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The Clintons Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

Bill Clinton is an American politician who was the 42nd President of the United States from 1993 to 2001. You could have seen numerous pictures of Bill Clinton wearing formal dress code while working at the White House; however, this time take a look at rare and never before seen images of Bill Clinton and his early life.

Bill Clinton Smoking

The former president kept his love for cigars under wraps for years. Here is a rare photo of him indulging.

Monica & Bill

One of the first times Bill met his soon-to-be lover Miss Monica Lewinksy.

Bill & Hillary

Bill and Hillary the early days!.

Bill and Hillary tie the knot

Bill and Hillary on their wedding day. October 11, 1975 in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Bill and Hillary tie the Knot Again. This time literally

Bill and Hillary; young, in love and ready to take over the world…literally.

Press Conference

Here we see; Bill Clinton, Governor of Arkansas during an early on press conference with Hil by his side.

Bill and The White House Intern

Pictured here; Monica Lewinsky, White House Intern and President Bill Clinton (before anything happened…)

Bill & Hill Photobooth Picture

The power couple taking a photo booth picture at their good friend John’s party.

Bill and Hill outside Yale

Did you know Bill and Hillary met inside the Yale University Law Library?

College Days

Bill and Hillary with their mutual friend Nancy at Yale Law School.

Senator to Governor

Bill Clinton, then the Arkansas attorney general, announces his candidacy for governor in 1978 as his wife, Hillary Clinton, stands by his side.

First Time at the White House

Before Bill was President, himself and Hillary were invited to dine with the President and first lady.

Chelsea is born pt. 1


Bill and Hillary welcome daughter Chelsea Clinton in Little Rock, Arkansas February 27, 1980 Source

Chelsea is born pt. 2

Bill and Hillary stare at their new bundle of joy!

Political: Early Days

Bill Clinton and Al Gore go jogging in this embarrassing 90s – esque paparazzi picture.

Bill and Monica

A rare photo catching Bill admiring his then Mistress, Monica Lewinsky.

Bill and Hillary Speaking Publicly

Bill and Hillary

Still living in Arkansas, young and in love


Reaction to hearing that Bill had been elected Arkansas Attorney General

Trump and Clinton

Usually it’s Trump vs. Clinton, here we see Bill and Donald all buddy-buddy on the golf course.

Elizabeth Hurley and Bill Clinton

Another Mistress roomer sparked when photos of Bill and Elizabeth surfaced. Here is one of them getting pretty close…

Drunken Bill

Not so classy for an ex-prez… here we see Bill obviously intoxicated, maybe trying to take a selfie?

Sporty Bill!

Bill on Thanksgiving 1998 enjoying a game of football with his friends and family

Bill and His Mother

Here we see Bill with his mother, step father and german shepherd.

World Trade Center 1993

Bill and Hillary react to 1993 World Trade Center Bomb terrorist attack.

Teenage Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton as a teenager graduating high school, 1964

Bill Clinton and Bill Gates

Clinton touring an H.I.V./ clinic in Lesotho with Bill and Melinda Gates.

Bill Clinton and George Bush

Former Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush palling around at the West Point Society in DC.

Old Man Bill

Close up shot showing the aging of former President Bill Clinton.

Thumbs Up Bill!


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