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The Beautiful Trueblue Twins Are Gaining A Massive Instagram Following

Megan and Morgan Boyd gained a following on Instagram when their mother Stephanie Boyd started posting their photos online when they hit four years old. Ever since then the internet has enjoyed seeing them grow, they’ve been dubbed the “Trueblue Twins”. 

More than 153,000 people started following the twins because of their beauty. A lot of families like posting pictures of their children but none have gained quite the following that these two have. Here are some of their best photos on Instagram.

When Stephanie had her two daughters she instantly knew they were special children. She loved them from the moment they were born on June 6, 2011.

What makes the twins so special is the stunning eyes that they were born with, many users love to scroll through their pictures and enjoy their beauty. Stephanie said she felt so special to be able to raise Megan and Morgan.

A lot of parents will usually give their twins a nickname. Most commonly it’s their last name followed by “sisters” or “brothers” at the end. So Stephanie could have nicknamed her jungles of joy the “Boyd Sisters”. But that’s not that fitting for these two, their mother knew from the moment she saw them that they were destined for great things.

Stephanie had to think of a nickname that would blow all others out of the water, it had to be catchy and live up to their stunning beauty. She decided to go with the “Trueblue Twins” and it stuck.

Stephanie loves to show off her children to her relatives and her friends. But the twins gained more than just the attention of close family. Their Facebook and Instagram accounts both have many people who admire them.

Their stunning blue eyes make them stand out amongst other children when people are scrolling through social media. Everybody has to admit how beautiful the twins are.

Parents love to put their twins in matching attire, there’s no exception when it comes to Morgan and Megan. Stephanie will go out and find the most adorable matching outfits to give to them.

You can clearly see that Stephanie knows a thing or two about fashion. The twins are always wearing such fashionable and adorable attire that makes them stand out. And unlike with most twins, you can easily tell who is who due to the difference in their eyes.

Stephanie’s main priority is to keep her daughters happy and feeling good about themselves. On every morning she will handpick their outfits for the day and style their hair.

Stephanie always makes sure to set aside time to shop for new outfits for her daughters. It can’t be easy being a busy mom but it’s worth it when you see how great these two look!

It’s very rare for African-Americans to genetically have blue eyes. Because of this a lot of people just assume that anyone who does have blue eyes is just wearing contacts. But this isn’t true for the twins.

It runs in the family as Stephanie has blue eyes too! People must ask her if she wears contacts, but she definitely isn’t.

And even with blue eyes being rare one of the twins had an even rarer trait. It’s called heterochromia and is present when someone has two different colored eyes. Morgan has this condition.

Since Morgan has heterochromia this means it’s much easier to tell them apart and they aren’t identical twins. The chances of having heterochromia and blue eyes is very slim.

How many people have seen someone with two different colored eyes? it’s likely a first for a lot of people and maybe that’s why the twins are so popular.

Although in Morgan’s case her heterochromia is genetic, it can happen to people who are in accidents. Her eyesight is perfectly normal though, it’s just an aesthetic that makes her stand out more. Allegedly, Alexander the Great also had  this condition.

Even with Morgan’s unique condition, she won’t be slowed down in the modeling world. In fact, it might even help her to land more opportunities since she is so special.

A lot of stars actually carry this gene, among them are Robert Downey Jr. Simon Pegg, Alice Eve, Mila Kunis, Kate Bosworth, and Henry Cavill.

Like their blue eyes, the gene for heterochromia iridium runs in the girls’ family. The twins are bi-racial, and the gene is carried through the caucasian side of their family. Morgan’s great aunt and uncle also have different colored eyes, but neither of them are bi-racial like the Trueblue twins.

That makes Morgan’s look even rarer, as the condition is typically seen in people of European descent, with lighter skin.

When the Trueblue Twins’ mother Stephanie shared photos of the girls on her social media, they always received plenty of likes. But, it wasn’t until someone with a large following shared an image of the twins that they became Insta-famous.

Musician and tattoo artist Deyonte Hunter posted a photo of the twins on this Instagram and his followers went crazy! Many of them jumped over to Stephanie’s Instagram to follow her account as the one photo garnered over 2,000 likes in a single day.

After Deyonte Hunter shared a photo of Megan and Morgan, a fan went to Stephanie’s Facebook page and created a video collage of the twins using photos she shared. The girls’ father, Lovell Knight, proudly shared the video.

While he knew fans would enjoy the video, he had no idea that over 6.6 million people would watch it! Almost instantly, the Trueblue Twins became a viral sensation. The proud parents were over the moon, excited for their girls’ future.

Internet users were dazzled by the Trueblue Twins’ beauty, as seen on the video and their mother’s social media accounts. Soon, they attracted the attention of Hollywood, too! Both actress Meagan Good and comedian D.L. Hughley came across a photo of Megan and Morgan and shared it with their followers.

Both of these top celebrities confessed to being fans of the beautiful young girls and wanted to help them gain more exposure to launch their modeling careers.

The Trueblue Twins’ parents were excited that the girls were starting to gain a following and fan base online, but they had always known that they were special. Since the time the twins were born, neighbors and people in their community would stop to admire the two and pay gracious compliments.

The twins weren’t born into stardom by having famous parents, rather they were making a splash just on their beauty alone.

Many of the Trueblue Twins’ followers happen to be talented artists. Followers of Megan and Morgan often send them fan art inspired by the twins’ beauty. Their mother Stephanie sweetly shares some of the art sent to them on their Instagram account, showing appreciation.

Without much more than beautiful photos shared on Instagram, the Trueblue Twins are being treated as if they’re as big as the Olsen twins! And it was all happening so fast.

While Stephanie knows that her twin daughters’ natural beauty can lead to professional modeling careers, she doesn’t want to push the girls into something they don’t want to do.

She explained to Megan and Morgan that if they wanted to, they could model and have some photos taken professionally. After hearing out their mom, the Trueblue Twins decided that they wanted to pose for some photos taken by a professional and see where it went.

While their parents adore taking photos of them, it was obvious from when they were toddlers that the Trueblue twins love being in from of the camera. Their aunt, Ebony Morris even says that the twins were “born for this” as they’re such naturals at modeling.

In every photo, the girls have fun posing and trying new faces. And they enjoy their outfits as much as their mother enjoys picking them out.

As many fathers are, Lovell Knight is very protective of his young girls. After sharing the video that kicked off their modeling careers, he’s both proud and concerned of what would happen next.

Their dad is making sure that the girls’ are enjoying posing for photos but are also getting to just be normal kids. Lovell makes sure that everything they work on is in the best interest of his girls’ future.

The Trueblue Twins are lucky to have such a loving and supportive family to look out for the girls’ best interest. While their parents are hopeful and happy that the girls have the opportunity to model, they don’t want to put any limits on what they can achieve.

Lovell and Stephanie also make it a priority to teach the girls how to stay grounded as they become more and more recognized everywhere they go.

Now that plenty of photos of the Trueblue Twins have been shared across the internet, they’ve become celebrities. Their fans and followers often stop and ask to take photos with the girls.

Their mother says that the twins are very friendly with people who pay them compliments and ask for photos, but she never insists on the girls posing for photos with strangers. While Megan always obliges, Morgan sometimes prefers to stay out of the photo if she doesn’t know the person.

The Trueblue Twins not only have each other, but they also have a younger brother. Megan and Morgan love being big sisters and spending time with their close-knit family.

The three of them pile into the backseat of the car and enjoy traveling with their mom and dad around their hometown of Philadelphia and beyond. You can see that their brother’s eyes aren’t blue like theirs, but they all share a similar resemblance.

Today the twins have 702,000 Instagram followers, garnering tens of thousands of likes with each photo that’s shared. Although they’re Insta-famous, Megan and Morgan also enjoy being regular kids.

Their mother shares that they aren’t growing up too quickly– the twins enjoy the same silly and fun things that other girls their age do, including eating candy, playing dress-up and goofing around. These sweet girls are professional and fun-loving, too.

Megan and Morgan know that they pose for photos more than most kids their age and that not everyone gets recognized and stopped in the street. However, being so young, they don’t truly grasp what’s going on and what it means to be famous.

They’re not yet old enough to have their own phones or social media, and they aren’t entirely sure what it all means. Supposedly, they cutely told their teacher that they were famous on “NewTube”.

Having a twin is like having a built-in best friend. The girls spend the majority of their time together, but that doesn’t mean that they’re exactly the same! Morgan, on the left, enjoys putting on “fashion shows” pretending to walk the catwalk.

Megan, on the right, loves the glamour aspect of getting her hair done before getting her picture taken. Their parents love to see their different personalities shine as the girls get older.

After the twins showed interest in modeling, their mother Stephanie began accepting emails and calls about booking the twins. Their mother was truly amazed at how much attention the girls were getting at such a young age!

Stephanie is managing all of the girls’ modeling gigs herself, making sure that the twins are taking advantage of opportunities while also getting time to just be kids. Even talk show host Wendy Williams has reached out to them!

Although they don’t have their own cellphones yet, the Trueblue Twins love playing with Snapchat filters when their mother lets them borrow her phone. Just like other kids, Megan and Morgan aren’t all about serious photos, they have plenty of fun, too.

The girls goof around with the different Snapchat filters, and sometimes their mother will share the silly photos to their Instagram account. Even if they’re professional models now, kids will be kids!

Just like their mother, the Trueblue Twins have a passion for fashion! The girls have always been nicely dressed, thanks to Stephanie, but now that they’re professional models their wardrobe is even better.

The girls often get to keep the clothes that they modeled in, and they love the perk! In turn for keeping the clothes, Stephanie will share photos of the girl all dressed up, and brands are happy to have them representing them.

Although you might assume that the girls’ outfits are always chosen by either their parents or professionals, that’s not always the case! Stephanie shares that now that the twins are a bit older, Megan and Morgan like to pick out their own outfits!

The girls have shown quite an interest in fashion, and they have an eye for it, too! Stephanie recalls a time when the girls stayed up late altering their jeans to have frays and holes in them, as they’ve seen in fashion trends.

One of the Trueblue Twins’ trademarks is their stylish hair. Their mother loves to try out new and different styles including braids, bows, and bantu knots. Megan, in particular, loves getting her hair styled.

Fans look forward to seeing what hairstyle the twins will don next, which serves as inspiration for their fans to try to replicate the looks themselves. The twins almost always have matching hairstyles in their photos.


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