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The 30 Hottest Celebrity Moms Ranked

Looking beautiful and sexy is something that comes naturally to young female celebrities. But, what happens when you see a celebrity who also happens to be a mother? You are left speechless wondering how they manage to stay fit and gorgeous even after having children. When they cascade down the red carpet, they can any day give young supermodels and actresses a run for their money. To know who made it to the list of the top 30 hottest Hollywood moms, read further.


Jennifer Garner



Kate Hudson

Megan Fox

Natalie Portman


Miranda Kerr

Cindy Crawford

Victoria Beckham

Reese Witherspoon

Christina Aguilra


Megan Fox

Elizabeth Hurley

Katie Holmes

Mila Kunis


Monica Bellucci


Jessica Alba

Britney Spears

Salma Hayek

Nicole Kidman

Kim Kardashian

Heidi Klum

Angelina Jolie

Sofia Vergara

Halle Berry



Jennifer Lopez

Scarlett Johansson

Alssandra Ambrosia


Gisele Bundchen

Adriana Lima


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