to do? 

As the man and the horse got closer to the lake, they noticed that two bear cubs were trying to swim across. Their mother was already on the other side, and they were struggling to follow her. 

They also saw two people in a boat trying to get closer to the bear cubs. But they kept moving away. 

The people in the boat had the same idea as Kurt. They wanted to help the bear cubs cross the lake, but convincing them to get into their vessel was difficult. 

Then something amazing happened. The horse started neighing in the fishermen’s direction, and the bear cubs seemed to take notice as if they understood the message. 

The fishermen in the boat were already trying to use their tools to get the bear cubs from the freezing lake. Still, it was difficult even if they seemed calmer after the horse’s intervention. 

But convincing a wild animal to trust you is no easy thing. The two men kept struggling until they finally got the cubs into their boat. What now, they thought? 

The two fishermen had never caught anything like this in their lives. They now had two bear cubs aboard and were somewhat scared and worried. 

The men knew they had to cross the lake, but they were afraid of their mother’s reactions. A mama bear is not something you want to mess with or even approach. They also knew they had to do something. 

The two fishermen eventually crossed the lake with the two bear cubs. They couldn’t wait any longer. It was freezing cold, and the night was approaching. 

But when they reached the other side with the little bears in their boat, the two men never expected to encounter this. What was going to happen next? 

When the two fishermen reached the other side of the lake, they didn’t find any mama bear. It was just a man and his horse. Kurt was waiting for them. 

The man on the horse said he’ll take the cubs and try to get them to their mother. The horse was agitated, seeing the two bear cubs climbing on its back, but it eventually calmed down. The cubs’ lives depended on it. 

Kurt took the bear cubs on his saddle and rode the horse in an area where he had spotted bears before. He had hoped that he would encounter the mother bear there. 

When he got to the place in the woods, Kurt realized that there was no one else around. It was getting dark, and he didn’t know what to do with the bear cubs. 

Then Kurt had the idea of freeing the bear cubs and leaving them be. Maybe their mother would find her way to them eventually. Or maybe she was afraid of the man’s presence. 

So Kurt distanced himself from the two bear cubs and waited. There was not much he could do anyway. Or so he thought. But then his horse did something amazing. 

As soon as the cubs were released, they ran and hid under a tree. They were scared and shivering, and before long, they began calling for their mother. 

But then something extraordinary happened. The horse also began neighing loudly as if joining the bear cubs. It looked like the horse was calling for the mother bear as well. 

It took almost half an hour, but the mother finally appeared in the distance, between the snowy trees. She wasn’t moving. She wanted to see the man’s reaction first. 

Kurt distanced himself even more from the cubs, and they all started running toward their mother. She then turned around and walked away with her cubs. Kurt was happy everything turned out well, and his horse seemed satisfied as well. In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.


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